• Ex-generals don’t know their jobs


    THE so-called militarization of the Bureau of Customs (BoC) to weed out alleged corrupt civil service officials did not get the desired performance results, according to Marikina City Rep. Miro Quimbo. He said that this was evident in the overall collection performance of the BOC which has gone from bad to worse.  “Unfortunately the performance has only become worse. Look at the biggest port, the Manila International Container Port, when it was ran by an alleged  corrupt civilian official the shortfall was P6.9 billion, but when he was replaced (by a retired general), the shortfall rose  to P18 billion from the P6.9 billion during the first full year,” said Quimbo in  a radio interview over the weekend. According to Quimbo, Deputy Commissioner Jessie Dellosa has brought in at least 13 retired military officials, all of whom are now occupying  sensitive positions. At present, seven of the biggest customs collection dis-tricts are run by former generals.  “I have not heard anything questioning their integrity nor received reports about dishonesty,” Quimbo clarified.


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    1. We have to admit that the bureau of customs is a very very corrupt organization. Anybody that managed this bureau either resigns immediately or gets corrupted because this is where the money is. There is no way we can fix this problem. There are times that we have to surrender. There is no way period.

    2. In this case the PMA shall include in their subjects the Tax Collection 101.
      What is there to expect from a wrong person working on the wrong job?
      They are trained to shoot enemies, defend our country but ended up in
      recycled to a sensitive government position in which they are not familiar with.

      • Putting people who’ve memorized the rules on “How To Convert Government Funds into Family Funds” and “How To Make Your Auditor A Friend” to weed out corruption at the equally-corrupt department is like fertilizing the weeds.