Explain Panatag construction


MANILA has sought clarification from Beijing amid reports China was planning to build an environmental monitoring station on Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal, a Malacañang official said on Saturday.

“We are seeking information from Chinese authorities to clarify the accuracy of the report,” presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said in a text message.

Hainan Daily newspaper, quoting Sansha Communist Party Secretary Xiao Jie, has reported that China would begin preparatory work this year to build environmental monitoring stations on a number of islands, including Panatag Shoal.

This comes as the Philippines seeks a diplomatic solution with China to resolve a dispute over the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

Manila is not insisting on its rights over the contested waters despite an international arbitration tribunal ruling favoring the Philippines.

China seized Panatag Shoal in 2012 after a standoff with the Philippine Navy. It then denied Filipino fishermen access to the disputed area, forcing the previous Aquino administration to take legal action against Beijing.

The United Nations-backed Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague invalidated China’s claims to the West Philippine Sea in July 2016, ruling that the Philippines has sovereign rights over Panatag Shoal and other areas within its 200-nautical-mile exclusive economic zone. China refused to recognize the ruling.

Tensions eased when President Rodrigo Duterte visited China the same year, telling his counterparts that he was not yet ready to insist on the tribunal decision.

Recently, Chinese survey ships were monitored at the resource-rich Benham Rise, an area that is part of the Philippines’ extended continental shelf east of Luzon, for about three months.

The Chinese foreign ministry said the Philippines did not own Benham Rise but the Philippine government maintains that it “belongs to the Filipino people and the Philippines.”

On Friday, President Duterte met with Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang in Davao City to unveil a new six-year development cooperation plan, but the two did not discuss the maritime dispute.

No monitoring

Also on Saturday, Malacañang denied that Chinese ships were in Benham Rise to monitor the alleged presence of US submarines in the country’s continental shelf.

Abella said the Philippine government does not allow Chinese vessels in Benham Rise to do such monitoring.
“We have not heard of such information,” Abella stressed as he reiterated Duterte’s previous statement that he does not want the Philippines to be caught in the conflict between the US and China.

“Be that as it may, the President will not allow that as he said in numerous occasions that he does not want the Philippines to be caught in the middle of a conflict between the United States and China,” the Palace official said.

Duterte had downplayed the presence of Chinese ships in Benham Rise, China sought permission to send its ships to the area.

The Palace official said the Philippines is duty-bound to protect its sovereign rights over the Benham Rise and can oversee and regulate the ships that pass through the area.

“Other countries can exercise innocent passage and territorial navigation. But they are disallowed to stay and establish any structure in the area… The Philippines has the responsibility to oversee and regulate the sailing ships of other countries that pass with the waters around Benham Rise,” Abella said.


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  1. Environmental monitoring station? Oh sure. Since when has China been concerned about nature and the environment. Let them build this, and it will be just the start of China wrongfully claiming more areas as their own.

  2. The Intsik words have to be taken with mouthfuls of grains of salt. How many times did they tell us that they had no interest in Panatag Shoal? This time the people’s mistrust of the Intsik goes even deeper as they aver the 3-month stay of Chinese ship over Benham Rise was just an ‘innocent’ passing by. Innocent, huh? Really?

  3. get real people. China will eventually build a military installation on these shoals whether we like it or not. any pronouncements they make should not be taken literally they do as they please. if they can do it to Tibet they can do it to the Philippines too. mark my word before i say “i told you so!”

  4. John Chameleon on

    Mr. Abella, now you deny it. The next time you see them they’re already building an island. Then you’d say that you can’t do anything because it would be a suicide fighting the powerful Chinese. The Pilipinos will now say that you sold Benham Rise to the Chinese. Goodbye to our sovereignty. It is for sale.

    As the people listen to your explanation, we are appalled by the seemingly lack of concern of the government to defend our sovereignty from the Chinese. Are we subservient to the Chinese since we dissed the Americans? How can you love a government that leaves the public on the air to kowtow to the “powerful” Chinese? The “Benham Rise” matter is not a matter of “power.” It is a matter of political will, honor and integrity of the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

  5. DU30 is a big Chinese puppet, I thought the Aquino’s sold the Philippines to the Filipino-Chinese oligarchs, but DU30 just stole this one, right in our very own eyes.