Extreme problems need extreme solutions: The case of illegal drugs and graft and corruption


“Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, To the last syllable of recorded time, And all our yesterdays have lighted fools The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle! Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more. It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.”
—from Macbeth by William Shakespeare

NEVER mind graft and corruption, everyone knows that the culture of graft and corruption is beyond possible solution in our time. This is the popular wisdom in this country. Why? It is a culture dictated by the oligarchs, the economic giants, the politicians and the privileged classes who fatten up on the gravy of the land. These are the culprits. They have been propagating that culture since time immemorial because it is to their undying benefit. It seems to be the natural course of things in this country.

The dream of the poor and the middle-class is to live like the oligarchs, the economic giants, the politicians and the privileged classes. In the nature of their dreams, there is no qualitative difference it is only quantitative—meaning in degrees, not in the quality of their dreams. Considering the gnawing poverty sweeping the country and the dreams of the lower classes to have a better life comparable to the rich in their immediate surroundings, it is not difficult to imagine why the illegal drug problem has reached epidemic proportions in the country. To compare it with the waves of the sea, it is not the ordinary giant waves; they are like tsunamis sweeping the whole country and leaving in their wake unimaginable devastation, which takes generations after generations to repair.

Illegal drugs in almost all villages
Almost all barangay (village) chairmen, municipal and city mayors, provincial governors and congressmen know who are the drug users, drug pushers and drug lords in their respective jurisdictions. The only ones who do not know who they are must be so dense they cannot recognize what is good or evil.

The same is true with station commanders in the cities and the municipal and city police chiefs, the regional PNP commanders—they also know who are the drug users, drug pushers and drug lords in their respective areas of responsibility. The reason why no reports and raids are being made is due to the fact that many of them are involved in the illegal drug trade. The other reason of those who are not involved in the illegal drug trade not reporting is that they are afraid to become enemies of their friends and their brother in arms. The other reason for the non-reporting kind is due to their fear that they will be killed by those who are involved in the trade, and that members of their families may be harmed or killed.

So the problem is a hard nut to crack. It is not only hard; it is difficult. It is not only difficult; it appears insoluble.

What needs to be done? It needs a lot of serious thinking; it needs re-examination of our institutions, including government.

Extreme problem needs extreme solutions
The illegal drug problem is an extreme problem. It is ruining the lives of millions of Filipinos. Unless extreme solutions are adopted by government with the cooperation of the people, chances of getting it solved in six months as defined by the new President are nil. Why? Our current institutions are incapable of solving the problem in six month or even six years with President Duterte or anyone in the saddle.

The United States of America has been waging a war against illegal drugs for the last 20 years. It has not significantly solved the problem. America is one of the richest countries on earth. It has all possible technological advances to curb the problem but it has failed. Why? The reasons are visibly obvious—rule of law, due process and human rights. These are the constitutional impediments to the illegal drug campaign. In this country, you have more reasons that will torpedo attempts of solving the problem—power and influence, friendship, debt of gratitude, fear of reporting the drug criminals, fear of being harmed, and indifference of the populace to help solve the problem.

What are the extreme solutions adopted by the Duterte administration? One is the indiscriminate killing of suspected drug criminals as envisioned by Duterte and his government. Another is arming the tanods and civilians to help solve the problem. Still another is shaming the drug criminals.

These are extreme solutions, which do not solve the problem but instead create more problems. In indiscriminate killings, it is almost obvious that the killings are mostly extrajudicial. The excuses of the police who do these are so ridiculous—the suspects attempting to grab their weapons, the suspects were firing their guns at them even as they were on the run for their lives, the suspects were firing their guns at the police even as they were raising their hands in surrender.

Examine a few of them. One case is the son was arrested and the father accompanied him to the station. While they were in the station, they were both shot in the head for trying to grab the weapons of the policemen, according to the police. Isn’t this ridiculous? Why are the policemen so untrained that they could not subdue anyone who attempts to grab their weapon? Besides, this story is old hat. It is the same standard story of policemen who kill suspects probably because they hate the suspects or they are silencing the suspects, who are likely to pinpoint the policemen as the ones distributing recycled drugs.

Another example is the case of a suspect who was dragged by the policemen very much alive when loaded into their patrol vehicle. He was very much alive when arrested but suffered a mortal wound while en route to their destination and he died upon arrival. Still another recent case is the person suspected of being a drug pusher, who the policemen killed because he fired back at the policemen, according to the policemen. But the wife and other relatives who were entertaining the TV audience with a Niagara of tears claimed that the suspect never hand a gun. Well, this is also standard procedure for the police to plant a gun on the hands of the suspect to justify extrajudicial killing.

Nothing has changed with police methods. They are as old as the PNP and other police forces. So where is the promised change? Yes, it is here with killings and more killings. It seems the police, with the backing of the new President, want to compete with the records of Pol Pot, who had made Cambodia a killing field.

Arming the tanods and civilians
What is the new President trying to do? Many tanods are bad enough without arms, how much more if they are armed. Normally, the tanods are the private arms of the barangay chairmen who appoint them. If this plan goes through, you will have more killings of suspected drug users and pushers. The next ones to be killed are their personal and political enemies. This is an invitation to spreading wars contributing to instability and disorder. This is extreme but this is no solution, as it will give birth to more problems. It is bad enough that we have undisciplined and criminal policemen. Think of arming the untrained and undisciplined tanods and civilians. We will have a “Wild, Wild West” situation in the Philippines. It is good for Duterte, who is an expert gunslinger, but what about the rest of us helpless citizens who have yet to learn how to fire a gun?

Unmasking the generals and an anti-poor solution
Well, PNP Chief Bato de la Rosa, with all his Dirty Harry rhetoric, is human after all, moved to tears while in conference with his subordinated upperclassmen in the PMA. They must have become sentimental recalling those PMA days from way back when.

What does this demonstrate? That powerful men like generals and drug lords from here and other countries are treated differently from the poor drug users and drug pushers. What a glaring illustration of an anti-poor policy. I have not read of any drug lord being killed during the 11 days of the Duterte administration or any general or high-ranking police officer—and there are many of them involved in the anti-drug trade.

This is not only a violation of our criminal laws but, more specifically, of the due process and equal protection provision of our Constitution, which is Section 1 of Article III of the said document.

So you see, you create more problems than solutions by unmasking the generals and treating them differently from the citizen drug user and drug pusher. So the Duterte law is one for the mighty and privileged and another for the poor and underprivileged? Something has to be done here with such glaring inequality. Because based on the parameters of the system, the Duterte enforcement stinks. He claims in his inaugural speech that he is uncompromisingly committed to the rule of law and due process. Where are due process and the rule of law in these cases, Mr. President?

Fixing a timeline is a disaster
No individual can solve the illegal drug problem in six months within the system; it cannot be done. It can be done beyond the system. Make your boys think, Mr. President, if as you claim they are the best and the brightest. Because if they cannot evolve that formula in due time, they will end up as the beasts and lightest. It is too soon to be subjected to that kind of judgment. But if you, Mr. President, and your boys cannot do it within your timeline, what will your critics and the people think? You will seek refuge in your normal line that you were only joking when you fixed the timeline? You know, Mr. President, one joke is bad enough—and nobody is laughing—while several will be a disaster.


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  1. Amado P.Salvador on

    I may be incorrect to say my humble opinion on this. Those killed are perhaps 99% were into illegal drugs either as pushers, users or combination of both. No argument on whether they were accorded due process as provided by law. In the many killings, you may be all correct when you assumed that they were summarily killed (salvaged). What if we look at this in a different perspective. As of the latest count, there were at least 300 persons killed when Operation double Barrel was implemented. What if these were all accorded due process. In all likelihood they could have been again out in the streets doing their thing . Do you imagine if just 50% of those killed would distribute to new users (150 persons would be added to the number of drug dependents). Again assuming that out of those killed 15 % could not support to finance their addiction, hence, they would commit crime to raise money to buy drugs (45 crimes would be added every time they feel the urge) what if 5 % by being high on drugs, their sexual drive could become uncontrollable, they could be driven to rape innocent unsuspecting ladies so, 15 cases of rape could be added. I could go on and on for some dreaded possiblities. Now that they are dead, they are silenced forever. Baka nga on the next life Divine Justice would be unkind to their souls.

    • A tough perspective!

      Another perspective is this: spare these drug users and peddlers for a time. Hit those at the top to plug the pipeline. Then go downstairs.

      I see two concerns from the commenters.

      First – why eliminate the base of the pyramid, while giving due process to the cornerstone?

      2nd – why crush the base of the pyramid? Why not the source first?

      3rd – if millions of Filipinos are at the base – soon to disappear, how long could you solve the problem?

      Hi! Boo Hi!

  2. We know that the current administration’s approach of curbing the drug issue has its flaws especially on the impact of possible human rights violation, but Mr Radaza Sir, can you think of an alternative solution that is relatively quick, free of collateral damage, and effective enough before this drug issue having neglected by past administration gets blown out of proportion? While one still cranking up his head, Digongs’ administration for me is doing fairly in meeting its objective, and please let’s not be quick to our judgment considering there’s no clear or irrefutable evidence yet that these suspected extrajudicial killings are actually being perpetrated or influenced by the government, for it cud be just doings of a whack job cop/s or individual who tried to clean/cover himself or part of a conspiracy to bring down the administration… Sadly, some if not most of us are now becoming more susceptible to media’s hype that we often fail to hold it for long enough to weigh things before we let our emotions get carried away or swing our judgement. If in the past we’ve managed to patiently wait even for years for the Aquino’s administration to deliver their achievement however futile or unsubstantial, then there’s no reason that we cannot provide the same tolerant position for the new administration to let them execute their plans according to their 6 months’ or so timeline. Yes, it’s pretty ambitious but given the gravity of the issue, it’s only apt that government would have to act fast. Suspected criminals getting killed for some but mostly valid or lawful reasons at the rate of ~11/day is relatively high but we have to note that this is an accelerated plan, therefore significant rate is expected. This is actually no big different than what was happening in the past, only that it was staggered for a dragged out time. And as to these extrajudicial killings which one can only suspect might have something to do with pnp hidden ops, which undeniably being favored/cheered by thousands if not millions of mostly frustrated Filipinos who for decades longed for our nations clear progress, of course it’s still no excuse that we will just have to tolerate this madness but in this given urgent battle that calls for desperate measures to be won, things that sometimes get out of hand are inevitable, as a result one has to really take the toll of being a sacrificial lamb.

    “There are no heroes…in life, the monsters win”- Sansa Stark.

    If what it takes to curb the menace of our society is to become a monster, then I have no problem letting the government be for a while, for what difference does it make to order the killing of criminals if God himself: allows the purging of Midianites and the virgins to be raped (Numbers 31:7-18), slaughter firstborn babies (Exodus 12:29), drowns the entire population of the earth (Genesis 7:21-23), dismembered children because they teased the Prophet Elisha (2 Kings 2:23-24), kills 50,000 men for peeking into the ark of the covenant (1 Samuel 6:19)?

  3. Daming matatalinong pilipino pero bat ba karamihan sa nag cocomment dito ay nag papakatangga? Bat wala daw drug lord o general na napapatay? Bat puro small time lang daw napapatay… if you are a drug lord or a general will you leave traces that will lead to your down fall? diba hindi… makikita mo ba drug lord mismo nag bibinta ng drugs? nakikita mo ba na general directly interfering with investigations? galamay lang nila pinapagalaw nila… sa madaling salita pera lang hinahawakan nila at di mismo yong drugs… yong small timer bat napapatay? eh wala na silang alam na makapagkakakitaan… and some of them are already too dependent on drugs that the just cant let go… madami nga sumuko at gustong mag bago pero tingnan nyo ang kung ano ginawa nila pagkatapos sumuko ayon balik pagtutulak nanaman…

    If you guys are so worried that criminals are killed… why dont you try to be in the front line during drug raids or buy bust operation… it would we nice too see you put your lives at risk for sometime… and oh when the bullets starts flying lets see you not fight back…

    and by the way where are you guys when these pity criminals murder innocent citizen…

  4. How does RP become a NARCO-SOCIETY?
    Yes despite a war on illegal drugs for decades the supply keeps flooding into the U.S. precisely because it is a rich country that can afford the vice. But how does a poor country like the Philippines become drug addicted if not for the complicity and corruption of our gov’t and the failure of our constitutional laws to defend its people against the menace. Chinese meth (shabu) is being used as a weapon of foreign aggression, it is as destructive as tanks and bombs, because it poisons the mind and destroys our youth.
    I imagine that if U.S. citizens discovered their police, government, senators and congressmen behind narco-trafficking/trafficking, they would load their guns and storm the state capitol to OCCUPY the White House the way they did Wall Street and hang the culprits. That is what the exercise of their 2nd Amendment Constitutional Right to Bear Arms is all about.
    Here in the RP the unarmed are powerless, it is the criminals, the terrorists, the elites who are themselves political warlords who wield power through the barrel of the gun. Thank God, Du 30 is trying to even the odds for the law abiding Filipinos.

  5. Ask him how good was he in depending the crook and won the case. Was it not a work of super crook. How disastrous when ones own intelligence is being mis used instead of using it to save the dying Philippines. If you have nothing to help aside from just talking to the moon and the stars for recognition as a good writer better close your mouth. So much bulshits around to be neutralized or put to silence. You better shut your mouth if you can not help.

  6. Have the police arrest all the pork barrel, DAP fund and bribe taking politicians attending the SONA.

    De Lima was given a list of 20 senators and 100 house members who gave their pork barrel money to her in exchange for kickbacks. De Lima arrested 3 opposition senators out of the 120 sparing all of Aquino’s allies from charges.

    Arrest the senators who took DAP fund bribes to impeach Chief Justice Corona so Aquino could get a bigger payoff for Hacienda Luisita after installing his puppet Chief Justice.

    Arrest all these people on live tv and set a long overdue example.

  7. What I like about the article is about emphasizing the treatment of the accused Generals who are involved in a drug trade compare to those low profile drug pushers. The growing number of execution for suspected drug pushers are mostly or entirely small-time. These two sets of people are still being accused but it is clearer than the sun that our law is for rich and high profile personalities only. They are protected by the constitution while the other are like animals that can be dumped anytime, anywhere.

    Give Duterte a chance to deliver his promise is the common phrase you heard from his supporters. For me, I am confused what kind of society they would like to have aside from the fact that the damage has been already done. Also, in other countries like Saudi, China or Indonesia to name some, whenever a Filipino got involved with drugs, he/she is duly given a due process to get cleared or to at least defend. But, here in our country we are now starting to become lawless when it comes to ordinary drug pushers.

    Nevertheless, if this is the only solution that the current Administration has, I really wish that there will be no innocent peole who will get victimized by summary execution or misfired during the operation. I hope that all their judgements are correct and just. Then, it would be much better if high profile personalities and ordinary one will be treated same. They can be both killed immediately (even just a suspect) or must both enjoy the equal protection of the law.

  8. The question is what help we are extending to solve this extreme problem. Is anyone of us are brave enough to help stop this problem, drugs and corruption. The President is doing he option to solve this extreme problem.

  9. Plain and simple:
    Treat all suspects fairly, exercise due process. Walang Mayor o General, dapat kung ano ang nilapat na pamantayan kay Pedro, ganoon din kay Juan.

    Baka mamaya lang, di na maapuhap yang mga Mayor at General na yan!

  10. If you have a better solution Mr. Adaza, please run for President in 2022.
    You have not even mentioned the number of surrenderees en masse. And please don’t compare us to the US since their government uses drugs as money machine in their fight to overthrow governments unfriendly to them, (think Gary Webb and his expose of the drug fueled anti-Sandinista Contras).
    The reason the drug industry will remain and flourish in the US.
    In this war, there will be collateral damage as always but this is not to condone them. The rogue cops must be punished as well.

  11. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers,New York
    14 July 2016

    Der Fuhrer RODRIGO DUTERTE and his “Dirty Harry Calahan” PNP Chief “Bato” de la Rosa are now implementing a Solution to the systemic drug problem afflicting the country which could, within just six months, prove to be much worse than the Problem.

    Predictably, if they push that Solution without fear or favor and without mercy, the Philippines will be turned into another KILLING FIELD–with the constitutional Rule of Law completely destroyed.

    My question is: IS THE DESTRUCTION OF THE RULE OF LAW in an effort to solve the Drug Problem, “cost effective?”


  12. I am interested to know Mr. Adaza’s extreme solutions to the extreme problem of illegal drugs. I waited for his propositions to the end of his column but could not find any. Did I waste my time reading this?

  13. The simplest way to end this drug menace is to dump, say about 300 kgs or more of meth that were confiscated, laced with cyanide and distribute this discretely to where drugs use proliferate. For sure, those who will die, like mosquitoes sprayed with Baygon, are only the pushers and users of the drug.

    This will create fear to the would be pushers/users if they dare taking it. Then nobody or there may be some who will dare to die and take it anyway.

    This way, the spread of this drug will stop of decline drastically.

  14. Fantai Fa Thai on

    Cut the roots, not the leaves.

    But if you don’t want to see the leaves, then simultaneously destroy the addict-users, destroy the pushers, destroy the chemists, destroy the drug lords, destroy the protectors.

    Don’t invite the generals for a heart-to-heart talk, Don’t handcuff the foreign chemists – treat them like those pushers caught, handcuffed, jailed, shot after supposedly grabbing the gun of a policeman.

    Don’t publicize the names of generals and politicians, because this only gives them time to clean up their remaining tracks, hire the best attorneys, bagmen, financial negotiators and PR outfit in town, and defend themselves by feeding lies to the media.

    Treat the big time drug syndicates equally as the lowly addict-users. If one deserves to die, then the rest must be given the same benefit.

    Hi! Boo Hi!

  15. This nation voted the right president at this troubling times. Pnoy left a lot of problems by not acting and solving them. Imagine, a simple problem of lag lag bala was not solve. How can a Grace Poe solve this problem? She is just 40 plus years old. How can Mar solve this problem ? He is just a follower of Pnoy. How can Binay solve this problem ? His cases of corruption is neck deep. The bad mouth Duterte is the only answer at his time. This country they say is a Narco State. Scary.

  16. How does RP become a NARCO-SOCIETY?

    Yes despite a war on illegal drugs for decades the supply keeps flooding into the U.S. precisely because it is a rich country that can afford the vice. But how does a poor country like the Philippines become drug addicted if not for the complicity and corruption of our gov’t and the failure of our constitutional laws to defend its people against the menace. Chinese meth (shabu) is being used as a weapon of foreign aggression, it is as destructive as tanks and bombs, because it poisons the mind and destroys our youth.

    I imagine that if U.S. citizens discovered their police, government, senators and congressmen behind narco-trafficking/trafficking, they would load their guns and storm the state capitol to OCCUPY the White House the way they did Wall Street and hang the culprits. That is what the exercise of their 2nd Amendment Constitutional Right to Bear Arms is all about.

    Here in the RP the unarmed are powerless, it is the criminals, the terrorists, the elites who are themselves political warlords who wield power through the barrel of the gun. Thank God, Du 30 is trying to even the odds for the law abiding Filipinos.

  17. Allen llamar on

    You have so much in your comments Sir, you are a tuta of the late Cory Aquino. Did yopu ever did sometning about this drug demise in our society even just a 1/16 of the of the solution.

    Zest, nada, zero. I know rwhat you did during the time of the Dark ages of cory regime line up your pocket with the likes of Pimentel, Osmena, etc. and the rests of your comrades who palages our country. Corruption was uncontrollable, abuse of power and of course drugs and criminality. Now that your out of power putak ka ng putak ,shame on you.

  18. Hector David on

    Why don’t you write about the leader who fostered condoned allowed played blind to,encouraged, was non commmital,did not have the courage to stop / end/address the drug problem… our former president and your idol?
    Accept the fact that courage and sincerity is needed….neither you nor the yellow army had it. Give the leader or 15 million who voted for him a chance…thsee are interesting times… for the abusive ..the criminal. . The oligarchs and the non belivers that a leader can realize his people’s aspirations

  19. Cut off the supply seems simplistic, but when it is all gone, the war is over. It is no simple operation to produce this vile substance. Takes chemists, lab paraphernalia and it must be in an area secluded where it cannot be detected. Easy to spot, lots of traffic, it has a distinct oder. That;s why It all comes from abroad, or on ships at sea. Make very difficult to produce and sell by watching for the production. Just a thought.

  20. Matino na Pinoy on

    Uncle Bono, few millions kababayans, including yourself misinterpreted, what DU30 promised, to solve the drug problems within 3-6 months if he is elected president. The whole world was/is aware that the Philippines is the biggest playing field for drug lords, smugglers, wholesalers, retailers, street pushers and users and drug laboratories are freely producing drugs. Senators, Congressmen/women, Cabinet Members, Judges, DOJ, BuCor officials, Police officers, media personalities, and more, the list can go on and on, are involved in illegal drugs, one way or the other.

    The bottom line is this: Philippines is now a NARCO STATE and the government has lost its control in dealing with drug crimes. What DU30 promised is to take the country back by declaring war on drugs, criminals and plunderers. Eliminating was not the whole intent but putting it under control and it seems that DU30 is on his way in fulfilling his promises to the Filipino people. For now, media should leave him alone.

    DU30 started naming personalities from the bottom, and I think they dubbed this as “bottom- up operation” and the next names he’s going to reveal are the mayors. I can only guess the next would be governors, congress people, couple of senator, prominent lawyers and media personalities (uncle Bono, do you fit this description?) and probably save Senator Leila De Lima for last, because of the convicted drug lords serving life sentences in NBP continued their activities under De Lima’s watch.

    • The question is still the same, what happen now to the Generals, incarcerated, No. killed, NO. lambasted, I Don’t think so. Cuddled, ABSOLUTELY!
      How about the small fishes, Dead already, YES. incarcerated, YES! Cuddled, YES, Treated fairly, You tell us!

      That’s why this Pilandok and Bato is also biased. Did any of the Small fish had a chance to have a talk to them like what he did to the Generals who even had a Media interview. And how about the already suspected Mayors? Remember that these small fish are also suspects unless proven guilty.

      May justice po ba? You tell it to yourself.

  21. It is no denying, we are a nation of thieves and drug addicts. Dutertes solution might be the only solution. Our justice system is corrupt. Who will enforce the law if the judge enforcer is also corrupt ?

  22. Melinda suficiencia on

    Atty Bono,Pres Duterte will fail in his ANTI-ILLEGAL DRUG CAMPAIGN unless he establishes a “revolutionary govt.”
    Does he not realize that practically all the Senators,CCongessmen,Governors,Mayors,Barangay Chairmen and the PNP are “PROTECTORS” OF THE ILLEGAL TRADE INDUSTRY in the Philippines?

  23. I like your writings Mr Adaza, especially with your preface quotes. These are brilliants. And most of the times I agree with you. But this time I disagree. Give Duterte a chance. You are not making any concrete suggestion. As your article’s title indicate, drastic solution for a drastic problem. There maybe negative things along the way, but the positives may far outweigh the negatives towards this national cleansing. We do not expect total solution of this menace, but at least significant reduction.

  24. Mr. H. Adaza Sir I think all your writings about the things the new president is doing is not right according to your standard. Maybe you may have a lot of things that you know and may want to give it to the president. Or maybe you are trying to get some attentions for being so critical about if not all of what the new adminstration is doing. How about aharing these knowhow of yours to the public. Maybe you can self appoint yourself as a think tank to President Duterte for free maybe he will appreciate unlike barking all the time and trying to analyzed and give a negative view of what you don’t like. I understand you are expressing your discontent under the unbrella of freedom of speech.

  25. Mr. H. Adaza, Kung ikaw ang presidente ng PH ano ang iyong solution(s) sa problema ng droga ngayon. Maayos at malinaw ang iyong mga argumento, kaya ikaw nga ang umopo bilang presdente at tignan natin ang magagawa mo. madaling magbigay ng mga puna o payo pero mahirap gawin ang mga ito lalo na sa ating mga pilipino na puro ang hilig ay
    magsalita at hindi gumawa o tumulong para sa lalong nakakarami.

  26. At least those that are wasted are not angel. good riddance. you may not like it but hes doing the majority a favor.

    • Mike Bunning on

      Tama ka kaibigan…Gaya ng isang farm to be more productive alisin ang mga masamang damo….

  27. juan bandurias on

    Duterte justice is selective, twisted kind of justice. Suspected small criminals are getting killed without hesitation. While suspected druglord coddlers who are generals, big businessmen, mayors or governors are not killed. The killings of small criminals are all for show just to entertain the 16 million Flips again. Its a smokescreen to hide something being cooked in the dirty kitchen by Duterte and his followers in Congress and Senate. That is the insidious ramming down of Federalism down our throats to usher in the eventual seizure of political power by the CPP NPA , MILF, MNLF, Duterte family dynasty and allied oligarchs in designated federal states. I hope Bono can write more about Duterte’s suspicious brand of federalism.

    • suspected criminals are killed bcoz they want to engaged with the law enforcers.. druglords and the generals kaya hindi napapatay kasi hindi nman lumaban. gets mo?