Faeldon is customs commissioner to watch



NICK Faeldon is the new commissioner of the Bureau of Customs (BOC). He must have earned the trust of incoming President Rodrigo Duterte for him to land what is perceived be the most coveted job in government. To maintain the president’s confidence in him, he should prove himself equal to the difficult task of totally eradicating what most Filipinos associate with the BOC as rampant corruption.

Reducing corruption should have been enough an accomplishment for a new BOC chief. But the way the newly elected president issued his “marching order” to rid government of corruption, he was leaving no room for failures. Thus, President Duterte is the main reason for the use of “totally eradicating,” which is the more appropriate word at the moment.

If you search BOC by “Google,” which is today’s faster way of finding information, you will learn so many things about it. Try “customs corruption” and you will find a long list of topics defining the two words that you will never run out of research materials for a college thesis and, who knows, even for post-graduate course.

A marine as BOC head
Going back to Faeldon, will he really be able to resist the “color of money?” He knows he will be closely watched for every move and pronouncement that he makes from the time he takes over BOC on June 30.

How long Faledon will last as customs chief remains a guessing game. But as long as he has the backing of President Duterte, he should be able to make THE difference among BOC insiders.

Faeldon is a captain in the Philippine Marines. He is more popularly known by his nickname “Nick,” which is short for Nicanor. As customs commissioner, he will surely face many challenges ahead, most of them dealing with corruption.

It may be much too early to judge Faeldon by what he plans to do at the customs bureau. Yes, he shows aggressiveness, an attitude that will be measured by his accomplishments. He has to contend with a lot of stumbling blocks to his efforts that would elicit the military man in him.

Collection target
If the Duterte-led government would continue the imposition of previous national leaderships, it would set a yearly collection target for Faeldon. This is not good for the bureau. Why such-and-such amounts to collect in a given year when the job of customs collectors is not to enrich themselves? Their duty is to collect for the public coffers ALL the collectibles. Period.

Will Faeldon’s performance as BOC chief be also measured by his leadership’s ability to meet the target? If this would be the gauge of his performance, he would have so much time to enjoy himself when he would have collected enough to meet the collections.

The question is, what Faeldon would do the rest of the year if, say, he were able to collect the amount required of him in only six months? He should know that idling itself is a form of corruption.

A corruption story
Here is a story why corruption in government still persists. This may be fiction but nevertheless it tells about bribery in government service and the official toleration of it even by the president.

Luckily for most Filipinos, President Duterte has been announcing his appointments, which is via a press conference, meaning in public, while waiting for his oath-taking on June 30. On the other hand, the new president in the following story did the “division of the loot” by meeting with potential appointees.

In one of these meetings, an applicant for customs commissioner felt disappointed when he did not get the appointment. Instead, he got a different agency to head, which he had wanted to reject.

Then he got the parting but encouraging words from the president that made him accept the appointment.

“Don’t worry,” the president told this particular appointee. “That’s also lucrative.” “That” refers to the agency he was to head.

If the story is true, lucrative was a bad word, which luckily for Filipinos, President Duterte did not apply in choosing the members of his cabinet.

Finally, Duediligencer has one wish for Faeldon: May he succeed in cleansing the customs bureau of undesirables from top to bottom including security guards.



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  1. 4 Retired AFP GEN doing their jobs very well were replaced when Lina was appointed
    to give him all the ops to corrupt the system. Pati BBBx were affected.

  2. Frank Fernandez on

    There may be failure during the short time of D. Lim as the former BOC head. The BOC is an agency run by personnel who are suppose to be accountable under their commissioner. But there are some alleged to be operating under protections and connections from power players: confidential politicians and powerful syndicated agencies. It’s difficult to entangle the complex connections at the BOC. If they are to deal and check only the employees of BOC, it’s just scratching and wiping the surface. That made Lim realize it eventually and he suffered high blood pressure at his prime age. Now with the coming of the new administration, as already marshalled by Du30, an overhaul is about to begin at major agencies: PNP, AFP, BOC, DOJ, LGU, others – that would level the field and eliminate power brokers. By that, I believe it would neutralize corruptions in the BOC.

  3. Bureau of Custom….It is about time to reorganise it and replace it from Top to Bottom……Do the sweeping now…Only those honest will be retain….

  4. A few years ago, a female Naval Intelligence Officer who posed as a sex worker in Pasay told me that aside from Japanese and Korean tourists who frequented these expensive clubs you will also find high spenders from BOC taking out beautiful girls almost nightly while NBI operatives likewise frequent the place and taking out the same girls for free (w/o paying anything including drinks) perhaps for protection purposes.

  5. Maybe the President think that we need a crook – under supervision – to catch the crooks…
    Don’t underestimate the Prez !

  6. Mr Perez,
    Nick can do the job within 4 months. Definitely he can remove undesirable employees of the BOC in 3 months. As a professional marine combatant, he can bring the right values to the BOC employees for a real change.

  7. emmanuel mallari on

    the appointment of nick faeldon to head the BOC could be breath of fresh air. however, i would like to throw caution to the wind as i am not sure if he is up to the task. danilo lim, a RAM member was once given the task to help the sitting commissioner rid the BOC of corruption. unfortunately, he gave up by saying the people running the BOC has the backing of powerful people so much so that he quit even before he could make a dent. mind you, danilo lim is a brig. gen while nick faeldon is just a captain. in other words, kung ang brig. gen ay walang nagawa, isang captain pa kaya?

    • tony de leon on

      yes but Danny Lim may not have the backing of Pnoy and cabinet. Duterte is different he is solid and decisive with the backing of his cabinet and the people. I think Faeldon can do the job and accomplish the mission

    • “MARINE” captain si faeldon

      “ARMY” brig.gen si lim

      Wala sa ranggo yan…

  8. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Only time will tell but the least we could say to Nick, money is not everything as it will only bring you to hell. God save the Philippines.

  9. Faeldon’s first test should be how he deals with the untouchables BOC officials who were placed by INC at BOC. I dare him to fire or replace Atty. Teddy Raval, a corrupt INC member at BOC.

    • That’s the biggest mistake of Duterte. Getting the votes of the INC cult will make the INC people at the BOC untouchables. It has been a common knowledge that INC requires their winning candidates to appoint INC people to lucrative positions. To hell with the INC people.

  10. tony de leon on

    He should with the support of the president and if he cannot do the job Duterte will replace him and if not then Duterte will disappoint many of his fans and will be judge as just another crook as usual.