Eugene Domingo tries a whole new concept – the ‘comedy anthology’

Eugene Domingo is set to dish out advice to letter senders with problems of the heart

Eugene Domingo is set to dish out advice to letter senders with problems of the heart

Think Lovingly Yours, Helen circa 1980s but updated with technology and given a huge punch of comedy. The unlikely concept is actually coming to life via multi-awarded actress Eugene Doming’s return to television in GMA Network’s original production, Dear Uge.

Launched this week at the GMA headquarters in Quezon City, the comedienne and character actress shared that the concept had been offered to her over a year ago but held off on accepting the show until she was able to tweak the initial proposal to its current format.

“I think I have a Tia Dely in me,” joked Uge, recalling the radio icon who counseled letter writers with problems on the airwaves. “Or yes, an Ate Helen [of Lovingly Yours]. But instead of receiving a letter via snail mail, I get mine via email. And instead of having a show on TV or the radio, I have a webcast.”

Besides being granted the opportunity to help reshape the concept, two other factors that convinced Uge to star in what is now dubbed as “Philippine TV’s first comedy anthology” are the following: “They committed to my personal request of including thespians in every episode to give them a place to shine outside theater; and the idea to have me appear in a cameo in the dramatization of the letter sender’s story.”

All set to premiere on Valentine’s Day, after Sunday Pinasaya, Uge is finally excited about her return to TV.

“I believe it’s pioneering, this type of TV show. This time mas light ang topic and most definitely, funny side ng love ang ipapakita, so I think ito talaga yung pinakamasarap panoorin lalo na pag weekends kasi nagpapahinga ang mga tao. Perfect after Sunday Pinasaya, para tuloy tuloy yung katatawanan sa GMA.”

By the way, “Uge” in Dear Uge was not lifted from Eugene’s showbiz nickname, but is an acronym for “Urbana Genoveva Esperanza.” She is a “variety store” owner who hosts the web show, Dear Uge. She will also have a charming sidekick played by Divine Grace Aucina, a theatre actress from PETA.

As for her cameos, Uge explained, “Habang may binabasa akong sulat, lumalabas din ako sa kwento, taking up different roles every week. Ito rin yung unang unang nagustuhan ko sa concept, meron din akong iba’t ibang characters every episode, and I’ll be able to act with different actors na gustong-gusto ko, and also different directors in very light, nakakaaliw na episodes. Kaya I’m very, very excited,” she ended.


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