• ‘Even a nuisance bet can trump Mar’

    WEIGHING IN Former commission on elections Chairman Sixto Brillantes shares his views on the pre-election scenarios at a forum in Quezon City. Photo By Mike De Juan

    Former commission on elections Chairman Sixto Brillantes shares his views on the pre-election scenarios at a forum in Quezon City. Photo By Mike De Juan

    Former Commission on Elections (Comelec) chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr. said even if an alleged plot by the Liberal Party to eliminate all rivals of its standard bearer succeeds, he still believes the Administration’s presidential bet Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd will not garner enough votes to be declared winner in next year’s elections.

    “Even a nuisance candidate can win against Roxas,” Brillantes told reporters on Saturday in Quezon City.

    He said Roxas’ rating is not only abysmal, he is also generally perceived as incompetent.
    Brillantes gave his assessment of the 2016 presidential polls amid allegations the Administration was doing everything to eliminate all the strong presidential candidates to ensure a Roxas election victory.

    Last week, the Second Division of the Commission on Elections disqualified Sen. Grace Poe from running as presidential candidate on the grounds that she came short of the 10-year residency requirement.

    Lately, there have been reports that Vice President Jejomar Binay would be arrested and jailed in connection with the plunder charges filed against him at the Office of the Ombudsman.

    There is also concern that Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte’s presidential run now faces obstacles because the presidential candidate of the PDP-Laban whom he replaced, Martin Diño, has indicated in his certificate of candidacy that he is running for mayor of Pasay City.

    Brillantes said, however, the Administration will not succeed in disqualifying the other presidential candidates to clear the way for Roxas.

    “They can disqualify Poe and Duterte, but they can’t eliminate Binay and even Sen. Miriam Santiago,” Brillantes said.

    “Binay can still run even if he is in jail,” he added.

    Brillantes said he does not believe that Roxas will continue the Aquino Administration’s “Daang Matuwid” program despite the repeated statements of the President that Roxas will not deviate from the incumbent administration’s advocacy.

    “I’m sure he will not pursue that Daang Matuwid. He has a different agenda,” the 76-year-old election lawyer said. He did not elaborate.


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    1. Anyway Mar Roxas should reveal his own agenda rather than continuing a wasted, overated Daang Matuwid mantra..Daang Matuwid is synanomous with Bulok na Daan..?

    2. Brillantes No longer Brilliant and Relevant!

      Sixto Brillantes’ observation that a nuisance candidate can trump or beat Roxas coz he is perceived as “incompetent” is presumptuous and damaging since it has no statistical survey basis. Brillantes did not elaborate on his comment on whether he did his own survey supporting his view. I just feel Brillantes is trying to draw the attention of Roxas to make him part of Roxas campaign group or he was so slighted because he is ” no pansin” by Roxas because Brillantes is a heavy luggage to LP coz of his cheating tactic via Smartmatic in the last 2013 elections. To make him an active LP campaign person will strengthen the people’s belief that he is in to head the LP cheating machine. This is a very cautious move by Roxas NOT to include Brillanres on. Roxas team as people and his opponents will use cheating as Roxas tool to win thru Brillantes.
      Further, Brillantes’ open support of the legal issue of Grace Poe insisting Poe must continue to be included in the ballots for 2016 Presidential run is obviously an endorsement of Poe although his opinion has no legal basis. Brillantes is now suffering from brain deterioration due to old age and too much election obsession. Brillanres should rest and hold his horses for himself. Anyway Brillantes. Opinion is “pase/obsolete” and funny to say the least!

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    3. Grace wrote her own date of residency in her Senate form.

      Martin Dino wrote Pasay Mayor in his application , the binding document.

      Mahirap ba intindihin? Kailangan ba iba sisihin na mali pag fill- up ng forms nila?
      Hindi demolition job , tawag dun MALI.
      Kung student nag exam at mali sagot sisihin Principal?
      Ano ba yang tinuturo niyo sa mga bata mag sinungaling?

    4. It is so unprofessional for Mr. Brillantes to say this. I will vote for Mar Roxas. Do you think I am stupid ? He is the most trustworthy candidate in the group. You know you can hurt the feelings of Mr. Roxas and he has no way to fight you back. Shame on you Mr. Brillantes.

    5. aimee inocente on

      This Brillantes is not brilliant but the opposite. No wonder Mar’s protest vs. Binay did not progress under Brillante’s watch. Magkumpare pala, per his clear statement to Karen Davila. He is not the corrupt one!

    6. Scented Candle on

      The selfish Mar Roxas! Masama ang mga ugali ng mga iyan, Elitista! Hindi pwede ang gusto nila, Ayaw na namin sa kasalukuyang administrasyon, hindi nyo ba nahahalata, nagtitiis lang kami at naghihintay ng election para iboto ang gusto namin at hindi iyon si Mar, maliwanag naman siguro sa mga LP na ito na kasuka suka na kayo pwede ba, let others in the position at hindi kayo iyon…Hindi talaga pwede si Mar Roxas Noynoy!

      DuterteCayetano 2016!

    7. Sa bibig na ni Brillantes nangaling na puwede pa si Binay tumakbo sa 2016 Presidential Election, eto ang manok nya sa 2016.

      Sa mga kabayan ko, lagi natin aalalahanin na, “The Government is for the People, by the People and of the People.” Tayo ang gobyerno hindi sila, kaya bumuto tayo ng naaayon sa ating kaalaman, konsenya at wag tayo magpapadikta sa kahit kanino, bumuto tayo para sa ating mga magiging mga anak, apo at para sa susunod sa atin sa lipunan eto..

      Gabayan Tayo Lahat Ng Panginoong Diyos, Amen, Amen, Amen.

      Maraming salamat po!

    8. Jorospe Marcelo on

      Why do you have to include Grace in the printing of the ballots? She is already disqualified by the COMELEC. COMELEC is nor SET, COMELEC is the one in charge of who should be in the list and who is not. Even if it reaches the SC, theres no way she could win in her DQ case. SC justices are all lawyers that means they know the law more than anyone in the Senate especially the 4 senators who junk the petition of David.

    9. Mr. Brillantes, ex-Comelec Chairman is out of line on his attacks on any candidates. This shows all along his bias towards some individuals. To say Mar is incompetent, even nuisance can tramp Mar is utterly lie and unethical for ex-Comelec. You are disgrace as a public official. Mar has not said anything about you. Looks like you are supporting Binay if I am not mistaken.

    10. Atty.Abdullah "Dabs" Mama-o on

      The certificate of candidacy of Dino was for the position of President. In the certificate of nomination acceptance, Dino was nominated by the PDP-LABAN as its candidate for President and as a legal requirement,Dino filed his CONA at the same time with his certificate of candidacy. The CERTIFICATE and attachment should be interpreted as a whole and not only one part. There was an excusable clerical error because it was not the fault of Dino. The COMELEC clerk should have closely scrutinized the certificate of candidacy and advised Dino to amend it and change the error as candidate for Mayor of Pasay City.This is inconsistent with the CONA attached. The CONA and the title of the form (CERTIFICATE OF CANDIDACY FOR PRESIDENT) shall prevail and govern.

      Nullifying the certificate of candidacy for President of Dino as PDP-LABAN nominee will be tantamount to the denial of the right and privilege under Philippine laws of PDP-LABAN to nominate its candidate for President.

      If the certificate of candidacy of DINO is valid for President, it follows then that the substitution/nomination of Mayor Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte is valid in accordance with law.

      I hope Duterte’s candidacy will be sustained by COMELEC in accordance to law.

    11. Donno if Sixto Brillantes is still relevant in the favorite game of the Filipinos called political game. One thought was after Sixto Brillantes retired from Comelec with a very, very bad record of alleged corruption and favoritism, he will already shut his mouth. Apparently he still wants to be identified, instead of hiding. What a shameless individual this man is. Let us now wait what Boy driver Mar will say about Sixto’s opinions.

      • apolonio reyes on

        Yes Innocent, Sixto ” Datu Puti” Brillinates, is a shameless individual, as you say so, who have the guts to say in yesterday’s DZMM radio-tv ” Teka Teka” when anchor Peter Musni asked him ” Are you not breaking the ONE YEAR BAN POLICY ON GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS TO PRACTISE THIER PROFESSION WHEN THEY RETIRE ?” and Datu Puti shamelessly said that he is only the advisers of Duterte, Binay and Poe (DBP) because they are his friends.
        And now in the Manila times, Sixto ” Datu Puta ” Brillantes say that ” Even a nuisance candidate can TRUMP ROXAS for president”, that even this is his belief and even if Sixto UNBrillantes does not collect cash as adviser’s FEES to DBP, to which I doubt as he might be collecting favors now or the future to whoever of DuterteBinayPoe wins? Can Roxas and other candidate file a disbarment case against Sixto ” Datu Puit ” Brillantes for practicing his profession prior ONE YEAR after retiring to the prejudice of other candidates ( ROXAS, SANTIAGO & SENARES ) and unethical conduct of being a former Comelec Chair and Unbrilliant lawyer?

      • wrong, the guy knows things we don’t. Besides Mar Roxas is toast. Si Binay lang hindi pa kaya.

      • right ! mlcng must accept the fact that mar is not the candidate to beat …he’s not so popular with the grass roots … unless there are interventions i think atty. brillantes has a point

    12. This is the first time I agree with Brillantes.
      Why – because he is out ot the clutches of this

      But I disagree of putting the name of Poe
      in the ballot even if she losses in the en-bank
      Comelec Decision.

      If Dis-Grace Poe wins in the Supreme Court which
      is very unlikely – THEN RUN IN THE NEXT ELECTION –

      • in some ways i agree with brillantes on the matter. …the disqualification should have come earlier not when the gap is becoming bigger with mar lagging behind everyone. politics is clearly manifested with the decision. i just admire the senate electoral tribunal for acting independently from mlcng. ..i see a similar situation as that of the comelec when the case reaches the sc ….well whatever happens poe must relinguish her bid and just keep her peace .focus on the senate because she’d been making a great job while she is there. give her best shot in the senate and people will remember the relevant bills she’d be passing .that are her best deposits in the event she runs next pres. election.

    13. Bakit ba galit si Mr. Brillantes ki Mar? Ano ang pinag popotok nang botse niya? Wala naman atraso sa kanya si MAr. Sino ba angsinasabi niyang competente? Nag lalakihan ang karatola nang mga Katolico na huwag mag boto sa piliticong mga magnanakaw nang pera nang taong bayan. HUWAG BOMOTO SA MGA POLITIKONG MGA MAGNANAKAW.

      • pano mo alam na walang atraso si Mar sa kanya? magkasama ba kayo matulog araw araw, kumain? naguusap ba kayo madalas? kasi kung none of the above eh di walang saysay ang tanong mo.