Ex-journalist killed in stabbing rampage


Former journalist Joel Palacios was among five persons killed by a man who went on a stabbing rampage after quarreling with his girlfriend at Central Park Condominium in Pasay City Tuesday night.

The assailant, Alberto Garan, 39, first stabbed his girlfriend Emelyn Sagun, 30, with whom he had a heated argument at 6 p.m. on the 14th floor. Investigators said Garan was jealous of a man who was always with Sagun.

He pulled out his gun to shoot Sagun, but the weapon jammed. Garan then took a kitchen knife and stabbed Sagun, who ran out. The victim didn’t go far however, because Garan caught up with her and he pushed her on the stairway, killing her.

Investigators said Garan and Sagun left their spouses in Cagayan and moved to Pasay City to be together and look for work.

After stabbing and killing Sagun, Garan went up to the 16th floor where he saw Palacios, who was jogging in the hallway. Garan also stabbed the former journalist. The latter’s companion, Belgris Elorde, tried to rescue Palacios but she was also attacked. Palacios, 70, died in the hospital. Elorde survived but was on critical condition.

Palacios worked with The Manila Times as an editor two years ago. He also worked with the Philippine Daily Inquirer and was the spokesman of the Social Security System.

After stabbing Palacios and Elorde, Garan ran up to the 17th floor and attacked and killed Daisery Castillo, 12. He then went to the 20th floor and stabbed April Joy Sagarino and Arlyn Dian Cordero. The two survived.

On the same floor, the suspect also wounded Ligaya Dimapilis, Letecia Ecsiagan and Margie Morales. Dimapilis and Ecsiagan died, Morales survived.

When Pasay City policemen arrived, the building was on a lockdown. Garan, who was on the 23rd floor, tried to attack a policeman. He was shot dead.

Supt. Deanry Francisco, chief of the Pasay City police investigation division, said Garan had been using drugs.


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