Former Makati City (Metro Manila) Mayor Elenita Binay is seeking the inhibition of Sandiganbayan Presiding Justice Amparo Cabotaje-Tang from the graft and malversation cases filed against her (Binay) and several others in connection with the allegedly anomalous procurement of hospital beds in 2001 and sterilizers in 2000 for the Ospital ng Makati (OsMak). Binay’s camp has filed a motion asking for the inhibition of Tang, who concurrently leads the court’s Third Division where the cases are pending. The Sandiganbayan’s internal rules provide that if a court division’s chairman inhibits from a case, the case shall be transferred by raffle to another court division. It filed the motion earlier this month over a hearing on Binay’s omnibus motion, which asked the court to re-raffle the cases so that the graft and malversation charges pertaining to the procurement of sterilizers be separately tried from the graft and malversation charges pertaining to the procurement of hospital beds. The defense said during the October 13 hearing on the omnibus motion, “Accused Binay was astounded by the unexpected statements and adverse reaction of the Honorable Presiding Justice Cabotaje-Tang which, with due respect, gave an impression that she was personally offended by the filing of the Omnibus Motion.” Tang’s demeanor, it added, “affects Binay’s confidence that she will get a fair trial that respects her constitutional rights.”



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    1. michael schneider on

      Did Rody in pre Election mode tell us that the head of the Binay clan would be jailed If he became President.
      We are waiting with baited breath.