• Everything is about integrity; it’s all about branding


    “Consistent delivery of the brand promise generates the integrity that makes it the brand.” What could be simpler? Branding is not about a contest or winning at capitalism in which profitability is everything. The business model, of course, is another story. When you lose credibility, for whatever reason, you “de-brand.” Sustainability and branding go together, so integrity is crucial to stay the market regardless of conditions.

    Differing from politics, the science here is firm and uncontested. No consideration will rationalize a bogus staying power. The truth may at times be elusive, but in branding, honesty and the brand promise are incontestable. Creating awareness is but a strategy to promote and advertise with the hope of generating sales, which will not come about if the product does not deliver.

    Success will remain elusive if repeat sales have no chance. When that happens, there is no need to brand. A case in point are the pirated products produced, imported and sold by street vendors at a fraction of the retail price. This may seem attractive to consumers, but disappointments will follow. It is up to government and regulation to protect consumers. Sadly, that is not the case today with illegal vendors and piracy metastasizing. They don’t need branding. In the mainstream, branding is a must.

    Business is based on integrity or it is doomed to failure. Beyond business, friendships also depend on branding. The person out for a “fast buck” does not require sustainability. The fast buck becomes the singular objective. Measurements and assessments are no longer necessary. Branding is a process we live by over decades, from birth to death. Molding our person (or the brand) over the decades is how we are identified. Reputations develop hand in hand with integrity. The inability to generate integrity over the decades will severely affect our relationships with people, our community, and our chosen fields and professions. Many go astray and become thieves, corruptors or embezzlers—they continue in that vein and their reputations degenerate accordingly. We must understand the consequence of our actions; learning to brand early is accepting the role of truth and the need to generate integrity. In short, life is also all about branding. Superbranding anyone?


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