• Faith Factor for 2015


    A New Year Message from Bishop Efraim M. Tendero

    National Director, Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches

    We welcome the New Year with great expectations and anticipation for a bright future, amidst the challenges we face as a nation.

    Using the “Faith Factor,” we can expect 2015 to be one of our best years. Just like the people of Israel in the midst of problems and difficulties, they were encouraged by the Prophet Isaiah to move forward with great assurance.

    To make the most of this new year we must employ the “Faith Factor” as described in Isaiah 54:1-17. We need to:

    Forget the past setbacks (vv. 1-4). They had the reproach of being barren and widowed but they were called to enlarge their dwelling place and “spread abroad to the right and to the left” (v. 3). Our past failures and setbacks should not hinder our progress today.

    Acknowledge the power of God (vv. 5-6). We can move with confidence because our help comes from God. He is described as the God of the whole earth, the Lord Almighty and our Redeemer. Nothing is impossible with Him.

    Immerse on the promises of God (vv. 7-10). God is the compassionate and covenant-keeping God who promised that though the mountains be shaken, His unfailing love and covenant of peace will not be removed.

    Trust the plan of God (vv. 11-14). The people who were once afflicted and destroyed will have a glorious future. From the ashes they will be rebuilt to a place of beauty, peace and righteousness.

    Hold on to the protection of God (vv. 15-17). No one will be allowed to defeat God’s people, for even all the enemies are under God’s control.  Isaiah said “No weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed.” Peace and safety are the heritage of those who trust in the Lord.

    Let us welcome 2015 with such faith factor that as we put our trust and confidence in the God of the universe, we are confident that whatever challenges, problems and difficulties 2015 will bring, we will rise above and become victorious to enjoy a good future!

    Happy and blessed New Year to all!


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    1. Clear, concise, and simple reflection, that even I can understand. But most importantly, your message is optimistic and forward looking. Thank you.