• Explain cash stash, Duterte dared


    Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte should face allegations that he has hidden wealth and explain how he got his billions because he has confused the public with his contradictory statements, Malacañang said on Saturday.

    Presidential Communications Undersecretary Manuel Quezon 3rd said Duterte should squarely face the issue instead of blaming the Palace for the revelations made regarding his deposits.

    “Ito ay isang bagay na kailangang harapin ng magiting na Mayor Duterte [This is one thing that should be faced by Mayor Duterte],” Quezon said in a radio interview.

    He stressed that issues about money, especially if it involved public officials, should be taken seriously.

    “The people are confused because as we can see in the past days, the good mayor’s version of the story changes from day to day,” Quezon said.

    Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th, had claimed that the tough-talking mayor has over P200 million in his account at the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Julia Vargas branch in Pasig City.

    The tough-talking mayor had been flippant in his remarks regarding his deposits.

    “First, he said there was no account, then he said there’s one but it has little money. Later he said there’s an account that contains millions but not amounting to P200 million,” Quezon said.

    “Pang-happy-happy lang naman daw [Just enough for a good time],” the Palace official added.

    Manuel “Mar” Roxas, the presidential bet of the ruling Liberal Party (LP), said Duterte’s mouth is as dirty as his hands because he failed to explain the origin of his cash stash that was not declared in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth.

    Duterte, who is known for his penchant to cuss during sorties, denied having accounts at BPI but Roxas’ camp confirmed the existence of the mayor’s peso and dollar accounts after making deposits.

    “Kasing rumi pala ng bibig niya yung kanyang kamay (His mouth is as dirty as his hands).
    He can’t prove the source of these deposits. Trust is very important for our people, and nobody would trust a person who can’t explain such wealth and where did it go,” Roxas told reporters in Laoag City before his meeting with First District Rep. Rodolfo Fariñas and dozens of mayors.

    Roxas noted that under the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, accepting ostentatious gifts is illegal and any unexplained wealth is presumed ill-gotten.

    Fariñas, a lawyer, shared Roxas’ sentiments.

    “Gifts are allowed, if they are on minimal amount. If it’s big and if it’s from a donor, there’s also donor’s tax. So Mayor Duterte has a lot of explaining to do,” Fariñas said.

    “He (Duterte) has been getting away with it because nobody is questioning him about it in Davao. That is the challenge we are facing here. Absolute power corrupts absolutely,” Roxas quipped.

    Aquino blamed
    Duterte’s camp on Saturday said President Benigno Aquino 3rd is behind the demolition job against the mayor.

    In a statement, Duterte’s campaign manager Leoncio Evasco Jr. accused Aquino and his administration of “orchestrating a last ditch demolition job” against Duterte.

    “(Senator Antonio) Trillanes is but a pawn. The brain behind is Malacañang,” Evasco said.
    He added that they expected the black propaganda to become “more vicious and intense” as Duterte began rising in surveys.

    The latest Pulse Asia-ABS-CBN survey shows that Duterte continues to enjoy a wide lead over closest rival Sen. Grace Poe.

    “The Aquino administration is bent on thwarting a victory by Duterte. It is desperately trying to save the candidacy of Mar Roxas and is poised to employ all means, including massive cheating, to maintain the status quo,” Evasco said.

    “They made the election a very dirty political exercise. They want it confined among the elite. They cannot stomach an outsider, one who has captivated the imagination of the people but does not come from their ranks,” he added.

    Evasco said Aquino and Roxas “belong to the landed elite who only have contempt against the majority of Filipinos clamoring for genuine and real change.”

    “During the watch of (Aquino) and Roxas, we saw how they remorselessly sacrificed the lives of our gallant police officers in Mamasapano,” Evasco said.

    “When hungry farmers demanded rice because the severe drought is killing their children, they answered back by firing at the protesters and in the process killing three and wounding scores of others. It was an exercise of brutal state euthanasia,” he added.

    But despite the series of attacks against Duterte, Evasco said people continue to rally behind the mayor.

    “For the first time, people have rallied behind a man – a leader – who is giving them hope,” he said.


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    1. Without actual cases filed in court it’s just mere black propaganda and trial by publicity .How can someone answers in his own defense to a legal question outside the court ? It’s everybody’s right to a fair trial in court.

    2. Earlier I prefer Du30 to win. Now I’m confused. If there is a smoke there’s a fire.

    3. Walang authentication ng BPI yung pinakita ni Trillanes! Sa madaling Salita Fake! Ginawa ni Trillanes yan dahil graceful exit Nya yan Sa VP race at Talunan/Kulelat Kaya naghanap ng butas upang Sa iba ibigay yung kahiyaan at di Nya matanggap Na Talunan at Kulelat sya. DUTERTE at MARCOS Sa May 9,2016!

    4. Emilio Aginaldo on

      well said, Mr. Quezon a mere USec puppy has turned into an attack dog like that mad dog Trillianes, maybe Digong found a Yamashita treasure in Davao! :), i hope the dare would proceed Monday and by Tuesday we will have ONE LESS CORRUPT SENATOR…

      1. Manuel Quezon must stop his blah blah blah because his salary is paid by money of the people. What he said tantamounts to CAMPAINING FOR PNOYS BATA FOR PRESIDENT.

      2) Duterte must not accept the challenge ni Trillanes kasi nangugulo lang iyan. Alam ni Trillanes and no chance of winning niya so naghahanap kung mapagperahan. Ano nga ba naman ang mawala sa atin kung aatras si Trillanes sa VP candidacy niya? Di ba WALA?

      • Esteban B. on

        Dapat ay tanggapin ni DUTERTE ang hamon ni TRILLANES na buksan ang account nya at ang buong transcript ng transactions, simula ng i-open nya ang account na ito, para patunayan na wala syang hidden wealth. Pero ang tanong, bakit paiba-iba si DUTERTE ng salaysay…noong una ay wala daw acct, then meron daw, tapos meron nga daw pero wala naman daw 211 million.At bakit hindi nya nag-declare nito sa kaniyang SALN? Hindi credible ang mga binibitiwang salita…HINDI BAGAY SA ISANG PRESIDENTE. PAANO NA LANG TAYO PAG SYA NA ANG PRESIDENTE? KAWAWA ANG PINAS.

        Buti na lang at may TRILLANES tayo na buong tapang na ex-pose ang mga corrupt sa gobyerno.Sana na-expose ito before ng last debate.For your info isa ito sa trabaho ni TRILLANES, ang magsiwalat ng mga anomalya sa gobyerno.

      • Quezon should stop, because he is being paid by thew people. How about all the mayors and governors now actively campaigning for your idol, should they stop too? No?
        Another ‘palusot’ answer. Your idol must not accept Trillanes’ challenge. How about your idol accept his own challenge he made a short while back, to sign waivers and to be transparent?
        The issue is not Trillanes. He is a traitor, a putschist, a losing candidate, etc., etc. You fans know only one way to answer an accusation: by throwing mud at the person who brought legitimate accusations.

    6. Madali Lang lusutan yan, especially nakapagdeposit na mga opposing him. Edi sabihin nya na deposited by others, then when he discovered it, he investigated and returned the money to those who deposited. Edi Wow!

      • Umamin na na matagal na niyang alam. ‘A little less that P200M’ at nagastos na niya sa ‘happy’-happy’.

      • Do you know what you are talking about or are you just joking? What you stated is really a statement of a person that does know what he is talking.

    7. Si Mar Roxas ay gumastos ng TV ads na umabot sa 1,118,884,164 billion pesos mula 2015 hanggang 2016.
      Ang SALN ni Marimar noong 2012 ay 9.5 million at sa 2014 naman ay 202 million
      Pero gumastos siya ng TV ads na umabot sa 774 million sa loob ng Enero hanggang December 2015 (Rappler)
      Saan siya kumuha ng pera?
      Nitong Pebrero hanggang Marso 31, 2016 gumastos siya ng 344,884,164 million sa kampanya (CNN)
      Kung itotal natin ang kanyang gastos mula 2015 hanggang 2016 sa TV ad at kampaya ay umabot sa 1,118,884,164 billion pesos
      Saan siya kumuha ng ganoong pera at magkano lamang ang kanyang suweldo sa gobyerno?
      Malamang na sa Yolanda funds!

      • Natumbok nyo sir at magaganda ang mga datus nyo kaya si Mar Roxas ay magkakamatay-matay na ang ibig ay maging presidente upang mababawi nya ang mga naipuhunan sa kandidatura nya. Thumbs down to Roxas and his cohorts this coming election. No to LP as in Laging Palpak. No to UNA as in UNA sa nakawan. No to GP as in Gagong Pinoy na nagpapauto.

      • The four candidates combined (except Santiago) spent close to P1.6B. Roxas is condemned as a landed elite and a rich boy, so it comes as no surprise that he has funds.
        Your idol claims he is ‘poor’ and has no campaign kitty but has managed quite well to spend P115M himself, so I am guessing his mysterious donors has deep pockets. You cannot say his fans shored up P115M though, as when his BPI account was revealed and a call was sounded out to fill it with donations, nothing really happened.
        As far as the tired Yolanda funds accusations go, a little searching will tell you only 95% went to government. 5% was split between DSWD and NGO’s. Roxas is with DILG and did not handle any of the funds.