Face to face with Mike Tagle


Over a thousand guests and spectators attended the Philippine Fashion Gala 2017: Untold last Nov. 11 at the the Green Sun Hotel along Chino Roces Extension. Makati City. The show was participated in by 40 Filipino designers.

“Each collection has an ‘untold’ story to tell and that was what the occasion was all about,” shared event producer Mike Tagle, founder of MTP Production and the man behind the concept. But how about his own “untold” stories? How did he end up producing one of the most anticipated fashion events of the year?

“I was a seafarer by profession. I graduated with a degree in Business Marine Transportation, and since I used to travel across the seas, photography has become my hobby,” Tagle said. “I loved doing it [photography]so much that I abandoned my job. I focused specifically on fashion photography. I’m also having fun conducting modeling workshops. I’ve been unstoppable ever since!”

Tagle pained a picture depicting a steep climb to the top, “I started everything from scratch, lahat utang. Now, I can’t imagine how it turned out to be successful—doing it over and over for the past nine years. This edition [of Philippine Fashion Gala]is already my 24th.”

That, he revealed, was the start of of his event production business. “I don’t see myself doing other things anymore until my last breath. My passion is here. I simply love fashion!” he gushed.

On the state of Philippine fashion, he has this to say: “For me, the fashion Industry is blooming. Filipino designers nowadays have an innate sense of ‘attitude’ and undeniably very talented. We are already known globally, and we’re still growing. And people are starting to see and embrace that. What I love is here, there’s collaboration and mutual support among designers and even fashion schools.”

What are our areas of improvement, then?

“What we need to improve—and this is definitely applicable in whatever industry—is to give the same opportunities to everyone whether you’re a professional or an amateur. We will all get there kung paghhirapan mo, pangangalagaan mo ang pangalan mo, at respetuhin ang bawat isa. If you do all those things, you will earn back all your investments, and even earn the people’s trust. Rule of the thumb, don’t ever ever break that trust.”

Finally, Tagle has this word of advice to the young ones aspiring to be in the fashion industry: “MTP Production has this tagline: dare to learn! Never be afraid to reach your goal. Huwag ninyo pigilan because who else will do that dream for you? Ikaw lang, so believe in yourself!”


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