• Experts push more cancer awareness


    Creating a development agenda toward formulating proper health education and strengthening awareness on cancer was the highlight of the World Cancer Day forum held at the Manila Diamond Hotel on February 15.

    The forum was spearheaded by MSD Philippines in partnership with the Philippine Society of Oncologists (PSO) and Philippine Society of Medical Oncology (PSMO).

    Keynote speakers PSMO president Claire Soliman and previous president Dennis Tudtud, former PSO president and head of the Philippine General Hospital-Cancer Institute head Jorge Ignacio, PSO president Conrado Lola, and Nelia Tan-Liu, a pathologist at the Lung Center of the Philippines, all explained the current initiatives and commitments in fighting cancer, including treatment options in the country.

    Traitor disease

    Cancer was once called “wasting disease” in medical science because infected and abnormal cells immediately multiply and spread out of control, and could damage healthy cells.

    The disease could occur in any part of the body and do not manifest strongly in an individual’s physical appearance until it advances to a higher stage.

    According to the World Health Organization, about 16 percent of total populations die from cancer. In 2015, 8.8 million people died from the disease, and 70 percent of all deaths related to cancer occured in the developing countries like the Philippines.

    Lung, liver, stomach, colorectal, and prostate are among the leading cancer occurrence in males while the top five cancer incidence in women include breast, lung, colorectal, cervical, and stomach.

    The forum also campaigned and encouraged the Filipinos to live a healthy, active lifestyle, which includes regular exercise and proper diet.


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