• Europe rights court to rule on Armenia ‘genocide’ denial


    STRASBOURG, France: The European Court of Human Rights is to decide Thursday whether it is a crime to deny that the mass killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turkey in 1915 was “genocide.” The landmark freedom of speech case was sparked by a Swiss court’s 2007 conviction of Turkish politician Dogu Perincek after he said publicly that the “Armenian genocide is a great international lie.” The ECHR’s 17-judge Grand Chamber, whose rulings are final, will announce its decision at 0945 GMT at a brief public hearing expected to be attended by representatives of both the Turkish and Armenian communities. Turkey has always denied that the killings, which started in 1915, were a pre-meditated attempt by the then ruling Ottomans to wipe out the Armenians. More than 20 nations have so far recognized the killings as genocide, a definition supported by numerous historians but vehemently opposed by Turkey.



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