• Exhibit of exquisite plates, scrolls enlivens Chinese festivities at SM City North EDSA


    SM City North EDSA welcomes the Year of the Fire Rooster with an exhibit of exquisite plates and scrolls by the Chan Lim family of artists and students at The Block Atrium from Jan. 15 to Feb. 12.

    The Chan Lim family of artists and students remain as among the few notable Chinese brush painting artists in the Philippines today.

    The Atrium has been decorated with over 100 beautiful designs of hand-painted scrolls and adorned with 144 plates, with the centerpiece highlighting a grand Chinese pagoda accentuated with Chinese oil painting of koi fishes.

    The koi symbolizes success, prosperity, longevity, courage, ambition, and perseverance.

    Three generations of Chan Lim artists: Jose Chan Lim (middle), his son Alex Chan Lim (left) and grandson Geoffrey Chan Lim during the launch of an exhibit of exquisite plates and scrolls, at The Block SM City North EDSA.

    The celebrations at SM City North EDSA coincide with the 80th birthday of the family patriarch, Chan Lim, or Angkok to his students. Chan Lim is the name the artist uses in signing all his artworks. The name is formed by combining the last names of the siblings’ parents. His real name is Jose.

    It was also Jose Chan Lim who got the family interested in visual arts and painting. He mastered and preferred painting in oil, but the Chan Lim siblings embraced their Chinese roots and learned how to use a Chinese brush on rice paper as early as 11 years old.

    Surprisingly, none of the family members have degrees related to the arts. The siblings Alex, Felix, Rolex, and
    Jolex are licensed engineers and connected with multinational companies representing various industries.
    Innovation is an important focus area for the family, however. Coming from different fields and industries, the family members were able to create artworks with fans, lanterns, scrolls, and porcelain plates as their canvas.

    For 2017, The Chan Lim family of family of artists and students have eight exhibits scheduled all over the country. The family travels together with their students to grace their events and also conduct free Chinese painting workshops.

    Jocelyn Lapid, regional operations manager of SM City North EDSA, presents to Jose Chan Lim and Alex Chan Lim the Chan Lim @80 commemorative coin as a token of appreciation and recognition for the family patriarch’s contribution to the arts, and also in celebration of his 80th birthday.

    Mallgoers may have the chance to meet the artists behind the “Brushtrokes” event on Jan. 29 at The Block Atrium.

    Apart from the exhibit, SM City North EDSA also welcomes the Year of the

    Fire Rooster with good fortune, good food, and of course, great cultural presentations like the traditional Lion and Dragon dances.

    The Oriental Market, on the other hand, is a treasure trove of lucky-charm for good luck, blessings, protection, and good fortune. These include Yin Yang charms; bead, crystal, and fortune bracelets; Buddhas, spiritual icons, bells and wind chimes, and moneybags. The market, which started from Jan. 15, runs until Feb. 12 at the Block’s ground floor.

    Other exciting Chinese New Year events include a performance of the Wushu Martial Arts Demonstration, at 5 p.m., Jan. 28, also at the Block. Not to be missed are the iconic Lion and Dragon dances today, Jan. 28, to welcome a prosperous Chinese New Year.

    To welcome the Chinese New Year, SM City North EDSA presents a Chinese traditional lion and dragon dance performance to its mallgoers.

    Hand-painted porcelain plates are arranged in delicate circular display cabinets.


    Porcelain plates painted by Yona Lim (left), Florina Pen (middle) and Ethan Vaughn Ong featuring birds, flowers, and marine creatures.


    A painting by Pauline Santiago on a porcelain plate represents the Year of the Rooster.


    A porcelain plate painted with this year’s symbol—the rooster—by Baby Ruth Chuaunsu



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