Fake vs real presidential candidates


I don’t think there ever has been a presidential election in which the candidates could be so easily grouped into two categories: the Fake and the Real. These are the present candidates genres, not some cockamamie types imported unthinkingly from the US, such as Reform, Authoritarian, or Pragmatic candidates.

The Fakes are the two candidates President Aquino has fielded: Manuel Roxas 2nd and Grace Poe Llamanzares. The Real ones are Vice President Jejomar Binay and Davao City Rodrigo Duterte.

Let’s start with how they look. Roxas unfailingly wears yellow, the now sickening color of his boss, Aquino, and his cabal, first adopted upon the advice of American PR men who had assisted his mother in the 1986 elections that led to the EDSA I revolt.

Llamanzares always wears white, and she reportedly always brings with her in her sorties a dozen of these tops, so she never ever wears one with even the minutest dirt.

Why do they wear these colors? Because they are really costumes, the yellow to dress up Roxas not as Roxas but heir to the Daang Matuwid kind of politics; the white to claim, subliminally as is often done in movies, that Llamanzares’ soul is pure, without a taint. It also enhances her mestiza complexion in this twice-colonized nation, in which the masses were brainwashed to think of fair-skinned people as superior. Has there been a Black Virgin?

In contrast, Binay and Duterte wear their everyday working clothes, other than the barong Tagalog, that kind of polo-shirt popular for men of their generation, which looks like the 1960s synthetic-yarn Banlons. Duterte also often wears that kind of checkered camp or cowboy shirts popular in the South.

In short, Binay and Duterte are telling voters that this is how they look day in and day out. WSIG – what you see is what you get. Unlike Roxas and Llamanzares (and Leni Robredo, as well), Binay and Duterte are not in costumes, which by definition are attires one wears to pretend to be a person other than themselves.

The fake ones, of course wear costumes, not real clothes.

The fake ones, of course wear costumes, not real clothes.

And in this case, the clothes make the man (or the woman). These reflect their inner nature. What are they telling voters about why they should be elected to the highest post of the land?

Binay and Duterte are saying basically the same thing: They will govern the nation in the same way they governed Makati or Davao City for decades, which they claim have been exceptional, and this track record is evidence of their capability to be President. Those are real claims, although one, of course, could validly question whether, indeed, those cities were run as well as they claim they were during their time. Binay, of course, says he has had experience on the national level, being Vice President and given the task of seeing to the welfare of OFWs.

The two fakes, in contrast, are making fake claims.

In Llamanzares case, she declared in her speech announcing her candidacy in September last year: “When I first asked for your help, I said that I wanted to continue what my father FPJ had started. His decision to seek the presidency was anchored on a simple principle. Eleven years ago, in this very same hall, he declared that he wanted to help the poor, fight oppression, and forge a prosperous and just society.”

She wants Filipinos to vote for her so she can continue what her father started.

That’s as fake as can be: FPJ was a movie star all his working life, showed little interest in politics or social causes, not even in charity work. He ran only because his bosom friend, former President Joseph Estrada, who was in jail at that time being tried for plunder, told him that only if he became President could he avoid imprisonment. What Llamanzares seeks to continue is her father’s candidacy for President. Or the aspirations of her father’s movie persona as hero of the people. Period. Where in Llamanzares’ adult life did she ever show an iota of interest in serving the people?

Check out Llamanzares’ speeches and remarks, and it’s all motherhood statements, clichés, and emotional lines, which I suspect a team of movie scriptwriters has been churning out.

And Roxas? You really hear very little from himself about what he did to be proud of having been secretary of the Department of Transportation and Communications and then of the Interior and Local Government. Obviously, Roxas himself knows he had been a disaster in these two departments. MRT-3 has lurched toward total disrepair because he didn’t handle well the transition from a well-managed system run by two of the world’s best engineering firms, Sumitomo and Mitsubishi.

The two deadly disasters that have marked this yellow government’s term – the mismanagement of the aftermath of the Yolanda Supertyphoon and the criminal command negligence over the Mamasapano massacre of 44 police troops – were all during his watch as head of the DILG.

So what is he mainly telling Filipinos on why they should vote for him as President? His yellow costume tells it all really, but he himself has been declaring it in his political ads, that he will continue Aquino’s Daang Matuwid type of governance that he and Aquino say pushed this country forward over the past six years.

And that is the most fake thing anybody could ever claim to be a champion of. Look around you. In the past six years, the country has fallen back politically, economically, and even culturally. I would have believed him if he just declared outright that it his rightful place in history to be Philippine president, since his grandfather was and his father would have been if not for Martial Law. Or if he just honestly admitted that Mommy wouldn’t stop nagging him unless he became President.



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  1. Can a propagandist be considered credible? Tiglao has sold his soul to the corrupt GMA long time ago. As a commentator once said: Tiglao will fade into oblivion as the man with no name, no dignity, and whose integrity died before his physical self. Pity. But it must be said.

  2. Federico Lojo on

    I agree. Poe is a fake and so is roxas. But it does not end their. We still have a lot of fakes which includes the sc justices who voted in Poe’s favor; the senate electoral tribunal 5 who acted likewise;
    the hordes of disgraced fans who cannot distinguish truth from lies; last but not the least is the president himself who appointed unqualified fake justices into positions they do not deserve. Fakes should never be voted for but instead be thrown back to their american comfort zone.

  3. Nice grouping except that Santiago was excluded in the list. Of course, Santiago belongs to the real ones. Anyhow, the writer probably believes the False Asia and Sewage Data Survey results which put Santiago at the trail end. But we all know that False Asia Survey and Sewage Data Survey are paid/commissioned so it can’t be honest and factual. What a country we belong in. Literary, we turned ourselves into comedy; a Banana Republic. Deliver us of Lord from Evil!

    • Sewage (W) Survey for SWS; siguro mas maganda Sewage Waterloo Survey kasi basura at talunan ang manila sa kanilang surveys.

    • Santiago the one you missed remains an institution and we will vote for her than all the rest of liars and plunderers.

  4. Fair N Square on

    Poe always say she wants to help the poor. Well, with 3 years of service as Senator, what have Poe done to help the poor? What laws has she authored and passed for the poor? How many poor people has she actually help, fed, clothed, given jobs, etc?

    If she can demonstrate she has helped so many poor people, vote for her. But she has not, then vote for somebody else. Don’t be duped by empty promises.

  5. Fair N Square on

    Th columnist asked if there is a black virgin. Yes, there is… the The Black Madonna of Czestochowa with a shrine in Doylestown, Penssylvania, USA.

  6. I could not believe that a person who had renounced her Filipino citizenship and pledged allegiance to a foreign country and again renounced her foreign citizenship to become a Filipino citizen would become the next president of the Philippines.

    • I do not know why that single logic was not taken into consideration by the Supreme Court Justices, If supposing natural born citizen, then she renounced it as she became an American, then later reacquire again the Filipino Citizenship, will the natural born nature be retained depsited of the fact that she was already a naturalized citizen upon reacquisition????????

  7. Elections after elections, we continue to produce more bold & BIGGER corrupt politicians not to mention rampant corruption among non-elective govt officials. What seems to be the causes – the politicians’ values, the electorate’s values, the electoral process and/or our political govt system itself? Mr. Tiglao, please enlighten us. Your help please.

  8. MAR ROXAS is the B-I-G-G-E-S-T and C-L-U-E-L-E-S-S BLOKE out of Wharton School of Economics/aka University of Pennsylvania.

    Makikita nyo sa mga body gestures, hand signals, at mga clueless na darting of his eyes everytime he opens up his clueless mouth – kung gaano pang u-unggoy ang pilit napilit na ipinagsisiksikan nang MAR ROXAS na iyan sa mga tao…


  9. Thanks Mr. Tiglao for your true to honest assessments of Poe & Roxas. Poejuangco would be Cojuangco’s presidency! The old man is truly an astute man. Roxas doesn’t have a chance to win so Poejuangco is the next best thing to happen. Now Binay is no longer electable because PNoy & Roxas did a superb job in after demolishing Binay! Now I’m still Bi- Bong after all this hype. People no longer believe nor trust PNoy. He would be the ex -president to go to jail with Abad & etc. That would also be the end of PNoy looking for a bride. Anyway he might meet in prison Ms. Napoles & Ms. Reyes with Abad as the escort! Go Bi- Bong Go!

  10. G. Poejuangco is fake Natural Filipino.
    Mar’ia Roxas is fake man, Mummy’s boy.
    Binay is true builder of Makati’s hospital, schools and parking building.
    Duterte is true criminal executioner for peace and order.
    Truth matters in reality.

  11. I am a diehard Ninoy and Cory fan and most of my life I voted Liberals until the 2010 election which I voted Gibo Teodoro as I believed that Gibo was the most qualified candidate for president. I went for Gibo-Roxas tandem. I lost but happy!.
    After 2010 election, I txted Korina Sanchez Roxas thru DZMM Kabayan & Failon Ngayon that she advise Mar not to accept any position from Pnoy as NoyBi might be repaeted and do what then VP Doisdado Macapgal did, he went around the country and introduce himself to the people. Roxas should have done the same, go around the country and tell the people he was cheated in the 2010 election wearing a rainbow color t-shirt or polo barong as a symbol of Roxas covenant to the people of a clean government.
    I don’t know if my txt reached Korina now as Toning ( Anthony Taberna ) said in his radio-tv program 2×2 ” Pasalamat si Roxas kay Sen. Mirriam Santiago…. at least # 4 si Roxas sa survey at hindi KULELAT, IN SPITE OF PNOY STARTED CAMPAINING FOR ROXAS IN TV ADVERSISEMENTS FEB. 29, 2016.

  12. Frodo Godofredo on

    Fake president for a fake republic. The caliber of these presidentiables forecasts another gloomy 6 years of governance in the Philippines. Even the second stringers are fakers to the extreme. Let’s all shake them off.

  13. Mark Laperal on

    Since 2 days ago you are ranting against Poe and now Roxas and again Poe. Then vote for either the corrupt Binay and django killer Duterte if that will satisfy your otherwise intelligent decision.

    • Original is better than a fake di ba? Mas mainam pa ang demonyong kilala na kaysa anghel na kikilalanin pa _ Jose Rizal. Isa pa..”kapag puno na ang salop, dapat nang magsaing”…

  14. No matter how much her detractors try to ruin her image and reputation, Senator Grace Poe’s supporters remain confident in her. She has genuine concern for the welfare of the Filipino people, especially the less fortunate, the oppressed, the marginalized, and what the country needs now is a President who will listen to the plight of the people!

    • Francis Dizon on

      Kung kayo ay tunay na Pilipino sa puso at diwa ( Maka Pilipino), gugustuhin ba ninyo na ang Unang Pamilya natin ay “HALO – HALO” ? PILIPINO at mga banyaga? “Cool ba yon?

  15. Unfortunately, the people will vote for these politicians who resort to using their dead relatives in their campaign, or attacking their rivals like Poe, Roxas and Robredo has been doing but can offer no solutions to the mounting problems that this administration created or made worse.

  16. You are absolutely right about Fake/ Real candidates.
    I really hope that Binay and Duterte should talk to each other and set their personal
    interest aside to work together this election for the sake of our country, if they are to win against Poe/Roxas Fake plans.

    Binay as President and Duterte as DILG head . ( I see Binay to be more of the Diplomatic leader and Duterte a strong hand to discipline and lead the local governments. This 2 leaders have shown resolve and accomplishments that we have already seen that made a difference in our Country . Given the opportunity , they can do more !

  17. pedro somoroy on

    mabuhay ang mga filipino na pa tanga tanga. ! i hirang na santo ang mga justices ! italaga sa viernes santo ang canonization nila,

  18. Mr. Tiglao, how blunt can you be? But, you stated the truth! May God save the Philippine Republic!

  19. Ayaw nila tayong tigilan sa panloloko ng mga yan ha… Ano lokohin ba talaga mga Filipino??

  20. You hit the nail right on the head! Dead spot on article! Now, if only the Aquino/Cojuangco would stop mind-conditioning the electorates with their SWS and Asia Pulse surveys in order to pursue their own personal vested greedy agenda.

  21. The Executive Branch is corrupt.

    The Legislative Branch is corrupt

    And now, the Judicial Branch is also corrupt.

    Sino pa ba ang mapagaasahan natin? Meron pa ba? Nakakapakod.

    Sereno, Velasco, Peralta, Bersamin, Perez, Mendoza, Leonen, Caguioa, and Jardeleza, we have lost trust in the judicial branch because of you.

    • Eh ano ngayon…if you have any valid complaints go to the SC ..doon lahat päntay-pantay….and we will hear you… namputsa Naman wala n b kayang ibang Magawa kundi ang umangal….angal dito ..angal dun…..SC and kapwa ko justices…walang babalimbing ha…nakakubra Na Tayo and pag nanalo manok natin ay may kasunod p daw…kaya kahit pitpitin pa ang mga bayag at mani natin eh walang bibigay……1 for all and all for 1……

  22. “Sen. Grace Poe yesterday declared she has no intention to report out her committee’s findings on the Mamasapano incident, which found President Aquino “ultimately liable” for the deaths of 44 operatives of the police Special Action Force (SAF) last Jan. 25.”

    1. You are NOT a natural born citizen.
    2. You pledged allegiance to another country.
    3. You used the passport of another country after you have pledge your allegiance to the Philippines.
    4. You haven’t been a resident of the Philippines for 10 years.
    Any one of these disqualifies you! But you have all 4 reasons to be disqualified!