• Ex-TRC chief to spill beans on PDAF scam


    WILL he do a Ruby Tuason?

    Dennis Cunanan, the former director general of Technology Resource Center (TRC), who is among those charged in connection with the P10-billion pork barrel fund scam, is now wiling to spill the beans.

    Lawyer Levito Baligod, legal counsel of the whistleblowers in the pork scam, said Cunanan holds a very vital information which could link lawmakers into the misuse of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), popularly known as pork barrel.

    Baligod said they have been finalizing the affidavit of Cunanan, who resigned as TRC director general after he was dragged into the controversy, to be filed before the Office of the Ombudsman.

    In expressing his willingness to testify against those who are involved in the scam, Cunanan has applied to be a state witness as early as last year, according to Baligod.

    The lawyer expressed belief that Cunanan would qualify as a state witness since he has vital pieces of information about the misuse of some lawmakers’ pork barrel fund as contained in his affidavit.

    He said Cunanan even holds stronger pieces of evidence as compared to those of other whistleblowers Simonette Briones, Marina Sula and Arlene Baltazar.

    “Cunanan’s affidavit is stronger as compared to the weight of the evidence contained in the affidavits of these three whistleblowers,” Baligod told radio dzBB in an interview.

    He said Cunanan would give link to the participation of some implementing agencies such as the TRC in the pork barrel misuse involving some lawmakers and alleged pork barrel fund scam mastermind Janet Lim-Napoles.

    Cunanan, he added, would refute claims of Sen. Ramon Bong Revilla Jr., who is also among those who were charged at the Ombudsman, that he did not benefit from the scam.

    Based on Cunanan’s affidavit, Baligod said there were instances that the former TRC official personally talked to Revilla to confirm about the pork barrel funded transaction.

    He said Cunanan even recalled that he was allegedly scolded by the senator for the slow processing of his endorsement letters to allocate his pork barrel fund to Napoles’ fake non-government organizations (NGOs).

    “So what his [Cunanan] office did is to rush the processing of Revilla’s request the whole day and they even worked overnight on December 23,” he added.

    At the same time, Baligod said Cunanan, during his term as OIC director general of TRC, even suspended the transactions of all the NGOs in their agency.

    Besides Cunanan, the lawyer said two more respondents in the pork barrel scam have expressed willingness to testify against those allegedly involved in the scandal.

    He said these include Rhodora Mendoza and Victor Roman Cacal, former vice president for administration and finance and former general services supervisor of the National Agri-Business Corp., respectively.

    According to Baligod, the two said they know how the lawmakers’ pork barrel fund was channeled into the bogus NGOs of Napoles.

    President Benigno Aquino 3rd earlier said that more witnesses have expressed readiness to testify against lawmakers accused of pocketing kickbacks from their pork barrel funds.


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    1. Mr Cunanan told the signatures of Sen. Revilla is genuine but Senator Revilla said it was forged, Is it hard for Ombudsman to verify if signature is real or forged, why waste time accusing each other lying, if somebody is lying, he’s the guilty partyand it’s the end of story.Plain and simple.

    2. mikhail hieronymus on

      Pork Barrel Scandals: Ahhhha,….Ehemmmm… it looks like the dots are getting connected one by one. In due time, all the missing pieces will be in place.

      But the final question will be: WHAT’S NEXT? Will Somebody or All of Them going to JAIL or there will be some FIXINGS and the whole mess will eventually be FORGOTTEN?