Expert dooms Revilla defense


Ex-NBI examiner ‘succumbed’ to pressure–prosecution

Detained Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. paid P200,000 as professional fee of a handwriting expert—a defense witness—who used photocopied documents in examining supposed Revilla signatures on pork barrel disbursements to bogus non-government organizations (NGOs).

The expert’s surprising turn tore Revilla’s defense apart, Undersecretary Jose Justiniano of the Department of Justice said on Thursday his cross-examination of Disiderio Pagui, a retired chief document examiner of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).

“P200,000,” Pagui responded when Justiniano asked him how much he was paid by Revilla’s camp for his professional fee as a handwriting expert.

Justiniano, who has been deployed to assist government prosecutors, then clarified that regardless of the professional fee, it was Pagui’s admission that he used photocopied documents in examining the authenticity of Revilla’s signatures that doomed the defense.

“He [Pagui] has been with the NBI from 1960 to the 1980s and he has used original copies in examining signature. Suddenly, he deviated and used photocopied documents this time. He said he failed to get the original copies because [they are]with the adverse party. But these are public documents. He could have easily got copies from the NGOs, as well as [from]the government agencies Nabcor, NLDC and TRC who would have the original copies,” he pointed out.

“He can’t even identify the writing instrument used in the signatures. If you used a fountain pen, it could smudge the signature. A handwriting expert should know what kind of pen is used in a signature,” Justiniano said.

His cross-examination also revealed that Pagui once signed a report during his NBI tenure even if he did not agree with contents of pertinent documents just to please his superiors.

“This [revelation]is bothersome because this shows that he can easily succumb to pressure,” Justiniano said.

But for Revilla, Pagui’s testimony that the senator’s signatures were forged would boost his case for innocence.

“Wala tayong kasalanan [I did not do anything wrong]. It is as good as paying the professional fee of a lawyer that you hired. You pay for the expertise, not to make him lie,” Revilla told reporters.

Prosecutor Emerita Francia argued that the handwriting expert’s testimony is doubtful at best.

“His findings are totally unreliable since what he used were mere photocopies bearing the [supposed Revilla]signature. Under the law, the court is not bound by the opinion of a handwriting expert, and the original document should be the basis for finding forgery. Thus, this cannot be considered,” Francia said.

Revilla’s lawyer Joel Bodegon insisted that his client’s signature was forged for years and that Revilla only acted on it when he became aware of the forgery.
“Nobody brought this [forgery]to his attention. You only take action if you are alerted about what is happening,” Bodegon said.


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  1. Bakit ba pinapangunahan ang mga mangyayari? Pwede namang hintayin na lang ang magiging resulta ng imbestigasyon.

  2. .The fees for an actor or singer reach about a million pesos, WHY CANT a rofessional handwriting expert have the same fees?

  3. Bong revilla, what a load of tosh. Lets suppose he got someone when he was authorising these transactions, to sign for him in case like now in the future he got caught & could then get a witness to say that isnt his signature. Surely there is a lot more than a signature involved in freeing up millions of pesos. If there isnt then this country is more backward than i thought it was & deserves to have thieves steal everything from them. Surely along the way there are people checking on his office that he requested this money & now wants it released, surely it isnt down to 1 signatuire alone.

  4. A handwriting expert worth his salt should have at least pointed out that photocopies do not show: the intricate pen direction, hesitation i.e. a pause in the writing line, patching i.e. careful retouching, tracings, three-dimensional picture to name a few.
    There usually is also an overall loss of detail i.e. tapered beginning and ending strokes as well the difficulty of evaluating the line quality.
    All in all, good try Senator but you just wasted your money