• Peugeot 2008

    Experiencing the finer things in life


    E1---Peugeot20150818The French is all about the finer things in life… be it with their wine, food and even cars. Last week, three French firms bonded together to stage an event that promotes the comfort and convenience afforded by a French-made car, a French-blended fuel and a French-engineered highway.

    Dubbed as the Southern Sojourn, Peugeot, Total Philippines Corporation and CAVITEX (through the partnership of Metro Pacific and the Egis Group), melded together to promote not only the newly-launched Peugeot 2008 urban mini cross-over, but Total’s latest premium fuel, Total Excellium and CAVITEX’s EasyDrive cashless toll payment system, as well.

    The Southern Sojourn was an easy 80-kilometer drive that started from the Total Newport station right across the NAIA Terminal 3, driving through the CAVITEX toll road and the newly-opened Ternate-Nasugbu road up to the Hamilo Coast in Pico de Loro, Nasugbu, Batangas.

    The drive was initially conceptualized by CAVITEX to promote motor travel to the south, which has cut travel time to Batangas by at least an hour. Peugeot and Total got on board with SM Hotels joining in to provide the best place to culminate the event.

    Peugeot provided six spanking new 2008s for the ride and drive event, where the invited media guests were able to sample its first rate features including: the highly-efficient 1.6-liter petrol engine with a maximum power output of 120 horsepower and 160 Newton-meters of torque; a smooth-shifting four-speed automatic transmission; excellent cabin space for four adults and one child; body-hugging leather seats that keeps passengers in place even in tight turns; spacious cargo bay; a unique dashboard layout; Bluetooth and USB connectivity controlled through the seven-inch infotainment touchscreen system; and an exceptional ride quality with brilliant handling, to boot.

    Total Philippines loaded all the Peugeot vehicles with their Excellium fuel to make sure that the high-tech engine runs smoothly and efficiently as possible. Each car was also loaded with bags of gourmet sandwiches and snacks from Total’s Bonjour convenience store, making sure that the passengers will never get hungry.

    CAVITEX, meanwhile, showed the media the first-rate engineering they used in re-building the former Manila-Cavite Coastal Highway (now CAVITEX), which is used by close to 400,000 motorists daily. To make the driving experience more convenient for the users, CAVITEX installed the first-in-the-country RFID (radio frequency identification) electronic tags that allow the toll-road users to pre-pay for the toll and have exclusive use of the e-Tag lane, which considerably cuts queuing time at the tollgates.

    The Ternate-Nasugbu road is very scenic as it offers varied panoramas of the new road carved from the side of the mountains as well blue waters of the West Philippine Sea.

    In no time at all, we reached the Hamilo Coast in Pico de Loro that is owned and operated by SM Hotels.

    Even for a day, we indeed experienced the finer things in life, thanks to the Southern Sojourn. A perfect car, a pleasant drive, and a picture-perfect hotel… What a way to spend the day.


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