Ex-congressman does a Napoles


(By Erwin Tulfo, Opinion, December 16, 2013)
Sobrang lakas nitong Alcala na ito, sa dami ng isyu at anomalya na sangkot sya, hindi sya matanggal-tanggal. Anong meron sya at parang sya na lang ang kwalipikadong tao sa Pilipinas.
panchoabby, panchoabby@gmail.com

I hope they do investigate all these corrupt officials & jail them for the rest of their lives but make their jail time as hard as a normal prisoners. Give them no favours. Then take all their assetts away so their families cant live a great life & pay off officals in the prisions to help him. If anyone in authority is caught helping them lock them up as well for 10 years that will stop this. & yes also get out this looking after family & friends, lets get the people hired who are the best for that job not because they are friends or family. Those people need to be kicked out of these positions & let them find work in the real world, they wont have it so easy there.
Dustin, peter.king2008@yahoo.co.uk


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