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    1. Have this militant group be investigated, if the Chinese government have direct hand for supporting this people. and if it does, oust all Chinese diplomats for distabilizing our country. i thought they are communist party of the philippines, why are they rallying here. does this communist here in our country has the same right in Mainland china? Traitor….!!


      Where are these supposed to be patriots and nationalists when and after typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines? I did not see these bunch when the Americans came after typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines to help the victims. I did not see any of their banners or any of their prominent slogans during the time that various groups were helping the victims of the typhoon. Where were they, anyway? These people are nothing but a bunch of ingrates, if anything can be said about

    3. Charles A. Tutop on

      I’m so embarrassed, as a Filipino American,for those people protesting against my country. Don’t you people realize that the American people have been helping you all this time? Would you people rather have the Chinese there? Having the Chinese on your side and we’ll see what happens; the Chinese government are already claiming the Philippines. I hope you guys are happy with it!!! I’m @$#*& all this and I hope you idiotic people protesting about the US you get your wish… we’ll see when you start talking Chinese, and act like one of them. I hope we American’s shut the door and never look back!!

      • I could not agree more Charles.It seems that the more Americans help people the less respect they get.Whenever there is a disaster like Yolanda, American help and support is very much appreciated and wanted then.Your right, see what happens when the front door is left wide open to the Chinese.Protest that!