• Eyelashes get a primer


    When choosing make-up, women are always looking for something that lasts. Because a lipstick, an eyeshadow, or a blush-on that does not stay for long hours, does not work. Constant reapplication is among a woman’s top cosmetic turn-offs.

    Because of this, primers continue to grow as a cosmetic trend that even the most unlikely facial parts get their very own primers.

    Take for example Air Patrol, Benefit’s eyelid primer launched late 2015 in the Philippine market. This 2016, the San Francisco-based cosmetic company continues its primer saga by introducing They’re Real (TAR) Tinted Primer for the eyelashes.

    “This is a life-changing primer, because you can actually wear it two ways,” said Julie Bell, EVP of Global Marketing and Product Innovation, in a statement. “Wear it by itself for feathery separation that’s beyond natural-looking for when you want your lashes to look dressed but not too made-up. Or layer it under They’re Real! or Roller Lash Mascara—or even other brands’ mascaras.”

    On what makes it actually work, the TAR primer contains a water-resistant gel formula, conditioning Provitamin B5, and finally, a custom ExtraFlex brush designed to move with lashes for separation.

    “I’m so excited! Gals will be obsessed with They’re Real Tinted Primer. For me, my lash dreams have finally come true!” Bell added.

    To better understand and appreciate the importance of a mascara primer, Benefit Cosmetics Philippines also answered these important questions:

    How is it different from other lash primers?

    While most mascara primers are white, TAR Tinted primer stands out with its sexy mink-brown shade.

    How is it applied?

    Apply it just like TAR mascara. Position wand horizontally and wiggle the brush from side to side, coating lashes from base to tip. For a big, doe-eyed look fan the corner lashes outward with the custom-domed tip. Wear alone or layer mascara on top.

    Should the mascara be applied right after?

    Not really. The formula can be worn by itself to dress-up bare lashes. But it can also be layered with mascara to dramatically enhance its results. In fact, the primer keeps lashes so soft and supple, that mascara can be applied up to six hours later with no clumping.

    Does it only work with They’re Real! Mascara?

    Wearing it under TAR mascara gives extra length, lift and separation. But TAR primer can also be worn under other mascara brands.

    And finally, is it easy to remove?

    Yes! TAR tinted primer is water-resistant yet easy to remove.


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