• Explain Napoles link, High Court orders Sandigan magistrate


    THE Supreme Court has ordered Sandiganbayan Associate Justice Gregory Ong to explain his links to Janet Lim-Napoles, the alleged brain of the pork barrel scheme.

    A former employee of Napoles, Marina Sula, claimed before the Senate Blue Ribbon committee that Ong was Napoles’ contact in the judiciary.

    During an en banc session on Thursday, the Court gave Ong 10 days to give his side.

    Ong himself had asked the Court to investigate him to erase all doubts regarding his association with Napoles.

    A photo of Ong with Sen. Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada and Napoles was posted on the Internet. But Ong said the picture was taken during Estrada’s birthday party and that Napoles must have wanted to have her photo taken with them.

    Ong was a member of a division of the anti-graft court that heard and dismissed a criminal complaint against Napoles and other government officials over the alleged anomalous purchase of Kevlar helmets.

    He said that the case was decided on its merits.


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    1. Is this for real or just another zarzuela? The Napoles affair snagged so many “political”
      luminaries of the country— from the lowly mayors of hicktown to all the way to the highest office—it will be a miracle if no heads will roll—-BUT– then again this is the Philippines—– and it is more fun indeed in the Philippines!

    2. As often said pictures speak a thousand words, even more. Just look at the picture of the three, Gregory Ong, Sen. “Sexy” and the Queen par excellence of Pork Barrel scam Janet Lim-Napoles in a perpetual state of bliss, partying and laughing while partaking of the lavish buffet and free-flowing Dom Perignons evocative of the tragedy that befall the city of Troy when feasting and drinking consumed its people leading to the ancient city’s downfall. Beware of the time of visitation as it will surely come warned the Son of Man. The three’s turn had come.

    3. I think that the SC action is premature. Napoles is constitutionally presumed innocent and Ong is suspected of guilt by mere association. The SC should not be swayed by public opinion and should be the first to respect the constitutional rights of the accused.

      • What premature are you referring? This SC move is not about Napoles but of Justice Ong who is a member of the judiciary. No one yet is condemning Napoles. SC is just asking him to give his affidavit. No civil rights are violated here.