• Explain order vs condo, NCCA told


    Will the 46-story Torre De Manila condominium that is being constructed some 30 meters away from Luneta be demolished for overshadowing the Rizal Shrine?

    The Supreme Court (SC) will be the final arbiter, as it directed on Tuesday “the National Commission on Culture and Arts (NCCA) to explain its issuance of a Cease and Desist Order (CDO) against the questioned structure within 10 days from notice of the resolution.”

    The NCCA’s order stopping the construction of the controversial building was issued against DMCI Homes.

    In 2013, the Manila City Council also ordered the condominium builder to stop the construction of the Torre De Manila when public opposition started to snowball. But DMCI Homes ignored the order.

    This prompted one Manila City councilor to call the condo “Terror de Manila.”

    The Knights of Rizal (KOR) asked the High Court to stop the construction of the Torre De Manila condominium.

    They also wanted the SC to order the demolition of the controversial structure.
    The petitioners pointed out that they can elevate the case directly to the SC since the 1987 Constitution mandates the conservation and promotion of the country’s historical and cultural heritage.

    They said the construction violates several laws, including Republic Act 4846 or the Cultural Properties Preservation and Protection Act and Republic Act 10066 or the National Cultural Heritage Act of 2009.

    Torre De Manila is 789 meters away from the Rizal Shrine. “Worse, a completed Torre De Manila would forever ruin the sightline of the Rizal Shrine. The Torre De Manila would loom at the back and overshadow the entire monument, whether up close or viewed from a distance. Moreover, the importance of the landmark that is the Rizal Shrine will be devalued, the petitioners said.


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