Eye care specialist with a heart


Paris Miki
A passion that grew into advocacy to uplift the quality of people’s lives through healthy vision.

Facing a competitive local optical retail market, the way by which Paris Miki first entered the country is characteristic of what exactly makes the Japanese company different from its counterparts. Paris Miki is a highly-regarded Japanese brand with an 87-year tradition of offering premium eye care services and eyewear selection across its close to 1,000 stores worldwide, but it would take two tourists and – much later – a medical mission following the disaster that was Typhoon Yolanda, before Paris Miki considered permanently setting up shop here.

Tokusen Aoki, head of operations for Paris Miki Philippines, arrived in the country in 2014, months after Typhoon Yolanda severely devastated parts of the Visayas. He organized a team of 17 eyecare specialists and licensed doctors to fly to Leyte, bringing with them three 40kg bags filled with eyeglasses and two boxes of medical equipment. This would be the first of Paris Miki’s regular medical missions in the Philippines, which extends to this day with the company’s ongoing partnership with Bayanihan Foundation.

The big idea to open Paris Miki in the Philippines, therefore, was not borne out of commercial purposes, but by a heart for medical support and service. “Paris Miki is not looking to sell as many glasses as it can,” Tokusen stressed. “The company’s thrust, first and foremost, is to contribute to the Philippines through optical services. “I like to think of Paris Miki as a business that doubles as a service, built around forging important relationships.”

Meanwhile, with customers, it is a relationship of personalized care and counsel that Paris Miki hopes sets it apart from local optical shops. Many of these shops function as eyewear retailers, with their business largely driven by some form of deal, while Paris Miki sets itself apart by focusing on health, wellness and expert eye care. Paris Miki is actively trying to make primary and specialty eye care services more accessible to the Philippine market, with a good number of its offerings being educational in nature, and not merely driven by price.

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