False expose against CIDG-AOCD a smear campaign- Espino


The alleged expose claiming police personnel pocketed millions of pesos in cash and illegal drugs during the operation against Jackson Dy and wife, Wang Li Na, is only part of a smear campaign aimed at discrediting the law enforcement unit.

“The entire drug syndicate is on a offensive. Their focus now is to destroy and discredit the police unit and their operatives. They can easily do it as they have entrenched connections among law enforcers, prosecutors, judges and even the media,”Criminal Investigation and Detection Group-Anti-Organized Crime Division (CIDG-AOCD) head Senior Supt. Jose Mario Espino said Thursday.

Espino also claimed that the witnesses who claimed that his men pocketed millions of pesos and kilograms of drugs are lying and that their allegations are only “fairy tales.”

He added that this expose has allowed the drug syndicate headed by Dy and Na to continue their operations.

Espino also stressed that if the false expose was not made public, the CIDG-AOCD was on its way to bust one of the largest illegal drug syndicates in the country. PNA


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  1. william todcor on

    In politics a politician dismisses a damaging allegation against him as part of politicking.
    A person who cannot get what he wants is sour graping while an agency denying accusations is covering……