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    One of the most anticipated stars to watch this Metro Manila Film Festival season is Eugene Domingo who is returning to the big screen after a two-year hiatus via Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank 2: Forever is Not Enough.

    The movie press was just as thrilled as her fans to see her movie-return, but even more so that there is something—more specifically someone—new in her life.

    “Yes, may love life na ako!” announced the multi-awarded bundle of energy.


    Giggling like a schoolgirl, Eugene Domingo coos, ‘I have a love life now’

    Eugene met the lucky guy, whom she calls by the name “Danilo,” two years ago in Europe. The meeting took place during a film festival she attended for her film Barbers Tales.

    Giggling like a schoolgirl, Eugene went on to share, “He approached me and said friends daw kami sa Facebook eh wala naman akong Facebook! But when he approached me, hindi ko na siya nakalimutan.”
    Since then, they forged a friendship via e-mail and it was just last year that they started to go steady.

    Eugene really loves how Danilo respects her job and schedule, but they make it a point to see one another every now in then through distance traveling. It helps that Danilo is already mature and in his 50s already—he knows exactly what he wants in a relationship and so does Eugene.

    Asked if she is already to settle down, Uge replied, “I guess so yes why not pero mas importante we enjoy our time together.”

    * * *

    Ph’s strong finish on ‘Amazing Race Asia’

    It was just last week when beauty queens-slash-The Amazing Race Asia season 5 winners Maggie Wilson and Parul Shah got back from their victory cele­brations in Singapore.

    They outlasted 11teams and successfully managed to complete 10 legs of the TARA 5 race throughout the challenges in the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

    Parul Shah and Maggie Wilson , grand winners of ‘Amazing Race Asia’

    Parul Shah and Maggie Wilson , grand winners of ‘Amazing Race Asia’

    In The Know got to bond with Maggie and Parul fresh from their arrival and the two beautiful ladies were ecstatic to share the good news with the world.

    “Finally! After keeping it a secret for more than three months! Yes! We won!” they cheered.

    The Amazing Race Asia is a canned show so both Maggie and Parul found it a challenge to leave in August for a month to join the race and keep the results a secret. Maggie recalls crying at night during the race because she missed her son, while Parul had a family emergency a week before they left to compete.

    “My dad had a stroke and I was so worried what if he would have complications while we were away.” That emergency was also Parul’s motivation to win the race and take $100,000 home as her share to provide money for her father’s medical bills.

    As the breadwinner of their family, Parul said, “I felt obliged [to do the race]because what if he suffers a stroke again? Paano yon, wala kaming pera, how can I help my family.”

    Sadly, during her time away, Parul’s dad did suffer a second stroke leaving the right side of his body paralyzed. As Parul’s best friend, Maggie generously gave her share of the winnings for the dad’s treatments.

    On a lighter note, Maggie and Parul stressed that their win on AXN’s The Amazing Race Asia is a testament that people should never underestimate beautiful women—because their good looks was actually their strategy to win the race.

    “Never kami naisipan na threat kami, and at the start of the race we said we would use and abuse our beauty. Hahaha! Little did they know strategy namin siya.”

    Another strong finisher was the second Filipino team in the race, Eric and Rona Tai. The lovely couple used their marriage dynamics to get them to third place.

    * * *

    Happy holidays to our dear readers! Until next week! Ta-ta!


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