• Executed Brit aid worker helped Yolanda victims


    The news of aid worker Mr. David Haines, the third beheaded victim of the jihadist ISIS saddens all of us. Mr. Haines, a member of the International organization ACTED, was the first one to respond to typhoon Yolanda victims last November 2013. ACTED stands for Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development, which swiftly sends assistance to victims of calamities and related incidents. ACTED is a service organization committed to helping others. We were lucky ACTED, acted at once seeing the devastation the typhoon brought to our fellowmen in the Visayas.

    It pains humanity and especially the victims of Yolanda that Mr. Haines was brutally murdered by the terrorist ISIS members who defy reason in their call for Jihad. Today even unarmed soldiers, volunteers, Red Cross workers – those who help others in distress— are no longer spared. Terrorism has gone to its lowest level. It is also saddening that Muslim Filipinos have publicly proclaimed their allegiance to the Islamic State like the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF). Others may have joined only out of curiosity or adventure. But all these are misadventures in return.

    Now, we Filipinos should all be concerned about the ISIS spilling to our shores. The ISIS is an organization made up of not only ruthless men but killers who want to proclaim violence as their god and master. They want to bring back olden times when barbarity and pagan practices prevailed—and the reign of terror.

    The whole Philippines mourns the death of Mr. Haines and condoles with his family. His family should be proud of him, as well as those of two other victims who died in the hands of ISIS executioners. The memory of Mr. Haines will live in the hearts of typhoon Yolanda victims and the Filipino people. If he were not killed, he could have helped so many more people.

    Tom Lee Zacarias
    Christian Workers Group
    Iloilo City


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