Eva Longoria tells Trump running mate Mexican’s aren’t a ‘thing’


LOS ANGELES: Hispanic American actress Eva Longoria blasted Donald Trump’s runningmate Mike Pence for claiming their Democrat foes “whipped out that Mexican thing” in criticizing the White House contender’s immigration position.

“Governor Pence — we are not a thing,” the “Desperate Housewives” actress says in a video released by the Democratic National Committee on Friday.

“We are proud American citizens. We are mothers and fathers working for a better future for our kids. And we are children studying hard and dreaming of giving back to the United States that we love.”

Texas-born Longoria, who is also a director and producer, is a staunch supporter of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign to become the first woman in the White House.

During the vice presidential debate on Tuesday, Indiana Governor Pence tried to push back against his Democratic rival Tim Kaine’s attacks, recalling Trump’s denigrating comments on Mexican immigrants.

“You whipped out that Mexican thing again,” Pence said, unleashing outrage on social media, where #ThatMexicanthing was a top trending topic on Twitter in the hours following the debate.



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