Every step counts for Teacher Georcelle


GEorcelle Dapat-Sy dances her way through life, quite literally. She spends most of her time in the studio or on the dance floor, teaching and training young men and women in the popular dance group, G-Force.

G-Force has gained recognition as one of the country’s most sought-after dance companies today, performing regularly in ABS-CBN’s ASAP every Sunday, and in other major TV shows. Teacher Georcelle, as she is fondly called by G-Force members, is grateful and elated by her success—though this means, of course, more hours at work and less time at home.

Her hectic and often unpredictable schedule is one of the challenges regularly faced by Teacher Georcelle, who has three beautiful kids aged 12, eight and three. As with her students in G-Force, she teaches her kids the importance of passion in order to excel in their endeavors. Passion is certainly one of the main driving forces behind her own success.

“It can be difficult,” she admits, when asked about how she is able to switch between two very demanding roles. She works almost seven days a week, and is in fact, even busier in the weekends.

“Every day is a challenge. One of the things I do is to devote set times entirely to each activity. When I’m working, I just work. When I’m at home with my family, I leave work behind. I devote my whole attention to what I’m doing at any given moment.”

The Sy family does plenty of things together. Dancing is, of course, a shoo-in in their list of activities, and this summer they’ve taken up swimming and soccer. They also enjoy watching movies at home, where a strong Internet connection plays an essential part.

“We eat a lot of popcorn while watching movies. Sometimes I think they enjoy the popcorn more than the movies.” Georcelle jokes. They rely on their myDSL connection both for entertainment and professional needs.

“Having a strong Internet connection is a big advantage for my work,” she explains. Georcelle does plenty of research online, from costumes to choreography and other ideas to keep her creative juices flowing. “My kids are also very musically inclined, so they’re online a lot to search for new songs and play games.”

Georcelle is fortunate to have plenty of help—most importantly from her husband Angel who manages G-Force.

“It’s very important for me to have a partner who understands what I do,” she says. She and Angel form a solid team both in the workplace and at home. They also have a strong support system in the form of ever-reliable house help and an accommodating extended family.

It’s all about having the right priorities, and finding the right tools to that fit your lifestyle. MyDSL is able to support multiple devices so the kids can play on their iPads while mom and dad do work on their laptops. The family-sized connection allows every member to enjoy the high speed without slowing down the others, and saves them plenty of time to engage in other activities.

Georcelle knew instantly that MyDSL was the right partner for her and her family. “I’m a dancer, I know how to balance.” she quips, smiling. It’s how she makes every step of her every day count.


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