• False shepherd


    Survey-leader Rodrigo Duterte is in self-destructive mode. Popularity in the pre-election surveys has gone to his head.

    His side-comment in the latest video clip that has gone viral on social media about an Australian lay minister who was raped by prison inmates is quite revolting. I presumed the incident happened in Davao City and he was the mayor then. He said he was angry that the woman was gang-raped and murdered, but that he was angrier because the woman was beautiful and the mayor should have raped her first.

    Is this the kind of “pagbabago” that his government intends to bring about when he gets elected as the country’s President? Would we hear him say again that this is yet another of those jokes he throws at campaign sorties to make his audience entertained? Well, it is not funny at all. You don’t joke about rape and murder. I wonder why his audience laughed about it. How lower can he go after this? I wonder what the Australian government could say to this rude remark.

    As what my friend and former co-worker Alex Allan said on his Facebook account, “No self-respecting Filipino woman would vote for Dutirti.”

    Duterte’s dirty mouth that he forces on women he finds pretty among his audience in his campaign sorties has become too offensive. He should learn to control it, or zip it if he really wants to become a good President.

    I read a comment on a social media thread that likens Duterte to a networking scam. How? “Ang daming mga imposibleng pangako kaya maraming naaakit. Hindi ba ganyan mo din dati ipinagtanggol ‘yung EmGoldex mo na kahit sinasabi na ngang scam ito e todo pa rin ang pagtatanggol mo?” This was the commenter’s retort to her friend, an OFW in Saudi Arabia who is a Duterte fanatic.

    EmGoldex is an online pyramiding scheme that involved selling of unregistered securities and financial products, promising to make anyone rich. EmGoldex recruiters claim that an investment of P1,000 will yield from P5,000 to P10,000, while an investment of P35,000 can turn into between P180,000 and P360,000.

    The get-rich-quick scheme has victimized several unsuspecting Filipinos who had lost billions of pesos on false promises. The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) are investigating EmGoldex’s pyramid scheme.

    Like the false promises of pyramiding scams, Duterte’s campaign for the presidency does not stand on solid foundation. In fact, it took him after the deadline for the filing of certificates of candidacy to decide joining the presidential race. How many times had he changed his mind on things he had said, or had he claimed having been misinterpreted? I think that defeats his claim of being a decisive leader.

    Duterte projects an image of a strongman who would stop corruption in government. Why then did he promise the constituents of Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla in Cavite and former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in Pampanga that he would release them from jail when he becomes President even before he could review the cases they are facing?

    He promised to step down from the presidency if he would fail to stop criminality and the illegal drugs trade within three to six months. Later, he conceded it could not really be done in such a short period.

    Duterte often responds with “basta” when asked to elaborate on how he would carry out his motherhood statements on various issues. How can “basta” make us feel secure and live in his promised “paradise?”

    He offers not only false hopes. Sometimes, his promises were delusional.

    But Duterte is so good at making his audience laugh at his jokes, mostly sexist jokes. He is good at calling other people names. He should be cautious when he goes around Quezon City, where an ordinance has made catcalling and other forms of street-level sexual harassment against women an offense punishable with fines of P1,000 to P5,000 and jail term of one day to one year.

    Oh,I am reminded of Duterte’s promise to donate P1,000 to a religious group for every curse word he makes in public. Is anybody keeping a tab? My friend Ellen Tordesillas wrote in her column in Business Insight Malaya a few days ago:

    “Nang sinundan namin ang kanyang rally noong Biyernes sa Parañaque, Las Piñas at Muntinlupa, nabingi ako sa sandamakmak na putang ina na narinig namin. Hindi lang putang ina ang bukambibig niya. Merong ulol, tanga, gaga (kay dating Justice Secretary Leila de Lima), bayot (kay Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas), buang.

    “Gustong-gusto ng mga tagahanga niya. Sigaw pa nila: “Mura pa more!”

    “Kapag manalo siguro si Duterte, putang ina ang maging pambansang sigaw ng bayan.”

    Most of his fanatics on social media are ill-mannered and best only at name-calling and creating memes. They have been trying to manipulate the public mind that there is no other way for Duterte but win the May 9 balloting, otherwise the election results must be rigged.

    I tend to agree with Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada that Duterte is good only for Davao City, and that’s where he should stay.

    It is simply incredulous how Duterte’s ways and dirty mouth manage to lure people to believe that he could make them live in paradise. I wonder how a man who is full of contradictions and empty promises could convince people that he could lead a heavily divided nation like the Philippines.

    Catholic church leaders are losing no time to advice the faithful to choose candidates “with strong moral values.” While they are not endorsing any particular candidate for any position, the pastoral letters obviously point against Duterte and Vice President Jejomar Binay, who has refused to answer charges of corruption leveled against him and members of his family.

    With Duterte candidly showing his negative side, he doesn’t need his rivals to come up with propaganda to bring him down. He is doing well at self-destruction. Some of his fanatics say that was honesty. Others say it is better to have a President who curses than having to curse themselves for another six years. Uh oh!


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    1. elden tiangha on

      tita from the title of your article false shepherd you are now also a false journalist.

    2. Anong self destructing? He is becoming more popular kasi totoo siya. What you see it what you get. Walang tinatago na kagaya nyong hypocrites. Masyadong kayong sensitive sa isang harmless na expression. Nakita mo ba yong pagmumura ni roxas? Bakit walang issue?

    3. The people find Duterte amazing because he is someone who has proven a tract record of good governance in Davao and the people understood that he has imperfections as a human being. He carries himself as tough so his campaign against criminality and drugs sounds credible to people. But you have a point any way, I also believe that summary killings will not resolve criminality and the proliferation of drugs. This society needs a good and visionary leader. I am an ofw and I voted for Santiago-Marcos. I believe that they are the best tandem.

    4. This is black propaganda!! Digong is leading the latest survey every means the opponents are doing to put him down!! why not Miriam bcause his rating is too low. oh!uh!! come on..

    5. alexis agustin on

      Tita, we become fault-finder instead of fraternal evaluator. I always believe that all candidates for presidency have flaws. Si Mar Roxas na isang elite, na kapag nagsalita malayo sa katotohanan. Si Binay na hanggang ngayon ginamit ang immunity para hindi makapagsalita sa Ombudsman. Si Poe na I wonder why na naging Filipino siya na hindi naman klaro ang verdict result ng Supreme Court. Lumamang lang siya ng 2 votes, Filipino na kaagad ang pagdeclare sa kanya. Okay lang sila. Ang mga abogado nga naman! Ang mga ito ay may mga parokyano sa kanilang pagtakbo. Mas gugustuhin ko pa na si Mayor Duterte ang umupo ng pagka-presidente dahil dito sa Davao City matiwasay at mapayapa ang buhay namin. Life is here in Davao. Criminals end here in Davao. I am grateful to support Mayor Duterte. I am a Filipino and Duterter is my president.

    6. Amnata Pundit on

      Compare Duterte’s joke to Mar’s comment during the Yolanda relief efforts: ” You are a Romualdez and the president is an Aquino.” How about this beauty from Binay: “My wealth is due to my hard work and inheritance.” Aren’t you making a mountain out of a molehill by highlighting this Duterte comment?

    7. ms valderama, i understand your disgust over du30’s words THEN. THAT WAS 1989. if you ignored his interview in youtube, the long version and not the short version going around, you would note that he was new in his post. had cory not intervened when the bas@#$s were first apprehended thru efforts of your object of hate du30, the subsequent hostage taking resulting in death of many including the raped australian missionary, the criminals would not have committed the second crime. du30 admitted his use of gutter language and asked forgiveness to the filipino people for his vulgar language. just as du30 said, that is me and do not vote for me if you do not like his way of talking. BTW, DO NOT FORGET MS VALDERAMA THAT THE INCIDENT HAPPENED IN 1989. ONLY EVIL PERSONS WOULD LOOK FOR THE INCIDENT IN THE ARCHIVES JUST TO DEMOLISH DU30. trouble is media, with a complete version of the incident, did not qualify instead joined the haters of du30.

      • you are clearly misinformed. his “joke” happened recently. it’s not something his opponents dug from archives.

        please develop some comprehension skills and a sense of reality.

    8. How about this trying hard to be clone of this worst president ever?
      He started a speech in Makati with the same favorite word in a lame attempt at looking tough!!!
      Pathetic wimp!

    9. Maribel A. Calanda on

      I agree with everything that you said. This happened because the government did not deliver and we have a very elitist president and this is the result of the president’s insensitive, vindictive and uncaring attitude. The people tend to gravitate to someone who seems to them their saviour and can make things happen for them. The president and his cohorts are all elitist and in the president’s mind there is only one thing keeping him busy nowadays and that is how not to make BBM wins coz he even said that if BBM wins he will join another people power to oust him. Oh my God, no wonder that we have been so divided in this country. BBM joined this race under a democracy and if wins under such democratic space, why does he have to be ousted and for what reason.? My God BBM is already suffering from attacks against his father’s regime, a regime with flaws indeed but has given so much to country and people. I realized I have to pray for our country, that the good should prevail and that nothing bad happens to us a nation. I will pray for May 9 that the people’s will be carried out because we have no one manning the affairs of the government right now. Pnoy is busy campaigning and the government funds are being used for the LP’s main candidates only, Roxas and Robredo. I see both of them as hypocrites.Leni Robredo is a beneficiary of the good system of government during Martial Law and she condemns President Marcos who even appointed her father as judge in one of the towns in the Bicol region. Pnoy’s vindictive ways are very contagious. We should be forgiving because Jesus said so. Vengeance is mine says the Lord.