• Exploiting God for politics, for egotistic ambition



    I NEARLY fell out of my seat when I read Lingayen Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas’ Lenten message. Villegas is also the president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) which posted his message in its website – dramatically titled “Meditation”.

    What kind of Church leaders do we have now in someone like Villegas? Political partisans exploiting the name of God, and lusting to be the country’s second Cardinal Sin, who had a glorious crucial role in the EDSA revolt that toppled a dictator?

    The title of Villegas’ meditation is shocking enough: “Edgar and Art and God’s Mercy.”

    Who is Edgar? He’s Edgar Matobato, an admitted hit man, whom the Yellow Cult or probably just Senator Antonio Trillanes IV got to testify in the Senate last October not really to seek justice, but to portray in the most vivid way that President Duterte was a ruthless killer who organized the Davao Death Squad (DDS) that murdered innocent people in that city in the 1980s.

    Who is Art? He is Arthur Lascañas, worse than Matobato as he was an officer of the law, a police sergeant. “Just our low-level killer we contracted at times,” Lascañas even denigrated Matobato. Lascañas in contrast was a middle-level DDS leader, who ordered men under him to kill, and who by his own admission, himself killed some 300 human beings.

    That puts him in that very small group of serial killers in the modern world with that many people murdered. Matobato obviously is the Phase 2 of the Yellow Cult’s program to demonize Duterte.

    How can Villegas be so naïve or gullible as to assume that these two killers repented for killing so many people? I watched so many of the TV interviews of these two killers, and endured so many hours of their testimony: Did they ever shed a tear, or become misty-eyed over their victims? Absolutely not.

    FOR VAINGLORY. Archbishop Villegas (left) who thinks he is the new Jaime Cardinal Sin, his mentor (middle). Right, a netizen (dailyinsightupdates.altervista.org) expresses through a meme his displeasure over Villegas’ Lenten message glorifying admitted serial killer Lascañas.

    Lascañas testified that he stopped killing people, not because he sympathized with his victims or their relatives, but because the Devil visited him in his dreams – which means he was simply afraid of some killer more powerful than he. (Villegas claims though that the Devil actually appeared to him.)

    Killed two brothers
    Ordinary people would cry and even sob uncontrollably if they had gone through and told the kind of tale that Lascañas told—that he ordered his two brothers killed because they refused to stop their involvement in illegal drugs. Lascañas, however, boasted about it, claiming that he was such a loyal member of the DDS that he did it.

    Yet Villegas makes up things to portray Matobato and Lascañas as encountering God after going through their “dark nights of the soul” and repented. I very strongly suspect that Villegas plagiarized from some Catholic book on some saint, when he wrote: “Lascañas saw his life in a flash. He saw the whole mural of his life painted with the innocent blood of his victims… He was quiet and dumbfounded; speechless for days.” What garbage.

    Why, even Lascañas had some respect for the truth that he didn’t even attempt to narrate that such a dramatic conversion happened to him: He simply said he had a “spiritual renewal,” a term that had obviously been fed to him to say.

    Like a telenovela writer, Villegas wrote of Lascañas: “He did not give up. He returned to his knees and sobbed tears of shame and guilt. He heard a voice again ‘Do you love me? Feed my people. Feed them the food of truth. Set my people free. I will wait,’ the Lord assured Art.”

    Villegas didn’t even consider the possibility, given the apparently good financial situation of the two killers, that the Liberal Party or just Trillanes may have paid them a fortune to blacken Duterte’s image, probably explaining to them that they could trigger an EDSA kind of revolution?

    Villegas didn’t even consider that the institution with more expertise on worldly affairs—the Senate committee that heard the testimony of the two killers—concluded that they were liars.

    The Lenten season commemorates Catholicism’s core teaching of Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion and Resurrection, an event really more mind-boggling than the Big Bang, when God entered Human History. Therefore, Lenten messages are supposed to be about transcendental ideas—who we are, our mortality, our relationship with the Infinite.

    Degrades the Infinite
    Yet Villegas degrades this commemoration of the Infinite to the mud of politics, about how bad this very temporary President is. He thinks he is being cute, or hoped his message would land in the newspapers’ front pages by referring to the two killers’ boss as “Superman,” which they had said in the Senate hearings was their code for Duterte.

    In the Lenten messages this year of Pope Francis, and those of other Church heads around the world such as the Singapore Archbishop Goh, Brisbane Archbishop Coleridge, Melbourne Archbishop Hart, and Glasgow Archbishop Tartaglia, there is not a single word referring to a current event.

    Which is as it should be, as an event as transcendental and cosmic as Christ’s Crucifixion and Resurrection, cannot be dragged down to the mud of ephemeral politics. Doesn’t Villegas know that clerics get involved in politics only in a few Islamic countries, with the term Ayatollah even now connoting something fearful?

    Why, for God’s sake, did Villegas do this?

    Villegas’ motive is not really to inspire the faithful to have faith in God, to believe that their sins will be forgiven, whatever they are. That is certainly not a problem for most Catholics: it is in fact what makes this religion attractive for them.

    Villegas’ motive is to revive in the public mind the testimonies of the two killers and to believe their allegations against Duterte, which have all been dismissed and forgotten, with the prevailing view being that these two are merely Trillanes’ paid minions.

    Jesus Christ himself, Villegas claims, have forgiven them: “On the charge sheet for the sins of Edgar and Art, Jesus had stamped in clear words “PAID”. Therefore, believe their testimonies.

    To heaven
    He even implies that these two murderers will go to heaven: “There will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous people who have no need of repentance.” So, Villegas thinks that Matobato and Lascañas are better human beings than us who have never snuffed out a human life? Bullshit.

    Why is Villegas doing this? The only reason I can think of: For vainglory. In his mind, he is the political heir of Jaime Cardinal Sin, since nobody was as close to the Hero of EDSA as he.

    Villegas was for 25 years the personal secretary of Sin, who intervened actively in politics in the 1980s for the emergence and victory of the EDSA revolt that overthrew the dictator Marcos. Villegas was disheartened when instead of the prime post of Manila, Pope Francis assigned him instead in 2009 to the provinces, as Archbishop of Dagupan-Pangasinan, far from the center of politics in the country. His hopes of being the new Cardinal Sin were, however, revived when he was elected CBCP president in 2013, a post his mentor had occupied in the years leading up to the EDSA uprising.

    In his egotism, Villegas believes he is the Sin of this period, which requires him though to lead such a glorious event similar to EDSA that his idol did—like the overthrow of Duterte through some People Power kind of revolt. Like the Liberal Party, Leni Robredo, and Trillanes, Villegas thinks that the controversy over extra-judicial killings and the supposedly explosive revelations of the two killers would trigger such an EDSA.

    Truth—and Lenten messages—are the casualties in such ambition and in such plots.

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    1. Teddy Aquino on

      So much misinformation, it’s high time for the Church to lead . Demonic na ang followers ni Duterte. Their only objective is to protect Duterte at all cost even without reason.

    2. Pensador de Manila on

      How I wish could have read or heard that Meditational work of Arch. Soc Villegas. But for sure, if I were able to read that meditational work of Arch. Soc Villegas, I would have been very grateful for his creativity and skills to relate the word of God to our current situation. I would have been thankful for Arch Soc Villegas for his generosity on his time to share his thoughts on the deep tone of life we do all have shared in God. I would have been grateful to my fellow Filipinos, community, and fellow Malenenio Pensadores. I would have been grateful to Arch Soc Villegas for providing me a view of the dignity of life that is only lent by God for only a short time here on earth. I would not have any inimical thoughts to the Yellow cult and the hierarchy of the Church, even to other Christian denominations, for they are my fellow Filipinos who have helped me in one way or another. Had I heard or read that meditational work of Arch. Soc Villegas, I would have only been gracious Arch. Soc Villegas, to my country, community, and friends even those friends who been away from my beloved country like Clutz and Pops who might be in Arizona right now. I would have been more opened in listening to others point of views in life. I would not be hostile to my fellow Filipinos, for they are like me involved in my country’s nation building. I would have rather been a conversational individual to anyone I did meet either in the cyber road of life or real world road of life.

    3. Nakikinabang din si Villegas sa kita ng druglords at pushers kaya ganoon na lang ang pagtanggol niya kay Motobato, Lascanas, Trillones at Delielima. Nabawasan na ang kita niya dahil kulong na si Delielima at driver niya. Kaya panay ang banat niya kay D30. Kawawang Villegas nawalan ng kita……..

    4. Bing.Cruz@yahoo.com on

      As a human being Villegas is on same level as Motabato or Lascanas….they all serve one master, “Money”…they are all paid yellowtard minions.

    5. Lourdes Oeij on

      A Lenten SACRIFICE to listen or to read Villegas message using Matobato and Lascanas as his examples of repentant sinners. Using these two jokers to promote Villegas personal agenda to support the claims of the existence of DDS is giving the Philippine Catholic Church a bad image. I commiserate with Filipino Catholics.

      I am glad I do not have to read such nonsense for Lenten meditation here in Perth, Australia.

    6. There are 66 books in the KJV (72 even in the Catholic Bible) to look for a sermon…bishop villegas made his own sermon and make it appear like a message from God….how long will you continue to deceive the people? you cannot fool the filipinos anymore…

    7. The combination of Catholic and Spanish has not led to happy and productive societies around the world. They are all miserable and mostly poor. The Philippines has survived without the residue of guilt but with just as much or more corruption and poverty as seen in Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Columbia, and most of the rest of South America and Spain itself. The team of Leftism and Catholicism is a powerful one that seeks to keep a world in poverty. I hope the Philippines can defeat them. There is no virtue in being poor or to suffering unnecessarily.

    8. Wolfgang Struck on

      Tiglao is champion in comments department. Dami! One thing wrong, though: “EDSA revolt that overthrew the dictator Marcos”. That is plagiarist. Sir, I do not know about God but I know about Marcos. Ferdinand Marcos was not a dictator. Even the Supreme Court ruled that Marcos always followed the law. Secondly, the EDSA revolt was a tsinellas revolt from Guadelupe. They came to have a mass, not to oust Marcos who was already taken out by US Marines, when he did not give the gold to the kanos. Thirdly, the bishops have always been with the CIA, they follow plan.
      Thank you anyway. More power to you.

      Wolfgang Struck

    9. No wonder many people are now opting for debaptism.

      ” “Lascañas saw his life in a flash. He saw the whole mural of his life painted with the innocent blood of his victims… He was quiet and dumbfounded; speechless for days.” What garbage. ” I had to laugh at this… :-D

      Once again, very insightful and very very funny, Mr. Tiglao.

    10. Fast forward yr 2022 month of January, Art and Ed would drop another bomb shell. After getting all the millions from you know who, the two recants their statements. It has happened before and bound to happen again.
      Adios amigos!

    11. It was Pope Benedict XVI who tossed the ambitious Villegas over to his present diocese. And I do pity the good Catholics there who have to put up with this Yellow windbag. Pope Francis should re-assign Villegas to some minor outpost deep in the Brazilian rainforest where clergymen figure prominently in the natives’ local diet.

    12. benjieap@yahoo.com on

      Let Soc, Edgar and Art be together not in Heaven but in Hell! Villegas has no right to give absolution to anyone as he is not God. He’s just an opportunistic hypocrite and do nothing SoB!!!

    13. sundalong kanin on

      Is this the same catholic church who kept quiet when former president GMA gave them Pajeros? The same catholic church who condemns gambling on his right hand and accepts “donations” from gambling on the left hand?

    14. Amnata Pundit on

      He is taking the word of two self-confessed serial killers over the people’s choice for president. What more evidence do we need that priests are the secret agents of satan?

    15. With all due respect, why would the Bishop single out these 2 as examples? When the political arena is divisive. Why these 2 when we have no personal knowledge of these persons? how do we know if they’re telling the truth?

      why not speak of repentance and God’s mercy in general? Then get samples from within the family and our daily encounters – to forgive a philandering spouse, disrespectful children, unfair bosses/teachers, uncourteous drivers, etc. let’s begin with real persons in our lives.

      • Villegas made a vivid scene of Lascañas repentance when in fact there was none. Shame on this Bishop!!!

    16. The blatant hubris of this archbishop is beyond belief. What happens to us Catholics who refuse to read his Lenten message? Why is he being scandalous? Is he challenging and pushing PRRD to rain curses and invectives at him so that he could tell everyone: Will you choose this president w/a foul-mouth over me?…keep your deep, dirty little secrets, Villegas. Just stay away from politics and spare us your biases. You are not pristine as you want us to think.

    17. Ako ay isang katoliko at graduate sa catholic school. Matagal na akong hindi nagsisimba kasi ayaw ko na makinig sa mga pari. Subalit hindi naman ako nawawalan ng pananalig sa Poong Maykapal. Marami nakakainis, sa ganang akin, na mga nangyayari sa simbahan at lalo pa ang pakikialam sa mga polisiyang nais ipatupad ng gobyerno, halimbawa na lamang ang Reproductive Health Law. Mabuti na lamang at hindi na ako nagsisimba kasi malamang mag walk-out ako habang binabasa ang sulat ni Msgr Villegas.

      May tanong nga ako sa simbahan- bakit yung isa naming kakilala, nung namatay ay hindi minisahan ng pari kahit yung bangkay ay andun na sa simbahan , kasi walang pambayad sa misa. Nagkasakit ng matagal yung namatay ( mahirap lang sila) kaya siguro kinapos na ng pambayad sa misa. Ang ginawa na lamang ay winisikan ng sakristan ng holy water ang kabaong . Hindi ako gumagawa ng kwento. Totoong nangyari eto. Ano kaya ang masasabi dito ni Msgr Villegas?

    18. Villegas is not the catholic church,There are many Catholic Bishops and priests who are supporting Pres. Duterte. But unlike Villegas who cannot distance himself from politics they pray for Pres. Duterte that he would succeed in improving the lives of every Filipino including Lascañas and Matobato. They pray that President Duterte will be able to lift the Filipino from the quagmire they are in.No less than Pope Francis himself said when he was asked to comment about the president, said that “HE IS AN HONEST MAN” A big majority of Filipinos trust and love the President. His ways are Maverick but he loves this country with fiery passion, The great masses can longer be fooled by Political Prostitutes who only think of themselves and their interest. But whatever they say about the Catholic Church I will remain as a steadfast Catholic.

    19. Maribel Calanda on

      Now, Duterte has every reason to despise this Catholic Bishop who wants to be portrayed more than who he is. Later, Villegas in his insane mind might proclaim that he is actually the resurrected Christ. Sure Pope Francis knew where to assign him. His fellow bishops were the ones who elected him to the post as president of CBCP certainly because like Villegas, most of his comrades in Christ are like the priests in Jesus time. They are all hypocrites says the Lord. I believe it because Jesus said so.

    20. Mario Santos on

      Catholic church is bias, bishop/cardinals lives in cathedral did Jesus Christ live in cathedral?
      For more than 300 years we were under Spain and teachings of Padre Damaso, up to present the Church follows the teaching of Padre Damaso and not Jesus Christ.

    21. It is written, Only God can forgive sins through His Son.
      Who can judge who should go to heaven? Matobato to heaven? Lascanas to heaven? Or both in hell? Who can know?
      The Roman Church of the Universe (Catholic) that conquered Pilipinas (except the Muslims of Mindanao) has not since changed much. It ran government, what ever Padre Damaso wanted, he got. Padre Salvi, too. Civil government was inutile. Wasn’t this a sub theme in Rizal’s Noli and Fili? So now, in the 21st century, maybe Bishop Villegas wanted to be the next Cardinal Sin, the Mighty One in the 20th century. The Roman Universal Church in the Philippines may want to be reminded that their business is the spiritual development of the 100 million plus Pinoys, not socio-politics.
      But why isn’t the church ever blaming de lima specifically and the past administration in general, for the million-addict pinoys. 1 600 000 are reported surrendered, thousands arrested, two thousand plus killed in police operations. All other killings, 4 thousand plus are done by drug traffickers themselves aimed to “silence” or for non-payment of drug sales.
      of course the roman church see this, but they refuse to accept it. it is yellowish, and will be ….. forever (?)

    22. I read in one statistics that Philippines is 80% Catholic. If the country has this big percentage of Catholic population, why is the drug so rampant? And the white slavery, child prostitution are also rampant. And this are unwilling victims.

      Local news probably does not cover these, but it is known to international bodies who are trying to help and free up these victims.

      Both the priest and the people over there have become complacent in giving mass and hearing mass. They thought that alone guarantee their salvation.

    23. I read the comment Villegas on another news outlet. It is disturbing, but I am not surprised. He is a Catholic priest after all.

      Jesus paid the price when he died on the cross, not on Good Friday. Good Friday is a tradition to commemorate that day.

      If Matobato is bend on repenting, why did he lied on the senate hearing, his testimony is an obvious bad lie. His inconsistencies are so obvious.

      One thing this priest forget to tell them, confessing you sin and sustained repentance is not a guarantee to salvation.

      Matthew 7:21 (KJV) Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

      In Lascanas Senate testimony, his Enlightened came first before his first hearing in the Senate where he said he lied. If he had been enlightened, why did he lie ?

      This priest should look deeply into his own heart. If they are really repentant and want to live their lives according to the will of God, then thats good.

      But if they are using the name of God for other ulterior motives. Then may God judge this priest and the other two murderers. One can hide from the eyes of man but not from the eyes of God.

      • Is the archbishop publicly informing us of Matobato and Lascanas’ confessions? Aren’t confessions suppose to be sacrosanct? So private confessions are allowed to be made public as long as it serves his agenda, which is to influence public opinion in favor of his preferred political party?…my goodness.

      • Pensador de Manila on

        I don’t think what had been spoken or written there in the meditation had been done in confession by Edgar and Mr. Lascanas to Arch. Soc Villegas. I have not read or heard that meditation of Arch. Soc Villegas. If I were able to read or heard it, I would have been grateful to Arch. Soc Villegas for his creativity and giftedness to relate current events for our reflection and meditation.

      • I have not read his meditation. I had read his comment about Matabato and Lascanas is another new outlet.

        From there you can conclude that his comment can misled people.

    24. I have a friend who enlisted to a seminary to become a priest. 6 months later he quit. He said, he was the only one who wanted to be a missionary priest. The rest wanted to be parish priests because they said “that’s where the money is.”

    25. Fix your eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith (Hebrews 12:2).

      1) Jesus had never invented a Roman christianity.

      2) True Christianity is Jewish and keeps the Sabbath day holy, not Sunday.

      3) It knew nothing about the papacy or heirarchy of Bishops. It is simply composed of fellow-church members whose head is Christ (1Corinthians 11:3; Matthew 23:8-12).

      4) Has only one high Priest and Mediator, Jesus Christ (1Timothy 2:5; 1John 1:9; Hebrews 4:14-16; Matthew 11:28), and has nothing to do with Mariolatry, or Mary as another intercessor. God Himself loves us “For the Father himself loveth you, because ye have loved me, and have believed that I came out from God.” -Jesus (John 16:27)

      5) It has no images and statues.

      6) It does not excommunicate believers in order to burn them at the state (except in 3John 9,10).

      7) It has no defined creed but only “the Law and the prophets”

      8) It has no rosaries, beads, repetitive prayers (Matthew 6:7,8), prays to the Father secretly (Matthew 6:6), not to confessionals (confessional system is pagan, derived from old Babylonian cult system to control masses during Nimrod’s time). It confesses its faults o one another (James 5:16), and not to a sinful priest.

      9) It is never sectarian nor denominational, nor institutionalized, but truly universal. It is as infinite as God Himself. And as such, it is consists of God, the whole angels of heaven, and all the saints of all ages of all races. Today, God’s true church are scattered in all churches, whether they are inside the Roman-catholic church, in Protestant churches, or any any sects, so long as they “keep the Commandments of God and the FAITH OF JESUS” (Revelation 14:12; Romans 2:12-14; Revelation 22:14–King James Version, Revelation 12:17; Revelation 19:10; James 1:27). Therefore the concept of sectarianism, denominationalism of any churches is nothing but man-made, and it will surely be destroyed when God shall set up His own kingdom which knew no barriers of class, distinction, creed, or nationality. Actually what divides us is our different creeds. But the Bible alone should be our creed, not any ecclesiastical pronouncements. In Rome, the text in Matthew 16:19 and Matthew 18:18 “bind and loose” was taken to mean as if Peter can arbitrate whatever he would. But this is not the correct interpretation if we base it in the Greek syntax. The two verbs “dedemenon” (bound) and “lelumenon” (loosed) are in the perfect passive participles, which should be translated “having been bound and having been loosed. This means that the apostles can only implement the precepts that were already been decided to in the heavens, in the first place. Where? According to what was written “the law and the prophets”. But Rome, whose church fathers have been ignorant of the Greek syntax, particularly Augustine and Gregory the Great took it the mean that the papacy can arbitrate whatever that spins out of his own carnal head, and the holy God will just approve, no matter how devilish those pronouncements were. Here we have man at the centre, and God at the periphery. Man is the judge and the final court of appeal, God has no any participatiion, because according to Rome, God relinquished all authority to His church, therefore the church can do whatever she wants, whether they burn heretics or condemn persons, it will not matter so long as that is what the church decides. And if the church decides to change God’s Sabbath day into Sunday, it becomes lawful. And not only that, but to all God’s Laws the church as the right to later and change. What is that but the reign of “lawlessness” Paul warns us about in 2Thessalonians 2:3-12, about the “man of sin/lawlessness” which had already begun as early as apostolic times (2Thessalonians 2:7; 1John 4:3 – notice the word “already”). You can search throughout the ages what institution exists spiritually and physically during the time of the apostles and stretches to our time and to the coming of Christ. There;s none except the Roman-catholic church alone. Therefore this “man of lawlessness/sin” referred to in 2Thessalonians 2:3-12 is the papacy. You can read also in Daniel 7:25; Daniel 8:23-25; Daniel 11:36 =all referring to the papal system, the Roman-catholic church. Unfortunately in Revelation chapter 17, the whole character of this church was depicted. Do you think God does not know what will happen to His church in the future? No. He had revealed it to His prophets. In the end there will only be two opposing forces: the Remnant movement “who keeps the Commandments of God and the faith of Jesus” and who have “the testimony of Jesus” which is “the spirit of prophecy” (Revelation 14:12; Revelation 12:17; revelation 19:10), VERSUS the dragon, or the woman and her harlot offsprings. And if the Final issue in Revelation chapter 13 is worship the beast of worship God, this calls our attention to worship the true God (Revelation 17:7; Exodus 20:11) who made the heavens and the earth and everything in six literal days and who rested on the Sabbath day. It will be the issue about worship: on God’s true Sabbath day or the antichrist’s fake sabbath day, Sunday. Which do you choose?

      • We are discussing about the hypocrisy of Archbishop Soc Villegas, a certified member of the yellow party, not about dogma of the Roman Catholic Church. Whatever complaints, comments, teachings and practices of the Catholics, address them to the proper forum. We suggest you go to the Manila Cathedral or any Catholic Church and inquire where the offices of the Defenders of the Catholic Church and challenge them to a debate to satisfy and defend your side as well. This is not the correct forum to air complaints like this one.

    26. There is hope that the Philippines can overcome brain control and mind terrorism by so called God’s messenger when we believed that they are holy and high when in reality they are nothing but sacred cows who milks the people so that they can eat, fart and use the bathroom and molest children and go scot free from inprisonment and on taxation for their commercial interest and exploit the Philippines of its resources and make the Vatican rich in the cloak of helping the poor and most of all try to influence the masses of their snake oil salesmanship. We need critical thinkers like you Mr. Tiglao, God Bless you! Mabuhay ka Pilipinas.

    27. Archbishop Villegas is Cardinal Sin’s favored one. Unfortunately he metamorphosed to become literally, the Philippines modern-day version of Padre Damaso. He is a petty version of that Italian Rodrigo Borgia of the infamous Borgia clan. And Lucrezia – must be older now. Hobnobbing with the rich sure has its advantages.

    28. Most of the hate comments against Villegas here are members of INComplete and burn again faith, who ere simply haters of the catholic church.

      • sundalong kanin on

        And most of the people who believe in villegas are simply ignorant or blind….. And FYI I’m a catholic who believes in God but not on those who pretends to be man of God. Ever wondered why catholic church attendance and donations are dwindling? Just look at villegas

      • Alice Serrano on

        Now we know that God is all-forgiving, fair and just? If He forgave Lascanas and Matobato, then he must have forgiven Pres. Duterte too, granting that he sinned – so why the double standard?

    29. The Catholic had been political ever since its establishment. Religions, time and again are use in every part of the world to control people.

      Sadly the current pope is very political. How can he lecture to head of states when his own house is ridden with evil deeds and unbiblical practice.

      The priests are not allowed to get married causing some to have hidden affair and bastard children. Where in the Bible did it say that one should not get married to serve God?

      Then there was the excommunication. Excommunication is use to manipulate people. What they forget is whether one will go to “Heaven” or not it up to God. No
      Catholic priest, not even the pope can grant salvation to anyone nor can they guarantee that that person will go to Heaven when that person die. Only God can do that.

      Then there are the “bought prayers” for the dead. Where is it stated in the Bible that other people prayers of a dead person can bring about that person salvation?
      Then they have those images when the Bible forbid worshipping icons. Instead of the having a personal relationship with God, one end up having a personal relationship with the icons.

      In many aspect, the Catholic church tries to act as if they are God. And it many aspects they use there position to gain political power.

      Reading the Apologetic will give one an insight of the Christian religion instead and a background of the Bible. The relationship between God and man cannot be torn by anyone.

      • Drew…This is not a religious forum. At any rate, your shallow understanding of the Catholic Church betrays your ignorance.

        In example, you said that the”The priests are not allowed to get married causing some to have hidden affair and bastard children”.

        Your exposure is clearly on the Latin Rite of the Church where Celibacy (a discipline not a Dogma by the way) is being practiced. Whereas, the Catholic Church had 7 Rites;. Latin, Byzantine, Alexandrian, Syriac, Armenian, Maronite, and Chaldean Except for the Latin Rite, Celibacy is optional on all other eastern rites though candidates for episcopacy must be celibate.

        A Rite by the way represents an ecclesiastical tradition about how the sacraments are to be celebrated. As the early Church grew and spread, it celebrated the sacraments as would be best understood and received in the context of individual cultures, without ever changing their essential form and matter.

        At any rate, Your Attack on the Catholic Church is reminiscent of Jack the chick tracts which even many Non Catholics labeled as “falsehood and propaganda”…

      • John,

        You have to differentiate between an attack on the Catholic Church and the truth.

        The things you mentioned below are the very problems of Catholic church, it has so many rituals that one is lost in it. The focus is on rituals and traditions rather than building a relationship with God. How many Catholics you have known have a personal relationship with God. In your long tirade, never once had you mentioned God. You are a good example of someone who is more focus on the rituals and traditions of the Catholic church that God himself.

        I don’t know what is your background, but you should research how the Catholic church were form and the reason it was form. You should also research how the Bible was compiled from among the many books. I suggest you read the Apologetic, then you will be enlightened on things that are more important that the rituals and traditions of the Catholic church.

        But the Catholic church is in the Philippines had more unbiblical practices that what you will find in Europe where Catholic first begin.

        And should I remind you that there are more pedophile priest that have been accused in public trial in the western world than other branches of Christianity. Majority of the victims are young boys.

        Last but not the least, look at the situation of the mostly Catholic countries in the world, i,e, Latin America. Latin America are the supplier of illegal drugs to the world. Did you hear the Catholic church doing something about this when they have so much influence on Latin America.

    30. marco labrador on

      Why can’t the Catholic Church leave politics, just for once. The President is doing good, in fact, very good if we go by the people’s opinion. He leads the Time 100 survey. What more can I say about DU30. Of course, there are people, a few of them actually who are in the open castigating Duterte. These are people who are better off vanishing in the political arena. Better still, in this world.

      • Because they want to be stay in power by meddling in Philippine politics just like during the Middle Ages or the so-called Dark Ages. Plus, they back the oligarchs that contribute a lot to the Catholic Church by donating land and other material things aside from the usual money offering.

      • People’s opinion don’t determine what is good or bad. It’s about what Jesus tells us. And that is inscripted in each of or hearts, in our conscience, and in the gospels. Villegas merely echoed what’s written in the gospel. God did not come for the righteous but for sinners. By righteous, it means that those who do not flinch by cursing and condoning other people as if their lives dont matter. Righteous here is an unrepentant heart. But Jesus eats with the tax collector (a gravely considered sinner of old, a friend of a prostitute, talks to adulterous woman, friend of judas the traitor,etc). Now thats objective Truth, thats more solid than mere opinion.

      • KEITH, People like you are very dangerous. Now you are defining what is righteous.

        Jesus comes for everyone. Don’t commit blasphemy. Isn’t Paul “righteous” and in the process he persecuted a lot of Christian, which he think at that time the right thing to do.

        What OBJECTIVE TRUTH ? Know your BIBLE and the history behind it so you don’t end up committing blasphemy.

        And btw, all are sinners in case you don’t know. Remember the lady in the well?

        State and Religion should be separated, if not, then it tends to cause wars.
        Many wars in the past and present are directly or indirectly related to religion.

        Be very careful about twisting the Bible.

    31. This Villegas is very successful of pushing people like me away from the church. He still thinks we are still in the bygone era when the Spanish friars can dictate the govt. He should be reminded that today he can not threaten with excommunication people who dont follow his instigations. Its now 21st century not 19th century

      • Same with me. The more our own church leaders meddling with politics, and every homily the priests are saying against the govt, it doesnt help nor make us symphatize them but dislike and oppose what they are instilling us parishioners. Its my spiritual date with my Lord and i want to hear HIM through the priests by HIS biblical words but not mostly dirty political circus

    32. Leodegardo M. Pruna on

      Amb Tiglao missed to state the person behind the Rappler or should it be Villegas? From the looks of it, the church is being dragged towards hell by Villegas rather than doing his business to lead the church to heaven. I hope that soon Amb Tiglao will reveal the name of that mystery person. Or, is it Villegas because he has the position and the power to dictate fanatically subservient church followers without the thought of truth, justice and LOVE which is God. God bless the Philippines.

    33. Archbishop Villegas need not aspire to become another Sin anymore , because he is already a “A SIN PERSONIFIED” for condoning the acts of the Self-confessesed mass murderers Matobato and Lascañas !

    34. Have you actually read the message of Archbishop Soc Villegas, or are you just taking the word of Mr. Tiglao for it?

      When is it wrong to defend life? When is it wrong to defend those who cannot defend themselves? The good archbishop is there to look after his flock. And what he sees is violent killings everyday! Are we so callous not to see it? Are we too busy worshipping the president that we fail to see the many families who mourn for the loss of their loved ones?

      Come back and comment if your family member or friend is killed because of this senseless violence instigated by this narcissistic leader of our land.

      We stand in defense of our bishop!
      Jesus himself was tried and killed by a mockery of courts even if He was innocent. May the blood of the victims of this violence be upon you!

      May God have mercy on our souls!

      • “The good archbishop is there to look after his flock.”

        hahaha…don’t include us…were human beings, although we are catholics but we are not his flocks of demons like you…

      • Soc Villegas doesnt have a monopoly of virtue or morality, or even discernment, it seems. Looking after ones flock is one thing, but what he has done since july last year is to further the agenda of the liberal party, no matter what your bleeding heart sentiments dictate.

        Also, you say we should come back if a family friend or relative has been killed because of the drug war? What about all our relatives and friends that were hurt, robbed, killed or kidnapped by those people who are involved in the drug trade? Are you or your bishop prepared to answer them when they ask you why you defend their persecutors? We can ask for mercy later, Justice is more important for the living.

      • The problem with Villegas’ homily is that it assumes that Matobato and Lascanas’ testimonies are true. Please remember that when Christ was put on trial there were paid witnesses who made false testimonies and was believed. I don’t think Villegas exercised objectivity at all.

      • Author, please correct your article. The Pope at 2009 is Pope Benedict.

        “Villegas was disheartened when instead of the prime post of Manila, Pope Francis assigned him instead in 2009 to the provinces, as Archbishop of Dagupan-Pangasinan, far from the center of politics in the country”

      • Nigel of Makati on

        Like it or not, this narcissistic leader is your president too and you ought to submit to his authority. Why don’t you, as a good Catholic pray for our president?

    35. Tony Batungbacal on

      I have never known a priest so irrelevant like this archbishop. Whatever he says and does should be taken with a grain of salt.

      • What is so irrelevant about what bishop villegas echoed from the gospel?
        You call a repentant soul irrelevant?
        You call a man who defends life in the face of possible persecution irrelevant?
        If you do, you are mocking the infinite mercy of God who came down to us, assumed human nature, and entered human history to save you from all your sins at all costs!

    36. Again, great article… You hit it right on the head, Mr. Tiglao. I was literally laughing while I’ve read that “Lenten Mediation”. For me it was just a piece of Political Propaganda, justifying and glorifying these liars, Matobato and Lascanas, Personally, I think this Bishop thinks we are so stupid to believe his stories about these two Whistleblowers.. It’s almost insulting! Not to mention, MATOBATO has BEEN ACCUSED OF FRUSTRATED MURDER! Yet someone bailed him to use him, and yet this Bishop didn’t respect the Victim who filed the case… Fuckig! God will not be pleased… Soc Villegas is a disgrace!

      • Its all about having a repentant heart.
        There is no sin that’s greater than the infinite mercy of God.
        However, a repentant heart is necessary for the sinner to be reconciled to God and to gain him/her a place in heaven. No matter how big the sin is (multiple murder if you like), if the person trully repents, God will celebrate in heaven just like the father of the prodigal son.

        In contrast, no matter how seemingly small a sin is (cursing or judgmental heart or indifference, to name a few), if the person does not repent of it, the blood of Christ poured out on the cross goes to waste because the person who doesnt want to repent does not want to receive salvation.

        Each of us will be judged by the state of our heart (love, mercy, compassion, repentance) not by how good our ideas are, how seemingly just our actions are.

    37. Leopoldo Mayo on

      This is really the pits–the pits of hell no less: a man of the cloth, a man no less than an archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church–practically making sainted heroes of the self-admitted hired multiple killers Arturo Lascañas and Edgar Matobato just because they claim they have repented and converted. Was this sanctimonious meditator high on some hallucinogenic substance when he wrote these blasphemous lines? Just because those two made their evidently self-serving statements of contrition on behalf of their manipulative backers, this archbishop now wants us to overlook and forget the fact that by their own admission, Arturo Lascañas and Edgar Matobato have brutally killed almost 500-1,000 people in their long heinous careers as hitmen. I have no doubt that execrable gullibility and cupidity like this on the part of leaders of the Roman Catholic Church will bring its downfall. Shame on you, Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas, shame on you! You don’t deserve the holy title affixed to your name, much less the illustrious first name of the great Greek thinker and philosopher that your parents have given you with great expectations that you’ll do well in your life!

    38. I do not have the slightest respect for Villegas and other priests like him. Just like Aquino, De Lima and Trillianes, he is a menace to society, one who will distort the truth to suit his purpose. I was not born yesterday.

    39. Ironically, so-called spiritual leaders does not believe that God exists, they were great pretenders and doing all these to earn both fame and fortune.

    40. Can a sinner repent? Is Gods hand too short to reach Art and Edgar ? What ever their reason, it is between them and their Creator. Let’s take Villegas and Catholics out if the picture. Let’s look at 2 repentant sinners.

      • Matobato and Lascanas repented not because of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. what they’ve seen at the end of the tunnel is $$$$$ given by their unscrupulous handlers…

    41. The hypocrisy ofnit all is that the victims of these self-confessed killers bishop villegas is now defending and protecting are forgotten. Not even the eternal peace of those who died in the hands of these ruthless killers are even prayed for by the church. Bishop Villegas….you have a lot to explain before God…..

    42. Philippine Catholicism is a shame and has gone so low under these politician-priests.

      These priests failed in inculcating good moral values to the so-called majority Catholics hence the rampant corruption, criminality, and negligence.

      Then they go against Duterte who is trying to correct the misdeeds of the church.

      • I am a very proud Catholic and I can’t be less proud knowing that the bishop who shepherd us is fighting for what the Lord has entrusted to his care, even if it means persecution.

    43. I actually started attending other Christian group to hear Jesus teachings. The duration of preaching is 45 mins to 1 hour unlike in Catholic Mass that lasted for 10-15mins. Pero mananatili pa rin akong Katoliko

    44. Had he followed the rule on separation of church and state, he wouldn’t look as foolish and clueless as he does.

      The Pope in all his power and influence, shows humility in serving his flock. This braggadocio thinks his voice and opinion can unseat a duly elected President who is enjoying popular public support. Makes me wonder what kind of pill this lunatic is taking.

    45. Again, very hypocriical itong mga religious. Pinu politicalize ang pagkamatay ni Jesus. While Christ indeed paid it all, and forgives our sins, to use Matobato and Lascanas is using salvation out of context. These two are plain opportunistic, unrepentant liars.

      • marco labrador on

        Is there a way Villegas can be impeached? Either he is paid by the Yellows or has his own agenda.

    46. Rudi Miranda on

      The cult of the Sol Invictus of the Roman Catholic priests, bishops, cardinals and pope are through and through in politics. Zarathustra hated so much the priests in the royal courts of his day, and next is the prince or King. Bobi Tiglao maraming salamat!

    47. Rudi Miranda on

      Bobi Tiglao Allelujah! Allelujah! Allelujah! Archbishop Socrates Villegas: You brood of vipers! Edgar&Art saints! Waa ka kyapi?

      • marco labrador on

        Edgar and Art becoming saints? Baka mauna pa maging santo si Powder, yong aso ko.

    48. That stupid bishop villegas thinks they are infallible bluntly saying God already forgave this murderer? BLASPHEMY, unpardonable blasphemy. They can’t fool the people anymore. People were enlightened to see hear their teachings and correlate it to the practicalities of life. The end of catholic church is near.

      • Bro/Sis,

        The Catholic Church is infinity. For Christ said to Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the GATES OF HELL SHALL NOT PREVAIL. God bless!

    49. Church should be separated from state. The world of politics is dirty and corrupt. Such fragile cathotic leaders allowing dirty politics to corrupt their practices by involving in politics. As for lascanas, that so called spiritual enlightment of his is just a great lie. If he is truly spiritually enlighted, he should devoted himself to GOD, not involving himself in dirty politics.

    50. This adds to the woes of the country when religious heads like Soc Villegas gets involve in politics like so many other church people. They should run for public office.

    51. This Villegas is an Aquino disciple. He should look at fixing his flock instead of dipping into politics.

    52. I am a confused catholic now….the problem is the messanger not the message. GOD help us….

    53. You are perfectly right Mr. Tiglao. The bible said “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

      • This verse from the Bible best describe SOC VILLEGAS, a demon in disguise. May God forgive him for he not know what he’s doing.