• Excited on the realization of an urban dream


    Vice Mayor Jaime Lazatin

    Vice Mayor Jaime Lazatin, whose family owns Sfelapco and Essel Supermarket, the city’s first supermarket established in 1965, told The Manila Times that as a government official and foremost as a businessman, he welcomes the development of Pasudeco into Capital Town.

    “I welcome the Megaworld project. In fact, I support it. I like the idea that Megaworld respects the historical value of Pasudeco in the City of San Fernando,” he said.

    His father, the late Jesus Lazatin, was in fact once president of Pasudeco.

    “Borrowing the wisdom of my father, as landowners, we want big businesses to come to San Fernando. That’s the only way the city will flourish. Without these big businesses, our city’s growth would have been stunted by local businessmen and the city’s wealth will be concentrated within a few families. Local money cannot create the infrastructure big businesses can create,” he continued.

    “Bringing in big businesses to our city has allowed San Fernando to develop and thrive. Now, we are not just a first class component city, we continue to be the best place to do business in Central Luzon,” he further said.

    He foresees the city to exceed previous growth in the next 10 years.

    “Investments from big players like Megaworld will definitely change our once rural landscape into an urban hub. New structures will be built but at the same time, our culture and history remains. Marrying both old and new, we create a good mix to offer tourists and locals to enjoy our city more,” Lazatin concluded.


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