Expressway group to give awards for bus, truck firms


THE Manila North Tollways (MNTC), builder and operator of the North Luzon Expressway (NLEx), last week launched its recognition program for bus and truck companies called the NLEXcellence Safety Awards. MNTC will cite the exemplary performance of the companies in promoting and ensuring safety on the road.

MNTC chief executive Rodrigo Franco said that the awards aim to further promote safe driving practices on the highways.

“Our focus this time is safety. In the past we focus on customers. Hopefully, when we do this, other customers will follow,” Franco said during the program’s launch, noting that road safety has always been a part of the MNTC’s thrust.

“But the clients should also do their part,” he said.

MNTC Vice President for Marketing Renie Ticson said that the NLExcellence Safety Awards is different from the previous ones since it now has various categories such as Company Operational Excellence and Vehicle Quality and Driver’s Professionalism.

Ticson said that each of the categories pursues promoting an expressway environment where travelers will have peace of mind as they drive safely, comfortably and conveniently. Winners in each category will be decided by an independent company.

Ticson said that the first line of selection would come from EC Tripp tag transponder users.

“All those who are using this could get an award,” he said.

Franco added that the awards are “touted to be a testament of a company’s strengths and capabilities, the quality of its personnel, its products and services.”


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