• Expanding eyeshadow


    Beauty_Eyes20160204Kate cosmetics of Tokyo has shared with the Philippine market a new makeup look that comes at the heels of 2015’s global “thick eyebrows” craze. Called the “Lower Eyelid” trend, it is the solution to the overall effect of thicker eyebrows, which is the narrowing the upper eyelid. As a counter, the Japanese makeup brand suggests applying a gradation on the lower eyelid for an eye widening effect.

    To do so, the company designed its Vertical Length Expanding Eye Shadow, which includes on the palette shades specifically for the lower eyelid. While a single shade white highlighter, glitter or pearl powder had been previously used to brighten the lower eyelid, this new multi-color system for gradation creates more natural contours, achieving high impact eyes.

    Britain’s natural, ethically produced beauty brand The Body Shop believes it has found the solution to imperfect foundation shades for women. Called Shade Adjusting Drops, the product promises to transform an “almost right” shade in to “the perfect one” in just one drop.

    Said the product information, “With 7,000 different skin tones around the world, it’s no wonder women struggle to find the right shade of foundation. That’s why the new Shade Adjusting Drops are a smart, simple, effective solution so you’ll never have to settle for an ‘almost right’ shade again.”

    Described as a revolution in color customization, the company’s objective is to put users in control of their makeup in an easy single step.


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