Executive class


    peugeot20140624THE Peugeot 508 is a modern vehicle perfectly attuned to the aspirations of customers who have moved with the times, being both dynamic and responsible. Quality, purity and efficiency are key words that guided its creation.

    Rewarding for both its driver and its passengers, the 508 has exceptional interior space, a generous boot and a level of sophistication that offers the promise of interior comfort and convenience. An added level of convenience comes with the 508’s environmental efficiency, thanks to its superior power-to-weight ratio, its aerodynamics and, of course, its engines.

    Under the hood of the 508 is either the innovative and extremely fuel-efficient 1.6-liter eHDi Mycro Hybrid, the torque-rich 2.0-liter HDi, or the significantly more powerful 2.2-liter turbo HDi found in the 508GT. All of these powertrains are well positioned in terms of performance and responsiveness even as the diesel-fed engines offer great fuel consumption, as well as lower harmful emissions, thanks to Peugeot’s revolutionary Diesel Particulate Filter.

    Inside, the 508 also delivers with its carefully designed architecture that affords passengers generous space and extensive equipment tailored for the discerning customer’s wants and needs. Intelligent instrumentation, premium upholstery and a superior entertainment system round out the features that make this executive sedan truly stand out.

    Test drive a 508 at your nearest Peugeot dealership now and experience the distinct level of comfort only a premium European sedan can deliver.


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