Expect biggest leakages in 2015 national budget


There goes the lip service from President Noynoy after signing into law the FY2015 General Appropriations Act (GAA), renewing his administration’s commitment to “fighting corruption” in its ranks.

He meant, of course, going after his political and personal enemies, whom he has targeted obsessively as convenient scapegoats for his own brand of corruption.

In truth, P2.6 trillion 2015 GAA or national budget has nothing to do with fighting corruption and it is not true that it’s devoid of “pork barrel.”

With a straight joker face, PNoy lied to us that his pre-2016 election budget does not have lump-sum discretionary funds.

Expect a barrage of Malacañang press releases in an effort to legitimize this great piece of con work by Budget Secretary Butch Abad, which the stamp-pad Congress dutifully approved.

In the first place, it is amazing how Abad was able to go scot-free over the hideous Disbursement Acceleration Fund (DAP) fiasco.

Wait till the underdog Juan dela Cruz gets a little more understanding of the intricacies of the national budget, perhaps with a little more realistic help from the mainstream media.

The notorious Priority Development Assistance Funds (PDAF) and Aquino’s DAP, both declared unlawful, are now concealed under vague headings only the “budget experts” can detect.

I agree with Senator Mirriam Defensor Santiago, former national treasurer Leonor Briones and many other reputable authorities, who do not have reason to lie that the 2015 national budget is a vast minefield.

It wouldn’t surprise me if some progressive groups or legal minds take up this issue of unconstitutional national budget, along with the Supplemental Budget, to the Supreme Court.

I would agree that they should keep challenging this administration’s abuses.

PNoy the Joker also pledged “no more dilly-dallying” in rendering public service.

He does have the temerity of parroting stuff, totally belittling people’s intelligence.

Man, you just announced fare hikes at the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT), practically doubling current rates beginning Sunday.

Are you freaking high on drugs or something?

Just as Senator Grace Poe held a Senate hearing on MRT’s worsening train services and rotting facilities, Malacañang just went ahead with the recommendation of the knuckleheads at Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC).

Four years into PNoy’s Matuwid na Daan, the government did nothing to uplift the operations of the MRT and LRT1 & 2 and blamed Gloria Arroyo for everything.

Four years into PNoy’s good governance by public relations and press releases, Malacañang did nothing to avert the possible derailment of an MRT train.

Where have all the DAP funds gone?

EDSA’s MRT and the mass transport sector needs your “economic stimulus” and your DAP funds have gone to stem cell research to find a cure for freaking baldness.

Four years into PNoy’s government and social reforms, corruption is more widespread in all branches of government and agencies, although there are few exceptions.

Four years into PNoy’s noynoying around, more and more women and children are begging for food on the streets.

You betcha, would-be “unfinished” and “abandoned” projects are already lined up, and the DAP-like thievery of Abad and conniving officials of implementing agencies and sponsoring legislators are all set to fleece the 2015 national budget.

What for did they concoct over P2.6 trillion national budget, the biggest in our history?

Expect the biggest budget leakages in our history…

So much for public service.



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  1. Leira Pagaspas on

    While his statement is true its happening over and over again. In every President and we never learn,

  2. It’s a fact that majority of the people and political observer have negative notion that Pnoy Administration will eventually follow the Supreme Court ruling. For 2015 budget, it’s still laced with DAP system in another form of funding. The savings of the government’s properly guided by its meaning to use in prioritized projects but it will be monitored and checked.

  3. Dilly dallying? four plus years of this incompetent president at ngayon lang nagdecide na magtatrabaho na?? BS nga talaga

  4. Filipinos only have themselves to blame (thank?) for the very corrupt &inept governments it gets every election time as they are the ones who keep voting for &electing those very corrupt & inept politicians.

  5. BS Aquino deserves an award for good acting. Whenever he delivers a speech, he trumpets his “Tuwid na Landas” and his fight against corruption with a straight face. But 4 1/2 years into his term, the Aquino administration remains one of the most corrupt in Asia. According to the United Nations Development Program, the Philippines loses 13 percent of its annual budget due to corruption. With a budget of P2.606 Trillion, the largest in the history of our country, P338 billion of the 2015 budget will be pocketed by crooks under the watch of Aquino.

    If not stolen, how much can these ‘leakages’ buy? P338 billion, when added to DOH budget, could possibly provide free health care for all Filipinos, like what Cuba and Costa Rica do for their people. Or this money could be used to build two new LRT lines to ease the maddening traffic gridlock in Metro Manila. Or build tens of thousands of low-cost housings for the homeless and slum-dwelling Filipinos. Oh, the great possibilities are many, if only the Aquino government is not so corrupt.