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    Two leading men and twice the comedy in ‘Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 2’
    Internationally awarded actress Eugene Domingo returns as herself in the sequel to her most successful box-office starrer to date, Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 2: #ForeverIsNotEnough. One of the chosen finalists for the 42nd Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), which opens on Christmas Day, this second installment promises to be funnier, braver, and—believe it or not—more romantic.

    “If you watched the first movie, there are certain elements we still used here, just like the ‘film within the film’ treatment. The first one is about poverty porn, but this time, we’ve done a parody on the romantic-comedy genre,” Marlon Rivera, who directed both installments, explained at the movie’s grand press conference on December 15.

    Joel Torre, Eugene Domingo and Jericho Rosales

    Joel Torre, Eugene Domingo and Jericho Rosales

    After taking a considerable break from doing movies, Domingo, on the other hand is excited that her big screen comeback is no less than Babae sa Septic Tank 2.

    “It wasn’t difficult to decide [to choose this for my comeback movie]. First of all, my writer is Chris Martinez and my director is Marlon Rivera. The material is perfect for the three of us considering what we’ve been through. As you know, we’ve developed a deep relationship since our friendship started way back,” Domingo, who is fondly called “Uge” in showbiz circles, told members of the entertainment press.

    “And of course, it’s not hard to do something if you love the people you’re working with, and we’re very lucky because this is the perfect cast, and the timing is perfect,” she added.

    According to the 45-year-old acting powerhouse, her time away from doing movies helped her reorganize both her personal life and career.

    “The acting break gave me more time for myself so that I am happier now. I already know my priorities, and I’ve realized I don’t have to say yes to everything—I said yes to this because this is perfect for me,” Domingo elaborated.

    She just as quickly clarified that in doing this movie, she ‘won’t necessarily be visible in films next year all over again.”

    The actress added, “From here on, it will always depend on the material because it is always an effort for a person to go to the mall and watch a movies so I want whatever I do to be worth their time,” she said.

    Getting back into the comedic saddle was no problem for the talented Domingo whose namesake character also prepares for her “comeback” after a long hiatus from acting. Together with her director (Kean Cipriano), line producer (Cai Cortez), and new production assistant (Khalil Ramos), she will tackle an emotionally-charged story of how a couple’s marriage goes through a rocky phase, and how they have to revisit Baguio City—where they had their “honeymoon”—in the hopes of salvaging their relationship.

    In the movie within a movie, Eugene likes the project but has other plans in mind so that her vision collides with that of her director’s. Unwittingly, the director turns the supposedly dramatic script into a Filipino rom-com about a failed relationship.

    Playing her leading men in the film are multi-awarded actors Jericho Rosales and Joel Torre.

    The cast of ‘Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank 2’ with Director Marlon Rivera (third from left) and writer Chris Martinez (third from right)

    The cast of ‘Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank 2’ with Director Marlon Rivera (third from left) and writer Chris Martinez (third from right)

    Said Rosales of Domingo, “It’s not hard to work with this comedienne because the script is beautifully made. And the script is funny but intellectual. I had the most fun this year with this movie.”

    Feigning naughtiness, the handsome actor added, “We actually had a kissing scene amid the sunset—something of a Mexican or Spanish type of passionate scene.”

    Rivera, on the other hand said he can’t ask more from his cast as they all gave their hundred percent on set.

    “Their professionalism is amazing. We shot this film for 10 days, and they all knew their lines, they all knew their blockings, and they communicated and asked questions to make the scene the best it can be.

    “With Jericho, when I asked him for comedy, he delivered. When I asked for a leading man, he gave me the eyes. That’s the secret of leading men, they will deliver with their eyes. Uge looks like a poodle there, but Jericho treated her like a human,” Rivera joked.

    Meanwhile, Domingo also praised showbiz’ “Echo.”“Jericho’s funny and cooperative. Comedy in him is very natural. But this is my tribute to Joel. He is my long-time crush and he knows it. The more he ages, the more handsome he gets!”

    Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 2 is produced by Quantum Films, MJM Productions, Tuko Film Productions and Buchi Boy Entertainment.


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