• Ex-PAF man welcomes fighter jets purchase


    I was an old hand and maintenance crew back then in the Philippine Air Force and I was very glad upon reading the news that our Air Force will buy 2 lead-in fighter jets from South Korea very soon. As part of PAF maintenance, we see to it that everything is in order as we do our job of making planes, helicopters, jets in perfect condition for flight. It is never an easy job for long hours and dedication to what we do is a must.

    But we take pride in the job as it is also our way of serving our country as we assure PAF pilots and crew are safe in flight during their various missions and other transport activities which they do in regular intervals.

    The rest of the fighter jets will also come within six months according to the PAF and this will surely boost our nation’s air power and likewise for the safety and security of all PAF pilots who sacrifice and serve their country well, and unselfishly.

    It is also the government’s continuous leap for modernization.

    Mr. Ramon Peter B. Joya
    San Pedro, Laguna


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