• Expanded number coding should cover only private vehicles: truckers



    While it supports the plan to expand the Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program (UVVRP), a truckers group on Friday suggested that all public utility vehicles (PUVs) be exempted from the scheme.

    Teodoro Gervacio, president of the Integrated North Harbor Truckers Association (INHTA), said that if the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is bent in expanding the UVVRP, more commonly known as the number-coding system, it should only cover private vehicles.

    “We have many private vehicles at and they are the ones congesting the roads,” Gervacio told The Manila Times.

    He said the MMDA should promote car pooling for private motorists to reduce the number of vehicles in Metro Manila streets.

    “Let us also promote road courtesy among motorists so that there will be an orderly flow of vehicles and to ease traffic congestion,” he added.

    MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino earlier said the agency will still consult with all the stakeholders, including the Metro Manila Council (MMC), before making any decision.

    The MMC, whose members are the 17 Metro mayors, is the policy-making body of the MMDA.

    “We are still in the preliminary stage in the proposed expansion of the number-coding,” Gervacio said.

    Tolentino also said the MMDA is still not decided whether it will impose the four-digit number coding.

    He said the MMDA might implement it only at the 23.8-kilometer EDSA, the metropolis’ busiest highway.




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