Ex-police officer claims cover-up

OUT OF THE BLUE  Retired Police Supt. Diosdado Valeroso drops his unexpected cover-up claim at a news forum in Quezon City. PHOTO BY MIkE DE JuAN

Retired Police Supt. Diosdado Valeroso drops his unexpected cover-up claim at a news forum in Quezon City. PHOTO BY MIkE DE JuAN

A retired police official surfaced on Saturday to say that he has proof of an alleged cover-up of the massacre of dozens of police commandos in Mamasapano, Maguindanao, a year ago.

Chief Supt. Diosdado Valeroso, in a news conference, claimed that he has a recording of two officials talking about an attempt to conceal what really happened during a clash between members of the Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police and members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) as well as fighters of other armed groups in Mindanao.

The two persons in the recording said the alleged cover-up is needed because the massacre would affect the passage of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law.

Valeroso declined to name the officials in the recording, which he said was taken a day or two after the SAF team carried out the operation to capture international terrorist Zulkifli Bin Hir alias Marwan.

Although the police commandos were able to kill their target, 44 SAF members were mowed down on January 25, 2015.

Valeroso said a copy of the recording was emailed to him on Tuesday.

He added that he will submit a copy to the Senate, which will hold another investigation of the Mamasapano massacre.

The former police official said families of some of the slain policemen had requested copies of the recording but he turned them down, saying the recording is yet to be verified by experts.

The Senate will reopen its investigation of the massacre on January 27. The inquiry will be led by the Senate Committee on Public Order headed by Sen. Grace Poe

Two other panel–the committees on peace and unification and on finance –will conduct the investigation.

Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, who requested the reopening of the probe, earlier said he has evidence to show that President Benigno Aquino 3rd allowed the massacre of the policemen.

Some Palace officials have been invited to the Senate hearing.


Meanwhile, the Palace said on Saturday that the President will lead an awarding ceremony to recognize the 44 police commandos for their acts of heroism during the encounter with Muslim rebels in Maguindanao.

Presidential Communications Undersecretary Manuel Quezon 3rd said Aquino will hand medals to families of the SAF troops during the PNP’s 25th anniversary on Monday.

Quezon added that Aquino approved on Thursday the conferment of posthumous awards on the fallen elite commandos.

“This is the awarding ceremony that will take place, I believe, in Camp Crame. The President authorized the award and among the awards that will be conferred is the Medalya ng Kagitingan or the PNP Medal of Valor,” he said in a radio interview.

The Medal of Valor, the highest award in the country, will be conferred on Chief Inspector Gednat Tabdi and Police Officer 2 Romeo Cempron.

Tabdi was the head of the SAF 84th company which led the “main effort” in the operation to capture Marwan while Cempron was the lead gunner of the 55th company.

When asked why only two SAF members will receive the Medal of Valor, Quezon said the 42 other slain troopers will receive the Distinguished Conduct Medal as previously recommended by the National Police Commission.

“My understanding is that besides the awarding of the PNP Medal of Valor, which will be [given]to two individuals, there will also be the Medalya ng Kabahayanihan or the PNP Distinguished Conduct Medal, which will be awarded to the SAF 44,” he added.

Aquino has been strongly criticized for his perceived indifference to the plight of the SAF and for allowing then PNP chief Alan Purisima to take part in the operation despite the latter’s suspension at the time.

Aquino’s public approval ratings dipped to their lowest in the aftermath of the clash, with different independent probes pointing out his lapses in planning of the operation.


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  1. Burgisbungisngis on

    Its just another waste of time, taxpayer’s money and effort reopening the case. Hindi ko maintindihan ang pinagsasabi nilang hustisya para duon sa SAF 44 for sure alam nila at nang mga kamag.anak nila na once pumasok ka sa ganyang klaseng trabaho kung anu ang mga consequences. Dapat ang liderato ng SAF ang dapat imbestigahan kung bakit sa kabila ng madalas nilang ipinagyayabang na mga highly trained daw ang mga sundalo nila plus kumpleto at moderno ang kanilang mga gamit compared sa ordinaryong pulis eh nalagasan pa rin sila ng ganung karami.

  2. Arsenio Benedito on

    What for!…SAF Commandos and Farmers at Hacieda Luisita were both victims of idiotic minds of AQUINO…

  3. All those involved in the demise of these poor SAF 44, will have their day in court and hope that they just simply die of old age inside their cell…

  4. Burgis Batoktoy on

    Nag panic na ang Malakanyang kung ano-anong iuto nila sa bayang Pilipinas. These officials are full of lies, arrogance, inept and uncompassionate – unchristian acts.

  5. Just wondering on

    Why now? Why have new information now? Dont you wonder who this ex chief cop is? This may all be part of a grand political strategy. From what I know, this ex chief cop is running for the senate and he might be exploting the re-opening of the mamasapano tradegy to his advantage.

  6. Really , this leader of our nation is stupid and irresponsible.. Kung talagang alam mo ang iyong trabaho , bakit ngayon mo lang bibigyan ng award ang mga namatay na police officers, kung kailan muli bubuksan ang kaso.. Dapat nuong din mga araw na iyon binigyan mo ng parangal ang ating mga kapulisan dahil namatay sila sa labanan. tapos ngayon mo lang naisipan dahil nakorner ka na.. It shows that you are guilty ..Ngayon lang ako nakarinig na binigyan ng ganito.. Dapat nuon din panahon ng namatay sila sa labanan binigyan mo sila ng medalya..Ngayon pa.. its too late, dahil alam na ng taong bayan na ikaw ang nagpabaya sa iyong tungkulin bilang commander in chief .

  7. robert berunia on

    Senator Poe was indeed part of the cover-up from the beginning. Akit sya uli ang kailangang maging chairperson ,wala na bang iba na wedeng humawak Ng I.bestigasyon? Bakit, kpg iba ba ang Hu.awak ay sure na shoot si Pnoy at si Mar Roxas?

  8. The Mamasapano case could be Grace Poe’s “bargaining chip”. She can call Pnoy now and say: …hey, Noy, tell the Supreme Court to thrash my DQ case, or I’ll open the can of worms….

  9. Vic Penetrante on

    Indecision perplexes the mind when you strongly expect something, but another event happens.

  10. Leodegardo Pruna on

    It took one year to recognize the heroism of the fallen 44 SAF. They more than deserve the honor being conferred on them for their patriotic act. May God grant them eternal rest and peace. God bless the Philippines.

  11. chester alipit on

    I hope that people “in the know” will already come out with the “truth” to give justice and closure to the fallen heroes and their families. It’s time to come clean…for themselves, their country and their countrymen. God knows what really happened; fear God, not noynoy…

  12. The medals are nothing but ‘pampalubag-loob’ now that the Mamasapano case is being revived by Enrile. I doubt if the delay in conferring honors to the Fallen SAF 44 is merely due to ‘noynoying’ on the part of the President or was not really part of his plan to “forget” the debacle and “just move on”. Remember that he did not even mention the heroism of the SAF 44 who gave up their lives (or, whose lives were sacrificed by President Aquino in order not to crash his BBL) during his last SONA? It’s hypocrisy of the highest order!

    • Enrile has his own motive in opening the case. The question is where was he during the months long investigation? another questionable revelation is Supt. Valeroso’s evidence an alleged conversation of people trying to cover up. Do you really believe him? Can tape record be fabricated? Where and who gave him the tape recorder. Why was the tape record given to him. Is he expert? In what? What is his role? Who are his contacts? He needs to be investigated too! It’s strike me as another “smoke in our ar..or throwing spanner in the whole issue”. To be honest, opening this issue is another tax payers money and waste of time. There was a comprehensive report issued. If the report was untrue or lack merit then all people who participated in the investigation and report should be fired!
      It’s a bit of lack of compassion and understanding if the President is being criticize for honoring the fallen soldiers.

    • In short, consuelo-de-bobo. An after thought just to assuage the feelings of the SAF 44’s families – after one year!

    • the easiest way to appease the anger of the saf44 relatives and not to mention for election purposes. as to its sincerity , i doubt it . the timing makes it doubtful … well may it serve its purpose… especially with the reopening of the mamasapano inquiry.

    • Well, I just hope no member of the family or friends of those Galant 44 arrives at benigno’s awarding zarzuela. Attendance and participation thereto will only dignify the farce and hypocrisy of the act. What will be more concrete is for benigno to give for distribution by his minions of the respective Manager’s Check covering the financial benefits to the families of the heroes. Those families can not even bring those metals to Tambunting.

  13. jeff jaramillo on

    The Distinguished Conduct Medal is a clear pampalubag0loob to the families of the fallen 44 SAF. Besides, it is too late for the administration/Pnoy to award such. Right after the incident would have been the time it was decided. The general public had already awarded such recognition to the SAF, deep in their hearts, as early as day 1. It does not take a year to evaluate their heroic deeds.

    Pampalubag-loob does not settle much.

  14. El Cid Fajardo on

    The belated recognition of the heroism of SAF44, though, obviously, not sincere on the part of pnoy, is better late than never..

  15. Why are different kinds of information are cropping up after Sen. Tanda Enrile moved to re-open the Masasapano 44 carnage? The best answer is those who have information held on to the same knowing that Sen. Grace Llamanzares, who head the Senate panel if a known PNoy supporter and those informants suspected that she will just be part of the cover-up expected to protect PNoy. And by he way, why are the awards only given now? Why are the benefits for the massacre victims just fulfilled now? The best answer is, PNoy and his cahoots is now so scared what will happen after the re-investigation that they are doing all the CONSUELO DE BOBO acts to soften the impact of what is expected to be very damaging to PNoy. Hopefully, the public will not be will to be fooled again by this administration of screw-ups.

  16. He added that he will submit a copy to the Senate

    Gave a copy to the senate which is composed of corrupt subservient trapo’s that will do whatever Aquino tells them. People keep expecting congress to do the right thing and start representing the people but that ship sailed a long time ago when they prostituted themselves for the pork barrel money.

    Another investigation is needed because the first one chaired by Poe was just a whitewash and cover up for the President and here we go again with the same chair person,

    Are we expecting Poe to get lucky this time and get answers ?

    • Correct Pampalubag loob lamang! Scared to death na si Pnoy and his allies! Ni bahag na ang ikog. Sus mahadlok man diay nganong dili mag tinarong ug trabaho! Mga kababayan beware of the “concerns for the 44 SAF kuno ” .