Fake negotiators


The established fact that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) official known as Mohagher Iqbal signed that alias in the pacts between his organization and this Administration is another indication of the incompetence and stupidity, or both, of President Aquino’s negotiators.

How could they have allowed an alias to be used not only in an official document – a punishable offense under Republic Act 6085 and the Revised Penal Code – but in one which commits the government to, at best, give up some of its powers, and at worst, to a path that would dismember the Republic?

That chief negotiator Miriam Coronel-Ferrer and her immediate supervisor, presidential adviser Teresita Deles, thought the issue trivial reveals their deep disregard for the laws of this nation or their utter gullibility, or both. Ferrer was even ridiculous in saying nonchalantly that “revolutionaries often use nom de guerre.”

We all know that. The issue is that a revolutionary can’t use an alias in signing an official document, since it is expressly prohibited by law. We can’t make an exception for one particular individual who really wants to topple the Republic.

Even the communists no longer use aliases when they go into peace talks, as Luis Jalandoni and his associate Fidel Agcaoili do. Aliases are used only to evade capture and detection by the enemy when a revolutionary is underground, or to spare reprisals on his family in really brutal regimes. Not in peace talks.

Competent negotiators (or a competent President) would have required that the peace pact documents be signed with a real, authentic name, with Iqbal probably just standing in the background of the singing ceremony as a “witness.”

One uses a fake name, the other two believe in the “Bangsamoro” cause.

One uses a fake name, the other two believe in the “Bangsamoro” cause.

Competent negotiators would also have documents ready that  would show that so-and-so has been authorized by the MILF Central Committee to represent the organization. If Iqbal is a nom de guerre, and the MILF insisted he sign the documents, competent negotiators would prepare a document that would satisfy all legal bans on the use of aliases.

Didn’t they bother to check how Iqbal got his salaries and expenses as chairman of the state-funded Bangsamoro Transition Commission? It should have raised alarms if he insisted on being paid in cash. If through the bank, he is now liable under our banking laws, which prohibit the use of aliases in bank transactions.

Ferrer and Deles looked like a cat on a road caught by a car’s headlights, clueless on what the issue was about.

One Aquino apologist even devoted an entire column romanticizing (as we did in the 1970s over Che Guevarra) about the Mexican rebel leader who used the nom de guerre “Subcommandante Marcos.” The writer claimed Marcos “descended from the mountains” and with several other Zapatista subcommandantes and their leader Commandante Tacho signed, “with their masks on,” on February 1996 the San Andres purported peace accords with the government of President Ernesto Zedillo. The writer was in effect saying: “Well, they didn’t use their real names, did they?”

What that gullible writer didn’t mention is that Zedillo’s troops acted as though the accords didn’t exist. They  intensified their campaign against the Zapatistas, with Zedillo formally throwing the accords to the wastebasket by December. I would suspect Zedillo and his successors could easily trash the peace pact as they knew that since the rebels signed using their aliases, it wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on.

Aquino’s “Framework and Comprehensive Agreements on the Bangsamoro” is the first ever peace pact signed by the Republic in which the rebel organization’s representative signed using an alias, a clear disregard for the laws of this country:

• The 1976 Tripoli Agreement was signed by Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) Chairman Nur Misuari, a real name, and Defense Undersecretary Carmelo Barbero, signing for the Philippine government.

• The 1987 Jeddah accord with the MNLF was also signed by Misuari and then Secretary of Interior and Local Government Aquilino Pimentel, Jr.

• The 1993 truce signed in Indonesia was signed also by MNLF Chairman Misuari and then retired general Eduardo R. Ermita, representing the government.

• The 1996 final peace agreement with the MNLF was signed also by Misuari and former Armed Forces Chief of Staff and Ambassador Manuel T. Yan.

• A July 1997 truce with the MILF was signed by then Vice Chairman Ghazali Jaafar, which wasn’t an alias, and former general Ambassador Fortunato Abat.

• A September 1997 truce agreement with the MILF was signed by legal counsel Atty. Omar B. Umpar and Maj. Gen. Joselin B. Nazareno.

• The 1998 truce with the MILF was signed by its official, the late Aleem Abdulaziz Mimbantas, which wasn’t an alias, and retired Gen. Orlando V. Soriano;

• The Mach 2001 agreement with the MILF on security issues was signed by then Vice Chairman Al Haj Murad Ibrahim, which was not an alias, and Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process former general Eduardo Ermita; and

• A June 2001 agreement with the MILF was signed also by Murad and Presidential Adviser Jesus Dureza.

Of course you’ve noticed something about the names I put in bold font, the negotiators of the past administrations with the MNLF and the MILF.

Most were former generals, those who led the military in the offensives against the Islamic insurgents. The civilian negotiators, Barbero and Dureza, were men of comprehensive knowledge of the Muslim insurgents. All these negotiators knew deeply not only in theory but especially through experience — even painful ones — how the Muslim insurgent’s mind worked and how they would act. They knew the politics of Muslims in Mindanao, how traditional corrupt politicians would always try to use an insurgent group for their own selfish agenda.

The MNLF and the MILF respected them as warriors, and wouldn’t even dare to fool them. No one among them accepted “Bangsamoro” as a term, knowing it was an invented one, which our gullible negotiators Deles and Ferrer even champion.

Deles and Ferrer’s very frame of mind — that it is Christian or Imperial Manila’s centuries -old oppression that the Muslims are fighting against — is in sharp contrast to the pragmatic view of the negotiator-generals, that the MNLF and the MILF were and continue to be armed organizations who would topple the Republic if they could.

No number of PhDs on “conflict resolution” nor a stint as a consultant for the East Timor peace talks can make Ferrer a competent negotiator with the wily MILF veterans. We don’t need bleeding-heart peaceniks like Deles in talks with the MILF, we need tough negotiators as these jihadists really respect only strength, not compassion.

Deles and Ferrer aren’t really negotiating for the Republic. They are merely intermediaries who’ve been striving for the Republic to embrace the MILF’s invented “Bangsamoro.”

They may have noble intentions (other than being Nobel laureates) but with the MILF, they are fake negotiators.

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  1. vagoneto rieles on

    Mesdames Quintos-Deles and Coronel-Ferrer are dilettantes who were given a chance to conceptualize and apply their theories on real life situations that, sadly, have earth-shaking and far reaching consequences to the Republic. This situation is not unlike an amateur who dabbles in military tactics and takes charge in a real life mission with a live ammo shoot-out. The long-running and still burning question is..”Is there anybody capable and serious enough to lead and be held to account in this administration?”

  2. eltee mulawin on

    >>> If Senators really mean business or will do their mandated duty as per Ph Constitution, they must formally request the DoJ or a Court to produced authenticated NBI clearances of Mr.Mohagher Iqbal either in the names of one of hundreds aliases he had or a real full name with affixed photo and finger prints.
    The same thing shall be requested to DFA and which ever banks he had an account to produced a authenticated application signed by him with corresponding photo.

    In this way issue about his personality and nationality will be immediately resolved accordingly.

  3. This is a blatant disregard of our duly constituted government and established law of the land. Our peace panel including the gullible and incompetent President should be punished for what they are doing to favor the MILF. They did a dishonorable act rather than uphold the justice and honor to our country. They are just minorities in our country and If minorities prefer sharia law, then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law. Philippines does not need minorities. Minorities need the Philippines, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desire, no matter how loud they yell discrimination. They must accept the whole Filipino norms, cultures, traditions and beliefs as they are also Filipinos to leave in harmony with others. If they want peace, we will give them peace, if they want war so be it, if that is the only way to preserve the constitution from dismembered of our country.

    • wow para kang si vladimir putin ha, i agree with what you are thinking but you do not need plagiarism to express that idea

  4. Mario Rav al on

    Iqbal could be using his real name to go around the Anti-Money Laundering Law. Remember, funds from overseas keep pouring in to the MILF. How else can they wage war?

    • It has been reported many times that Murad of MILF has sent over 500 MILF soldiers to fight in Afghanistan. Also that he has seen and over many years MILF received money from Osama Bin Laden.

    • Where are they getting their budget for their milf armies? I think a country close by wants Mindanao to be a part of their territory and supports them financially. Maintaining a big group like MILF involves a lot of money

  5. Nakakalungkot itong BBL kung ang Pilipinas ay maraming batas na, hindi pa rin lumalaganap ang kapayapaan sa buong bansa. tapos pilit isinusulong ang BBL??? ang BBL, ito ba ay magdudulot ng kapayapaan sa buong Mindanao at Pilipinas din. pagisispan po ng mabuti…

    • Pinapakita ang govt na takot tayo sa kanila which is not suppose to be the case na marami raw mamamatay kung Hindi papasa ang bbl, wrong answer, deles mentioned that on tv so then to have peace in Mindanao is to get rid of this group. How? AFP and PNP combine force will do it.

  6. What !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fake Hero!!!!!!!!! (who is the brain of the killing of Ninoy – a Cojuangco?);
    then blame Marcos to become a hero – Fake Hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fake PCOS President!!!!!!!!!!!

    AND NOW – FAKE BBL !!!!!!!!!!

    What is next? Fake Apology? or Fake tears?
    Crocodile tears?

  7. Its yet another piece of evidence showing people in charge in the philippines are incompetent. Sometimes in this country words just baffle me. Its like talking to idiots, but many times the law is on the idiots side.
    Get rid of this bbl & do what estrada ( & im not a fan of his by any means ) said, & thats have an all out war with these people to wipe them off the face of the earth. They want the seperation of this country but with their income ( billions of pesos ) still coming from central government.
    No one wants war, but the followers of the bbl want it more than the normal filipino. So give it to them, get rid of them once & for all & if not this will always be a burden around this countries neck, & after they get this first agenda sorted, i ask what comes next as im as sure as hell certain later on they will want more, then more then more. One day you need to sort it & better sooner than later.

    • I am sorry to say that I agree with you. Every election brings us a rehashed group of the same old incompetent and selfish politicians with a sprinkling of new ones who are mostly following the footsteps of the older groups. Many of the younger ones are much too hungry for power and money, and all too-willing to parrot a litany of hallelujah for their generous incompetent patrons, who are also only too willing to use money in the public coffers to perpetuate their personal agenda.
      Unfortunately, it seems the people have grown complacent and no longer actively fighting for the services expected of these politicians. And so they now rob us in broad daylight, slap our humiliated faces till we are blue, and look as if we will put up with more of the same. Will we really? Has this nation really gotten so used to the stupor? Have we given up the fight for what is our right? Nasaan ang mga magiting na Pilipino? Bakit tila pinutulan kayo na ng dila? Hanggang saan ninyo tatanggapin ang mga pang-aaping dinaranas ninyo?

  8. eusebio garcia on

    I would fire these 2 govt negotiators or use them as resource persons , careful that they dont act as spies for the MNLF………

    Revive the ARMM and give it more resources to become a multiracial and multicultural and non secular autonomous region more like HKG.

    Lets not put in Islamist state nor a Catholic one, nor a Hindu , or any other then a special non secular state. No different then the Christians have a state of their own following say BORN AGAIN principles.

    Problem is Crooks , Oligarchs, Pols……that have stunted the country’s development….
    By the way, why has this stupid PNoy not tried to open up the country , we closed it once with the Laurel Langley agreement , MALI ! lets open up to countries that have FOREIGN CORRUPT PRACTICES LAWS !

    When we do ASEAN , lets outsource the Judicial system to Singapore , ours is hoplessly discrpit and corrupt !

  9. Mr. Petalcorin’s comments herein, as MNLF Director on Communications, make sense. The MILF, in allowing their peace negotiators to sign the CAB document under a false identity has some deep and ulterior purpose. It is probably built-in catch to disown someday their legal responsibility to comply on its provisions and renew their armed struggle against the government and eventually secede, which is their true objective. Going after those legally non-existing personalities in the national or international courts in case of violations on the provisions cannot prosper. Simply, the courts, especially international arbitration courts will immediately throw our case to the dust bin. However, this might be a blessing in disguise for the next administration. We can renege on that CAB document under a serious technicality. But it will put to shame this Congress, or even the SC, if ever it will pass the technically infirm BBL. Bad moros can’t really be trusted. But incidentally good christians are very trusting and can easily be fooled.

  10. Amnata Pundit on

    That they are all guilty of treason is already a settled question. This BBL is basically the same thing that the Supreme Court junked during GMA’s time, so doesn’t that mean that GMA is guilty of treason as well? It is clear that there is an irresistible force behind this BBL that made previous presidents like FVR and GMA succumb to it. Are the Malaysians and their money that irresistible, or is it a superpower’s threats coupled with enticements like the Nobel Peace Prize that is simply scaring or inducing these Pinoy quislings into sacrificing the national interests by surrendering to the enemies of the state without a fight? Mukhang si Marcos at Erap lang ang mga pangulo na matawag nating tunay na mga Bayani ng Bayan.

    • I think its the USA that force our president to commit to have a separate state from the south, since they need a base (naval & air) to counter China & US/Foreign bases are not allowed under the Philippine Constitution.

  11. Deles, Ferrer and PNoy are in such indecent haste to get BBL done and add a collective feather to their cap (with a possible Nobel prize thrown into the bargain), that they have overlooked so many details, especially the welfare of the very people who will have to live with the consequences of a BBL. A BBL that grants extraordinary powers and funding to an armed, belligerent group which will use these powers and funds to overwhelm all other groups or sectors, eventually giving this group complete domination of the region. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and, without the necessary checks and balances, the MILF will squash all contenders and suppress opposition and curtail freedom in the region.

    The mere thought of only one group dominating in that region cannot but evoke the view that a Frankenstein will soon rise in Mindanao.

    • “Deles, Ferrer and PNoy are in such indecent haste to get BBL done…”? Malamang, may “indecent proposal”! hahahaha!

  12. mel amarillo on

    This is an opinion page, It is right you give your opinion, that using a war name in negotiating peace with the government is wrong and fake. Plea do not think your opinion is the only right. Public opinion is the worst lie.

  13. Don’t be too hard on Deles and Ferrer, they are what we call savant idiots. They only know the mantra, “Give whatever is asked just no fighting only peace”. If they go on to negotiate with China, we will be lucky if a Philippine island is left.

  14. Just one thing, Mr Tiglao. I think Deles and Ferrer were remnants of GMAs own peace initiative which resulted in the MOA-AD, the latter evetually junked by the SC.

  15. chthonic monster on

    son-of-a-gun, this fake negotiators (dilis and fear her) are so dumb? they could be dealing with Mickey Mouse(?)!

  16. moneyfloyedsux on

    it’s all about the money. our negotiators did not bother checking the real names of MILF because they are making sure that their names are correctly written on the check they will be getting when the BBL is signed. In the Philippines, all negotiations, i say again ALL NEGOTIATIONS involves money, from the lowest government offices to the highest.

  17. It is very evident and obvious,that the 2 ,Deles and Ferrer are very ardent and insistent in the passage of BBL, indicates that perhaps,THEY ARE TO BE GIVEN PARTS OF THE FUNDS ALLOTED BY BBL.

    • Cut the country up and divide the spoils . Remember Germsny in the Second World War

  18. The first mistake this administration made, was when they started calling these milf crooks as revolutionaries. They are not. They are common bandits and terrorists. Branding them as revolutionaries have given them some credence. The ignorance and disregard of the law these so called government negotiators and their equally stupid boss pnoy, amounts to treason. Include the equally incompetent delima who seems to be totally ignorant of the law.

    I repeat. The MILF IS NOT A REVOLUTIONARY ORGANIZATION. THEY ARE SIMPLY BANDITS OR CROOKS OR TERRORISTS. The sad part is that they found an administration so COWARDLY, and SO AFRAID, AND so CROOKED, that they seem to be succeeding.

    The solution should be to throw the BBL in the waste can and run after these crooks, with all the might of the government.

    • I agree my friend. The MILF are merciless murderers,whose aim is to destroy our Nation. We must unite and urge the Congress to throw away the BABALA because the
      fact that Jihadist Mohagher Iqbal (not his real name) signed the peace agreement with his fictitious name proves that he is insincere and have fooled the incompetent negotiators of PNOY!!! What unpatriotic officials we have. Where is there love for our Nation! It is time for all patriotic Filipinos to stand up and defend our freedom by urging the Congress to declare the BABALA unsconstitutional and ask the rebels to disarm if they really want to give PEACE A CHANCE and if they believed that Islam is peace? God Bless our Nation and protect our country from traitors and terrorists!

  19. Hector David on

    Does this now mean we can use aliases, ‘nom de Guirres’ for our income taxes bank accounts and passports …..well Drug lords, gambling lords and assasins for hire will have a field day … Not to mention those issuing bouncing checks and those laundering money …… Yup Ferrer and Delesare right ….and law abiding citizens are wrong …. Wher is the stand of MBC PCCI go Negosyo PAREB IBP FCCI in all of this … Not to mention our ‘honorable’ men in Congress and the Senate…. I would like to see if Iqbal pays taxes please Madame Commissioner …. What is the comment of our learned Justice Scretary and our very inegent Ombudsman ….. Not to mention our publicity seeking DILG secretary

  20. Does Ferrer, Deles and Aquino not know of ‘technicalities” which resulted to an adverse court decision? Many well-meaning court cases were decided on issues of technicality and ultimately junked. This CAB document should not be an exception. By signing the document under a false identity, the document is technically infirm. No question about it. Congress therefore should not disregard this factor. Or else, our country will forever be a laughingstock, not only locally but internationally. What is worse, Malaysia will forever regard us as a nation of fools and cowards easily intimidated. This attained prerequisite is their ticket to grab Mindanao someday.

    • Hector David on

      This BBL is a joke played by clowns who decide on dividing territories that hundreds of thousands maybe millions built brick by brick and shed blood and even sacrificed their lives and honor for… They deal with so called representatives who are but factions of s group .. The persons whom they deal with do not even reveal their real names …. The blind leading the blind … As the Bible says ……. While the people we elected to represent us turn a blind eye because of money and other perks ensuing … What our heoes fought and died for is now thrown away for an elusive award of a foreign organization ‘ the Nobel peace prize’

  21. MILF is a FRAUDULENT representation of the Bangsamoro People. It is a TERRORIST-MANIPULATED organization. In my opinion, Iqbal acted in bad faith when he signed with a fake name because in reality, any normal and rational person should be proud to sign, using real name, a supposed to be a noble historic document such as a peace agreement. Gagamit ka lang ng fake name kung gagawa ka ng kalokohan, hindi ka gagamit ng fake name kung tama ang ginagawa mo. Hindi totoo yang sinasabi ni Iqbal na common practice sa rebels ang gumagamit ng fake name, kasi sa MNLF hindi kami gumagamit ng fake name.

    Mr. Tiglao, may konti akong panawagan sa DFA below.


    Can DFA please explain how Iqbal was able to get a PH Passport under an alias name? Iqbal says it is a COMMON PRACTICE in MILF to use alias names. Considering there are several MILF leaders and members, to what extent is this fraudulent “common practice” overlooked (or should I say tolerated) by the PH Passport Section of the DFA? What are the Rules and Regulations of the State governing acquisition of PH passport through fraudulent means? What is your procedure or action to a PH Passport holder who publicly makes a statement of refusal to swear allegiance to the PH? What action does DFA intend to take on Iqbal’s case of fraudulent identity information, refusal to swear allegiance to Philippines, and explicit statement of allegiance to a foreign country (Malaysia)?

    If DFA tolerates MILF Iqbal to acquire a PH passport using alias name, are members of the MNLF and NPA qualified to avail of such accommodation, toleration, and privileges of getting PH passport under alias name? How about ang mga OCWs and OFWs na nagkakaproblema sa ibang bansa, pwede ba sila kumuha ng PH Passport under alias name for any valid reason? (QUESTION BY: John R. Petalcorin, MNLF Director for Communications, Admin of OneMNLF page in FB, 12 April 2015)

  22. Kapwa Pilipino pinaglalaruan, pinagaaway ng mga dayuhan..MASAKIT dahil kapwa Pilipino nagpapatayan dahil sa mga pangako ng mga dayuhan..Pilipino sana gumising na po tayong lahat..sana matapos na ang lahat ng kaguluhan ng ating bansang Pilipinas para sa gayun hindi tayo masisi ng ating mga kababayan sa mga susunod na mga hinirasyon..dahil sila ang magiging kaawa-awa..

  23. If Malacanang says that they know the real name of Igbal, why did they not insist on his using his real name in signing the documents – knowing that it is against the law to use an alias in signing the document?

    Are Aquino and his minions that STUPID?

    • as to malacanan knowing the real names of iqbal, et al, hwag kang maniwala duon. halata mo namang nabulaga sila dito sa isyung ito. si deles mismo nagsabi na hindi nya alam na alias lang ang pangalang iqbal. siguro ngayon alam na nila ang tunay na pangalan. in the words of boy sisi, nahuli silang natutulog sa pansitan. in a way credit should be given to raffy alunan for questioning the identity of iqbal et al.
      as to your last question, obvious ba ang sagot, he he he

  24. we have the same view mr. tiglao, these negotiators are all theorist. i even really suspect that ferrer may be using nom de guerre, coz i really thought she’s iqbal’s wife (one of his), jokingly aside. and now, the spinners even claimed that they have iqbal’s real name, sabi ng palasyo. and maybe deles and ferrer never knew, noticing the way they were answering interviews. di nila talaga alam na fake name.

  25. Samuel Santos on

    The facial expressions of Iqbal, Ferrer and Deles in the pictures accompanying this article, is more than enough to convince everyone that the BBL has to be consigned to oblivion.

  26. Deles and Ferrer are perhaps ignorant of the law and simply gullible. Or maybe they know what they have been doing all along. In which case, they are traitors working willingly with the terrorist MILF to dismember our country.

  27. Not only are they fake negotiators, they are also devoid of right reason. This Ferrer for instance, who claims to be a daughter of the sharply intellectual Tony Coronel, would cause her own father to turn in his grave for the kind or reasoning she spouts.

    Deles on the other hand is as dense in the head as she is …. .. …. . Imagine. she speaks with arrogance when she doesn’t have a position! She spews words like: “I insist” and “I assert” as if we owe it to her to listen to her abominable reasoning. We are just wasting time. Let us just throw their BBL to the dustbin.

  28. Two thumbs up for you Mr. Tiglao. I’ve been following your articles since the mamasapano fiasco and I found your writings very informative. Though I’m in Dubai, but I can say I had more knowledge on what is really going on than those who are still following Aquino’s Daang Zigzag program. God bless you and the Philippines. I hope Cory will rise up from the dead and convince her spoiled brat son to step down…

  29. Deles/Ferrer with their lack of understanding for the need to respect the intricacies and details of law found in President Noynoy a kindred in spirit. “I know what the law is… I know what the law should be!” — didn’t President Noynoy utter several times that he doesn’t need judges, even justices of the supreme court to tell him legal and not legal?
    I understand this need to create news that centers around an unnamed “unimpeachable source”. And if there is anything tht Pinoys of Pinas have been reminded of, there are also “unimpeachable source” whose “alias” is known but full-name (and avctual intentions — very well-hidden). Ay, naku, Iqbar…. lahat nga ba ng pinag-sasasabi mo ay tunay ng puwedeng paniwalaan?

  30. Does not realize that the government has been signing truces with the MILF several times already since the 90’s. Shows how notorious this MILF is, yet this PNoy administration is willing to surrender almost everything to favor this MILF. At least the MNLF have been done with. Now, expect more problems if PNoy pushes this illegal one.

  31. sonny dela cruz on

    My concern is how a Sec. of Justice saying that it is ok for Terrorist Iqbal to sign an official documents with a fictitious name. There is a law punishable of imprisonment and she is saying it is alright to do so. What kind of Sec of Justice De Lima is she? Parang sinabi niya na may magnanakaw na nahuli ok lang na magnakaw siya kasi nagugutom siya. Ang sarap batukan, nagmamarunong pa. Anything against the law, KULONG! That is why the justice system in the Philippines is very selective. Sa mga mahihirap lang at walang pang-abogado para ipagtanggol. The Philippine government is being run through EMOTIONS not by the rule of law, kaya karamihan ng decision ay palpak. Pls. tell Sec. Delima to apologize for making a mockery of the law. The law is a law, PERIOD. Walang kasi- kasi.

    • Rolando Galara on

      There are series of questions that would lead an ordinary Thinking Filipino to conclude about the moral and legal implications of passing the BBL law. First, why scrap the autonomous region law which they claimed didn’t work, and replace it with Bangsamoro law that establishes a parliamentary form of government to be headed by a prime minister, which is tantamount to creating an independent new Islamic republic? Is the government paying the salaries of the negotiators from both sides? Why does the president is rushing the approval of this biased law at the expense of the more urgent and pressing laws that will strengthen the national defense for the sake of national security? Why keep the names of the negotiators in strict confidentiality by using aliases, while the government negotiators names are openly real and known ones? Remember, the target goal in this negotiation is to achieve peace but the negotiators themselves are the source of confusion and conflict by hiding their real names for fear of uncertain repercussions from their own group that they are trying to represent. It shows that peace is impossible for fear of retaliation from their own rank is imminent. What peace are they trying to achieve then if these ngotiators are afraid of their own Muslim brothers?

    • matagal ng binababoy ni de limas ang batas at ang konstitusyon. sana dalian ng mga naghahatol ang kaso nyang disbarment. she does not have the right to practice law. she violates the laws and the constitution just to please his boss boy sisi.