• Ex-CIA boss in Milan arrested in Panama


    ROME: A former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) station chief in Milan, sentenced to nine years in jail for the 2003 abduction of an Egyptian imam, has been arrested in Panama, the Italian justice ministry said on Thursday (Friday in Manila).

    Justice Minister Anna Maria Cancellieri asked for the former CIA agent—Bob Seldon Lady or “Mister Bob”—to be held in Panama and now has two months to request his extradition.

    Seldon Lady and 22 other CIA agents were convicted in absentia in 2009 of the kidnapping of Osama Mustafa Hassan, a radical Islamist opposition figure better known as Abu Omar.

    It was one of the world’s biggest court cases against the United States “extraordinary rendition” program to interrogate alleged Islamist militants after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

    The former head of the CIA station in Milan, now 59, received the heaviest sentence, which was increased from eight to nine years on appeal in 2010. The other fugitive agents had their sentences upped from five to seven years.



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