Ex-NBI execs tag de Lima ‘mother of all drug lords’


TWO former officials of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) filed another drug trafficking complaint against Sen. Leila de Lima and tagged her “the mother of all drug lords.”

In their complaint filed at the Department of Justice, former deputy directors Reynaldo Esmeralda and Ruel
Lasala accused de Lima of using her power as Justice secretary to perpetuate the drug trade inside the National Bilibid Prison (NBP).

The Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption filed the first drug trafficking complaint against De Lima on Tuesday.

“Sen. de Lima was reported to have spent P86,153,300.49 (for her 2016 campaign). But is that all there is? During the campaign period, the visibility of Sen. de Lima’s campaign advertisement on television was massive,” the two former NBI officials said.

“For all the advertisement she contracted during the election campaign, where would she get the money from?
One could not turn a blind eye on her actual source of fund. She had generous benefactors from inside the Bilibid. This explains why she never had second thoughts in running for one of the highest political positions in the country.”

“Sen. de Lima, acting as the mother of all drug lords and through the use of her authority, was able to appoint and designate men inside the Bilibid in order to ensure the perpetuation of illegal drug trade,” the complainants said.

Aside from de Lima, also charged was former NBI deputy director Rafael Ragos, who testified at the House of Representatives’ inquiry on the illegal drug trade at the state penitentiary.

“Respondents definitely saw how profitable the system established in the Bilibid at that time. Like hungry wolves, they took advantage of their power, influence and resources,” the two former officials said.

Ragos testified that he personally delivered millions in drug money to the residence of de Lima in Parañaque City in several instances in 2012. He said he handed the money to de Lima’s alleged boyfriend and driver Ronnie Dayan.

Ragos’ testimony was corroborated by NBI agent Jovencio Ablen Jr. and inmate Jojo Baligad.

Ragos was included as respondent in the charge sheet despite being granted immunity by the House justice committee.

Esmeralda and Lasala were sacked by de Lima in 2014 over their “lingering integrity issues” and links to Janet Lim – Napoles.

But the two complainants claimed that they had no axe to grind against de Lima.

“There are pieces of evidence we gathered and it’s about time we file the charges also to give her due process,” Esmeralda said.


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  1. Gregory playtime on

    So, it is true then …… the existence of DDS or Delima Drug Syndicate. She was not lying after all …….

  2. George PalaItot on

    “….But the two complainants claimed that they had no axe to grind against de Lima.”

    yes i agree. and the real name of Peluka Wearing Clown Tugak Aguire is Walt Disney aka boy Abunda