Experience the ‘Impossible’


Superlatives, and audiences will find out why “Impossible” is dubbed “the world’s greatest magic show.” Featuring the most exciting and entertaining magicians of this generation, the show—straight from London’s West End—will run until today.

A family show that will thrill audiences of all ages, prepare for mind-boggling acts, astonishing tricks, and so much more.

The setup will be right in the audience and will make everyone feel involved what with major audience interaction.

‘Impossible,’ straight from London’s West End, thrills the audience of all ages

Below are more things to expect from the show:

Explosive street magician. Dubbed as the world’s best hip hop magician, Magical Bones—who used to dance for the Black Eyed Peas and Madonna—combines awesome dance moves with his magic tricks.

Boundary-breaking magician. Ben Hart has been performing magic at an age when most of his peers were probably out partying. Since then, he has continuously pushed boundaries in performing unorthodox tricks whether on stage or his own TV show. This sleight of hand artist will turn the best street magic into an astounding performance on the big screen on stage.

Master of magic. Master of multiple magical trade, and considered a modern-day Houdini, Ali Cook is a daring escapologist, sleight of hand expert, stage illusionist, and performer of thought control.

Mind-blowing mind reader. Chris Cox has bewildered audiences around the world—including One Direction’s Liam Payne—with his mind reading talents. Prepare to volunteer as he goes out into the audience to ask for help him with his act.

Grand illusionist. Josephine Lee is considered as the world’s leading female illusionist. A unique performer that will definitely amaze audiences, she will open the show with a mind-boggling trick.

Comic daredevil. This “America’s Got Talent” alum will win audiences with his out-of-this-world style. Bello Nock, who also captivated his audience by incorporating jokes in his acts, is known for his daring stunts that have earned him a reputation as the “World’s Greatest Comic Daredevil.”


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