Expect nothing but lies in Noy’s lip service


We have long been saying that the Metro Rail Transit 3 (MRT 3) is a microcosm of Noynoy Aquino’s administration, which is one hell of a terminal case.

The train line is struggling and agonizing through its last days, experiencing repeated breakdowns to the detriment and endangerment of the riding public.

Pupugak-pugak, naghihingalo sa matuwid na daan.

That is why I was not surprised that various groups representing disgruntled Filipinos, whom Noynoy fondly calls his “bosses,” have chosen the malfunctioning MRT 3 as the symbol of a decrepit government, the focus of their protest rallies today.

We will be treated to a litany of lies during the lavish television production of the President’s final State of the Nation Address (SONA) at the Batasang Pambansa.

We expect to hear Noynoy tout his anti-graft and corruption program and the economic gains that only made the rich much wealthier and the massive number of poor people direly poorer.

He would likely congratulate his allies for crushing Vice President Jojo Binay’s popularity with the Senate’s version of kangaroo court.

Noynoy will ask his bosses to support his yet to be named administration standard-bearer, who will continue the so-called “reforms.”

But the bosses are particularly displeased with widespread corruption in the government, as shown in a recent Church survey.

Nearly half or 48 percent of the nation believe that Noynoy has failed in delivering on his promise to reduce or eliminate corruption.

Only a little over 10 percent of the people think otherwise. The remaining 42 percent of the people are unsure about what the administration is really doing.

Noynoy’s matuwid na daan (straight path) centerpiece program of good governance has done very little to rid the government of corruption, according to the perception of most Filipinos.

It has not lived up to its promise of “Wala nang wang-wang!”

I’m not surprised that Wang Bo, the fugitive Chinese gambling lord, is still in the country amid allegations of bribery payoffs to Noynoy’s Liberal Party.

Matuwid na daan turned out to be tuwad na daan, which means everyone who bends over for Noynoy is considered as his ally or crony and is spared of serious repercussions for his wrongdoing.

This “selective justice” system has exempted Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, Budget Secretary Butch Abad, Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala, Social Welfare Secretary Dinky Soliman, Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin and Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya.

Bagman Abad, the shrewd architect of the hideous Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), has escaped prosecution so far.

The President’s bosom buddy Alan Purisima is facing charges for his starring role in the horrifying Mamasapano Massacre but the former policeman is widely expected to be cleared in the weak case that the Ombudsman has built against him.

Notably, Noynoy’s heir-apparent Roxas and Noynoy’s protégé Abaya have been exempted from the multibillion-dollar rip-off in the government maintenance contract on MRT 3.

Noynoy’s other wonder boy and erstwhile MRT 3 general manager, Al Vitangcol, has served as the fall guy for Roxas and Abaya in the train mess.

Abaya himself has been inutile in alleviating Metro Manila’s mass transportation problems, aggravating traffic.

The regional traffic gridlock similarly represents how this government had accorded us public service in the last five years.

Wouldn’t getting caught in traffic while hearing SONA make one’s day?

I can’t blame those who plan to spend the day listening to some great music rather than hear Noynoy’s recycled bull crap.



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  1. This is in response to “JT’s” SUKA posted response to Erwin Tulfo’s column who simply exposed the facts and truths about PAN (who is critically; but accurately identified as Peengoyngoy Abnoy Noynoying), and where the acronym SUKA translates to Suck Up Kiss Ass.

    Get real, JT. Get a life.

    PAN is doing a massive job of destroying the basic foundations of our republican form of democracy. He has done nothing but destabilize the interrelationship of the three branches of government…and has ruled as if the Executive Branch is above the Judiciary and the Congress. Wait till his last day in office. There will be a long line of “process servers” waiting to serve him his sub poenas for all sorts of Constitutional violations and abuses of power, and sheer incompetencies in governance.

    I have been intrigued all along why PAN is still a bachelor at 53??? Huh? And the simple fact is…mahinang manligaw…One current proof has surfaced, just recently…”linigawan si Grace Llamanzares (Poe) to join his election campaign plans for 2016…” Ano sagot? BUSTED (na naman)

    Like Pinocchiobama, the pretend POTUS, PAN is good only at one thing: LYING….and he is so incompetent, he can’t even get layed.


    P.S. Y como se dice, JT, el pito caliente, no conoce el pariente…Figure that out about Peengoyngoy Abnoy Noynoying. Poor “Tita Kory, Mommy Dearest”…and Cardinal Sin, too…but as far as Kris(kisan)…ng bayan is concerned…kailangan lang baghuhin ang hairstyle (bulbol) ni Kuya PAN. ..Get a real life, JT. And don’t quit your daytime job. Maski anong SUKA ang gawin mo…wa ka epek on da pekpek, at ikaw ay nagiisa dito.

  2. Peru daldal lasng naman si NOYTARD at saka puro manisi ng manisi,maghiganti,magpabaya at manigarilyo ang gago.

  3. whoever thinks that abnoy is doing a great job must be living in a different world all these past 5 years, not ours –

  4. erwin, i pity you and the other newsmen – including the opinion writers. you are required to listen to the BS boy sisi would say. while some of us would be watching our favorite movies or dvds. no use turning on the tv coz every local station are required to air the sona which is full of BS

  5. .When this inutile president in malacanang was asked by the renown CNN anchor Christian Amanpour that his Regime’s response to the Yolanda Typhoon tragedy will define his presidency, he was dumbfounded and could not utter a coherent response. Indeed, all the tragedies and intractable problems that had beset this country of ours during this inutile’s president term starting from the Luneta Hostage fiasco up to the Mamasapano Massacre had all the elements of incompetence, poor leadership and stupidity that indeed defined his presidency…..

  6. In behalf of OFW I wish there is one leader who will strongly hold the neck off all corruption leaders. So we can be home and be in our family.

  7. Why would PNOY lie on SONA? Don’t give me this BS! Everyone in the news reporting, columnist, news reporter are paid to talk against individual/opposition. People do not get fooled easily these days so don’t blow smoke in our ass. PNOY is still the best in the business. Of course we know why so many people hated him. He is doing a great job!! Got it!