Everybody loves Manny – Bob Arum

Manny Pacquiao smiles at fans during a training session. AFP FILE PHOTO

Manny Pacquiao smiles at fans during a training session. AFP FILE PHOTO

VETERAN promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank Promotion said that though Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the favorite among bettors, the majority of boxing fans see Manny Pacquiao as the hero and the unbeaten American as the villain when the two preeminent boxers clash on May 2 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In Las Vegas sports book when the mega fight was confirmed, Mayweather (47-0 win-loss record with 26 knockouts) opened as a 2 1/2 to 1 favorite but lately more and more boxing fans are placing their bets on the underdog Pacquiao (57-5-2 record with 38 knockouts).

“The people love Manny ever since [Pacquiao] for his generosity and for a being a gentleman while Floyd on the other hand, you know is…” Arum told The Manila Times on Thursday during a phone interview. “Manny is the hero and Floyd is the villain in this fight. Everybody loves Manny.”

Arum also expressed confidence on the competence of Pacquiao’s coaches in preparing the Filipino ring icon to nullify whatever strategies Mayweather may use when he meets Pacman on May 2. The 83-year old promoter said that he sees Pacquiao winning convincingly either by knockout or decision.

“Manny’s trainers and coaches are all intelligent. Manny is also a smart fighter and they can deal with it wisely. I’m confident that Manny can win convincingly by knockout or by decision with a large margin over Mayweather,” Arum said.

While Roach is yet to arrive in the United States from Macau, Pacquiao’s training is currently handled by assistant trainers Buboy Fernandez and Nonoy Neri as well as strength and conditioning coach Justine Fortune.

Arum also denied that Mayweather’s promotion firm is the one that totally controls the entire promotion of the mega fight. “There is no truth about it. Top Rank Promotion is also in control,” he said.


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  1. Pacquiao will be going home with another lost under his record. He may be a nice guy and all bet that means nothing in the ring as we all know. Please don’t bet your house and car on Manny because you will be homeless and you can’t blame Floyd for it. LOL ….Team Mayweather ALL DAY!

  2. Of course everybody loves Manny specially Arum who makes a lot money on this fight,the person who loves Manny most is Comm.Henares after you he paid his taxes.Train like you are chasing a chicken because that is how it look inside the ring.Goodluck kababayan.

  3. Let us pray for Manny’s safety and health first and then pray that he wins this fight.

  4. The first fight is set for a trilogy mind you though Pacquiao will be a clear winner comes May 2nd. The second is a split decision for Floyd and the third deciding factor is as good guess as mine just filing more $$$$ for the trilogy. That is the plan B. So bet while the odds is in Manny’s favor in terms of the bet. Sell your car, your house and bet for Manny. LOL

  5. ben victoria on

    I’ve seen Manny fought since 1996 and was impressed at how he dispose of his opponent mostly by knock out in the early rounds, his speed, power, stamina and movement are next to nobody and will be the deciding factor to win even against those significantly bigger fighters including mayweather who is an excellent defensive and elusive fighter who usually prevail over other good fighters that ran out of gas by attrition at the last half of the game. Pacquiao has proven time and again to be a machine that never run out of gas and seem to even get stronger towards the end of the fight, this I think will be the deciding factor to crack and decode mayweather’s puzzle. Only question now is weather a stoppage or decision.

  6. Arum will back Pacquiao because he is fighting under his wings. He will do everything to protect Manny and If Manny loose then the investment will be going down also. I am a filipino I want Manny to win but he has slim chance against little bit dirty boxer Floyd.

  7. Of course many people love Manny because he is a gentleman in & outside the ring. He has heart for the poor & helping them however he can. He is the exact opposite of the jetsetting Floyd who wants to display his wealth, even burning dollars, instead of using it to help the poor! I sincerely hope that the good will prevail over the bad in this fight! That the humble will be exalted on fight night! Go Manny! Fight for us! Your countrymen are praying for your success!