Ex-Australia PM ‘headbutted’ amid heated gay marriage campaign


SYDNEY: A man wearing a “yes” badge headbutted former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott while he was campaigning against legalizing gay marriage, the ex-leader said Friday. Abbott, an outspoken critic of such unions, said he was in Hobart in south Tasmania on Thursday when a man approached wanting to shake his hand, but then headbutted him instead. “I held out my hand. He grabbed my hand and turned it into a headbutt. Now, he was, of course, wearing a ‘yes’ badge,” Abbott told reporters in Hobart on Friday. “I worry about the brave new world of same-sex marriage if this is how some of the people who are most enthusiastically working for it are behaving with such bullying and intimidatory fashion.” The 59-year-old suffered minor injuries to his lip but “didn’t require medical assistance,” Tasmania Police Commander Tony Cerritelli told reporters. Abbott, long renowned for his conservative views, was the prime minister from 2013 to 2015, when he was deposed by current leader Malcolm Turnbull—a moderate who supports marriage equality.


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