• Exposed: MILF’S disarming a farce


    Second of Two Parts

    In one of the hearings on the Mamasapano massacre of 44 police commandos, President Aquino’s chief negotiator with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, Teresita Deles, said that under their “peace” agreement, the Muslim insurgents will be disarmed—“decommissioned” was the term they used—by 2016.

    In the first place, the Aquino government’s acceptance of the term “decommissioning” itself is a capitulation to the insurgents’ position that they have a legitimate right to arms, which they really don’t, under our laws.

    Whatever term they use though, Deles was lying through her teeth when she gave a date for the MILF’s disarming.

    Nowhere in the agreements signed with the MILF, including the latest one (titled “Protocol on the Implementation of the Terms of Reference of the Independent Decommissioning Body”) is there such a date specified.

    To fool us, the Protocol merely describes “Four Phases” for the “decommissioning.” It says 30 percent of the arms will be decommissioned in Phase 2. And then a further 35 percent in Phase 3. The remaining 35 percent will be decommissioned in Phase 4.

    The Protocol document itself doesn’t even explain what or when these phases are to take place.

    One will have to do a bit of research to learn what these phases are.

    Will he teach her to surrender the rifle? Photo from Facebook Account “BIAF-MILF 105th Base Command

    Will he teach her to surrender the rifle? Photo from Facebook Account “BIAF-MILF 105th Base Command

    And the description turns out to be in a two-paged outline in matrix form, entitled “Program for Normalization in the Bangsamoro,” which is “an attachment to the Annex on Normalization,” signed Jan 25, 2014.

    Can you believe that? The most crucial part of the pact with the MILF, its disarming, is described only in an attachment to an annex?There, we find out that Phase 1 involves mainly the MILF submitting a list of its weapons, which the peace document describes as “validation of MILF forces.”

    There is no provision at all in this document or in any of the “peace” documents that allows the government to question whether such lists of weapons actually represent the MILF’s total arsenal.

    The insurgents can put on that list all of their grandfathers’ World War II M4 Carbine rifles and the government can’t question that.

    They can claim they have only 750 arms, and the government can’t question that. In fact, a portent of what could happen is that the decommissioning program scheduled to start this month would involve the surrender of 75 firearms. Will the MILF later claim that’s 10 percent, which means the total number of its arms is 750?

    Even if the MILF discloses in all honesty the number of arms it owns, the Protocol specifies that the first 30 percent of those will be “decommissioned” only in Phase 2.

    And when is Phase 2? To quote verbatim its description in the “Program for Normalization:” “Completion of validation of MILF forces up to the ratification of the Bangsamoro Basic Law.”

    As I’ve written in past columns: “Have our negotiators gone mad?

    The agreement means that the initial 30 percent of the MILF’s arms will be decommissioned only after the BBL is signed and ratified!

    That means disarming will start only when the establishment of their nation-state becomes fait accompli, when the BBL is not only passed by Congress, but after it is ratified by a majority vote in a plebiscite of provinces and cities that will be part of the Bangsamoro territory.

    The MILF sets up its nation-state first, or makes it a nearly irreversible commitment by the government, which it practically is after the plebiscite, before the insurgents decommission 30 percent of their arms.

    What kind of a peace treaty is this, in which we give the insurgents first what they want, their own state, and only after they surrender just some of their arms, and we’re not even sure how much those arms represent in proportion to their total arsenal.

    A further 35 percent of the MILF’s arms purportedly will be decommissioned in Phase 3, which is the period from the ratification of the BBL up to the “establishment and operationalization of the police force for the Bangsmoro.”

    The reference to the establishment of the Bangsamoro Police as a marker for Phase 3 reveals the MILF’s real hidden plan.

    New, armed force
    When the MILF “decommissions” 65 percent of its arms, and pretends to disarm its Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces, it will actually have a new, armed force under its command, called the Bangsamoro Police, this time made legitimate by an act of Congress—the BBL.

    Can the MILF just turn over its arms—including its 50-calibre Barrett sniper rifles—to the Bangsamoro Police, so as to save on Bangsamoro’s budget? There is no provision in any of the pacts preventing that.

    When is Phase 4 – when the remaining MILF are to be decommissioned according to the Program on Normalization – supposed to happen?

    It will be two months before the signing of the “Exit Agreement,” that is, when the MILF is satisfied that all of Aquino’s promises to it, among which is the establishment of the Bangsamoro’s own nation-state, with an “asymmetrical relationship with the central government” as the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro formulated it, and the organization of its own police force.

    However, the MILF has managed to have an agreement with government that allows it a Plan B.

    Nowhere in the agreements is there a provision that the MILF’s military arm, the Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces, will be dissolved. Yes, its combatants are supposed to decommission their arms, but the BIAF will not be dismantled. Will it be the next name of the “Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters”?

    I can’t believe how much the MILF has fooled Aquino’s negotiators. Even assuming there will be a real disarming of MILF arms, and not just its old rifles, how will this be undertaken?

    Will the arms be surrendered to the government, and secured in the Republic’s military camps as is done in all peace pacts?

    No. These will be stored in “Secure Arms Storage Areas”, the location of which will be determined by the International Decommissioning Body (IDB), consisting of three foreign experts nominated by Turkey, Norway and Brunei Darussalam, and four nominated by government and the MILF. There are no criteria in the Protocol where these should be located.

    Is there a provision that would prohibit the location of these storage areas in an MILF camp or in an MILF-controlled territory like Mamasapano in Maguindanao, near the lair of the MILF 105th Base Command that massacred 44 SAF troopers? None.

    Deles, in fact, in one of the hearings claimed she was late because they were “scouting for storage arms areas in Lanao del Sur, near (MILF) Camp Busra.”

    Is there a provision designating an independent armed force like a UN military unit to secure the storage areas? None.

    The IDB does not even have a military arm to secure the storage facilities.

    There is no provision in the Protocol that the Republic’s armed forces will assist the so-called Joint Peace and Security Committee that will guard the arms storage facility. In fact nowhere in the Protocol is a mention of any role of the Armed Forces of the Philippines or the Philippine National Police in the process of the purported disarming of MILF troops and the storage of their arms.

    So how will MILF’s “decommissioned” arms be secured?

    The Protocol on Commissioning explains: “The secured arms storage area will be secured … with a fence, including a gate with a lock. A single lock provided by the IDB will secure the storage… A 24-hour surveillance camera provided by the IDB will cover the storage site and will be monitored form the IDB office.”


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    1. All violators of established laws of the land should be punished, crushed, purge in order to attend peace.

    2. This muslims should follow the established laws of the philippines, otherwise if they are not it is a must to crush them purge them. All violators of the laws should be punished. One country is only for those who behave and obey its laws.

    3. No matter what statements, alibis and lies, the Binays do, majority of the Filipinos don’t believe in them. It is now a common knowledge how corrupt the Binays are. With those billions of pesos that they stole from the government, we Filipinos pray that the Binays be given the punishment based on the wrath of the Filipino people that they should suffer the same sufferings as those who are sick of cancer. Good that Remulla is no longer within the circle of the Binays to protect him. For this Lenten season, let us all pray to God to save the Philippines from the Binays.

    4. Can the families of gallant 44 SAF Heroes or just ordinary Filipinos sue traitor Deles and her ilk in court now since thse traitors are not impeachable? Plese provide answer

    5. Do you believed when the MILF says they didn’t know the terrorist is staying in their territory? Do you believed they are sincerely after they return few arms taken from the SAF? Do you believed also they only have a total 750 arms? Now do you also believed that they shoot our SAF commando at closed range and say it’s self defense ?again will we still believed they have no other agenda except peace after BBL is signed? For me I don’t believed any of these because the time they give refuge to the terrorist, it gave me a question whom our government is negotiating with? A TERRORIST .

    6. victor m. hernandez on

      Definitely, the government peace panel is headed, and composed of naivettes, dellitante, all too trusting on its counterparts, the MILF. But you know, the government peace panel membership and head of the peace panel were precisely chosen to negotiate in all its skills and competence to craft a viable and credible peace agreement, but subject to review and approval of the political leadership of the PH, these are he President, and Legislative, at every major step of the negotiation. This is to give PH government, and its leadership a strategic retreat, and plausible deniability in case there are points that are unacceptable . Apparently, nothing like that happened. What happened in fact was an apparent blanket go signal to submit to Congress
      the Framework Agreement for Peace, and the proposed BBL when everything was completed. And the MILF prefaced the submission of BBL to Congress, that it should be approved in toto, with a hope that revision of the proposed BBL only to enhance it ( I get this to mean, that it should even give more advantages and benefits to MILF). Incredible!

    7. How can you have peace with someone who believe that you are an infedil and if he kills you he will be rewarded by Allah? How can you have peace with people that believe they have the right to enslave your children and sell them as cattle, and make concubines of your wives and daughters? How can you have peace with people that believes they have the right to sow terror because it is okay by Allah? How can you have peace with Muslims when it is OK to blow yourself up in public and that is your one way ticket to paradise and be rewarded with multiple virgins? Hmmmm….

      • sonny dela cruz on

        I have only one wife and I cannot catch up, how much more the 79 virgins that allah-eh promise.

      • Fight between Filipinos. Difference is religion. Who wins? Of course China…they’re closely monitoring the events in PH and would like to see a split in our country and economy to suffer. Suggest rather than Filipinos fight Filipinos why don’t we send both to those islands occupied by the Chinese.
        I hope you’re not referring to the Filipino muslims because their DNAs are the same as yours. The issue is simple they want their lands back.

    8. Q

      Luciano Adan
      February 15 at 1:26pm · Queens, NY ·
      These Three Traitors ( Pnoy, DELES and FERRER) Betrayed Brave 44 & Pilipino People!
      The intense obsession of these three TRAITORS for the immediate passage of the Bangsangmoro Law drove them to be LIARS and disregard the heroic deeds of the Brave 44. The triumvirate traitors (PNOY, DELES and FERRER) justified and defended the MILF for the massacre by accusing the SAF forces of going into “exclusive territory” of the MILF without its permission? The SAF Brave 44 died in line of duty for serving arrest warrants to 2 international terrorists (Marwan and Usman) which MILF are giving Full aid, comfort and safekeeping to these terrorists. Instead of helping the SAF to bring to justice those terrorist, MILF forces massacred the SAF forces instead of at least investigating and finding out the purpose of SAF presence in its area. DELES lost her own logical and patriotic judgment by defending the MILF instead of declaring the peace talk on indefinite hold or basically dead on the water for Its own MILF murderous killings, lack of sincerity and good faith in achieving a truly honest to goodness peace. Pnoy on his part covered up, lied and has been dishonest in not admitting his role in making the “GO”order to the SAF operations and the stand down to military for reinforcements of the sieges SAF units. Pnoy is even influencing his allies in Congress and the police and military in the Senate hearing to cover up for him by not asking and answering direct question of Pnoy’s personal order and knowledge and participation in launching the operations. Pnoy is a big liar for his gigantic stupidity and cowardice for not admitting command and personal responsibility in the boondoggled raid. Pnoy incompetence must now reckon with his designating Mar Roxas as his “Deputy President” to make sensitive and delicate decision on ticklish issues of national concern in running the government machinery. Pnoy must just be a figure-head and not to quit coz the successor , VP BINAY, is a long-time corrupt official who won’t provide clean governance but will wipe the treasury clean instead! At least Mar Roxas is straight-forward person and clean image from corruption. Though he might not be a mass appeal kind of politician, Mar is honest. Pnoy must just relax and smoke on the side and look for a wife instead of managing the affairs of the government. That is if Pnoy has sex-appeal with women, who seem to be jilting him after few dates! Why “TULOY LAWAY”. Yakiiiiii!

      • That’s a strong accusation my friend. Do you have a lawyer because you need one very soon?
        The best is to shut up and wait for the investigation report.
        For those of you who are against peace…”Peace be Upon You!

    9. What a fact is this Mr. Tiglaw! PNoy and Deles-Ferrer should be charged with treason and punish with the heaviest penalty in our criminal laws

    10. Ladies and Gentlemen – the BBL is a deceptive play of words. It is a play of fire. Islam and democracy are incompatible. Lets us not close our eyes on what is happening in the world today. With guns on their hands the MILF Fighters shouts – ALLAH AKBAR.
      In their heart and mind they said – KALIWALI PHILIPPINES. There will be peace if the MILF knows they cannot win the war and if there is good education. Also with guns in their hands, even Malaysia will not dare to invest in Mindanao. LET,S KEEP FOOLING OURSELVES

    11. God Help Us. We had the Big Idiot and his idiots negotiate with terrorists. Kill the BBL as fast as we can.

    12. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Both Deles and Ferrer have followed the footsteps of Judas Iscariot, betray government’s trust. God bless the Philippines.

    13. Claro Apolinar on

      Is that uniformed MILF man Rasid Lakasian (or some other surname that I can’t remember now), who appeared as the MILF’s representative at the Senate hearings conduced by Sen. Poe?

      Everything you have written, Mr. Tiglao, despite many readers’ suspicion that you are writing as an agent of former President GMA and her husband Mike Arroyo, show that it is now time for BS Aquino to step down and rule the executive branch together with the National Transformation Council.

    14. what’s the use of surrendering arms yet later buy more modern and new armaments? bbl states they’ll have their own police and armed forces, using what?

      • do not forget the bangsamoro sub-state will be given money by us, THE TAXPAYERS, first the budget of armm of P25Billion and the another P50Billion from the US THE TAXPAYERS, when the sub-state becomes a law. the milf can buy additional modern weapons with this kind of money while surrendering their old weapons.

    15. What a stupid plan this BBL is!! Scrap it.

      Muslims have to obey our laws and respect the Constitution of the Republic. If they do not want to obey our laws, they can ship out — MIGRATE TO OTHER MUSLIM COUNTRIES.

      Why should they be given special grants – have their own army, their own constitution; their own officials? What about the other ethnic groups in the country? Muslims can’t be trusted- so why make agreements with them?

    16. Peter Gonzales on

      These women Deles and Ferrer undermined the sovereignty of the Filipino people. They never represented the Philippines in this farce peace talk. On the contrary they are the paid spokespersons and in many occasions lied to their teeth to defend MILF. Since they are a party to an agreement disadvantageous to the Philippine government, Abnoy and these two traitors should be charge for a crime before the courts and jailed.

    17. The Inquirer and Rappler did not do their journalistic jobs. Both Rappler and Inquirer were, I suppose, lazy. Two months ago or three ago, questions about the dissolution of the MILF forces should have been raised, but “nada”. Where were the Inquirer and Rappler investigators?

      • Benigno Kuha-Ko, Akin-Na on

        … papatulan lang nila yan pag mga news about marian-dingdong nuptial, vice ganda interview, chiz-heart nuptial… anything that will make Pee-NOY pogi.. bwahahahahahahaha