Fam Cam, for you ma’am!

PLDT EVP Ariel Fermin and head of Home Business is a homemaker’s man

PLDT EVP Ariel Fermin and head of Home Business is a homemaker’s man

My two sons, aged six and three, are now able to do quite a number of everyday things for themselves. And if you’re a young mom like me (ehem), these little steps in growing up can actually make you feel like they’ve climbed the Mt. Everest and back.

My eldest Greggy, for instance, can now eat on his own so long as food is placed on his plate and cut into bite-size pieces. My youngest Rai in turn—with his much too hearty appetite—is gifted with very quick hands that can pinch a fried chicken drumstick, even before the serving plate lands on the table.

I’m assured they’ll never go hungry.

Greggy has also recently learned to dress up all by himself—socks and shoes included; while Rai, though still in need of help with getting through the openings of his clothes, is suddenly in command of what he wants to wear to toddler school every day.

The boys have even gotten into the habit of putting away their toys (most of the time), and if I’m really lucky, they’ll even remember to brush their teeth before bed time without much prodding from me!

This list of milestones in their personal development happily grows longer day by day, and apparently, it isn’t just this proud mama who’s noticed their steady road to independence.

The Fam Cam is the easiest way for working moms to monitor their homes

The Fam Cam is the easiest way for working moms to monitor their homes

My trusted yaya, who has helped me take care of the boys since they each popped out of my belly, is also witness to it all. To use her words, the two just need good “bantay” now, rather than the all around “alaga” she used to help me with when they were younger.

She said this of course for a reason because at the turn of the year, she quite tearfully told me that while she will surely miss my little rascals, she would like to start taking care of her own seven-year-old daughter in the province come the summer.

Of course, much as the working mom in me wanted to say no and keep her forever, the kosher mom in me—who is crazy in love with my sons—understood her perfectly. I immediately gave her my blessing.

The next day, as Yaya began her search for her eventual replacement, I just as quickly had my husband call a CCTV company to assess our house for installation and quotation. I knew I had to be prepared for the day when a completely new yaya will have to look after the boys when I’d be out to work. For the record, I don’t have trust issues, but it’s just a safety net what with endless horror stories you hear nowadays in the nanny department.

I wasn’t prepared however for what was to come out of the CCTV company’s ocular though. A whopping P30,000 for four cameras and a DVR! This is not to mention holes that need to be bored through the ceiling, and to be sure, additional budget for re-painting or re-wall-papering.

Watch your precious little ones wherever you are, whenever you want

Watch your precious little ones wherever you are, whenever you want

In short, as Yaya’s search for a replacement surged forward, my plan of action was effectively put on hold.

Since then, I’ve been worrying about the summer approaching, until last week, when I met a “ladies’ man” of the perfectly good kind. He solved my problem.

He is Ariel Fermin, PLDT’s EVP and head of Home Business. He is a ladies’ man not in the strict definition of the phrase, but because he has pleased the queen of many Filipino homes with the range of services he and his team have developed in just three short years.

It is Fermin’s innovative and aggressive department that is behind the now famous brand that is PLDT Home. He was tasked to make what was fast becoming a thing of the past—the landline phone—relevant again, and yes, the man delivered.

“We were able to do that beginning with a vision to help the homemaker, because as we all know, she is not just the heart of the home who keeps the family together, but she also holds the monthly budget,” Fermin told the T-Zone.

“With PLDT’s Home DSL [internet connection], we started with the TelPad in 2013. This is the first landline and tablet service that made life easier for moms, whether to look for a recipe or to please the rest of the family with their internet needs. Next, we launched TVolution in 2014, which again helped moms turn regular TVs into Smart TVs, while providing the family downloadable shows within a monthly budget. And now, in 2015, we’ve reached and launched the third tier of what our homemakers have told us they needed which is security.”


I was all ears as the top executive went on to introduce his newest product. Aptly called the Fam Cam, PLDT Home’s newest innovation gives any household wired with Home DSL connection the option of home monitoring.

All moms need to do is choose between an additional P99 or P499 to their monthly Home DSL plans, and the Fam Cam will be delivered to their home to work instantaneously.

“This is the Fam Cam,” presented Fermin as he held a pretty compact security camera contraption. “Its WiFi repeater simply pairs up with your existing WiFi connection at home, so that working moms with smart phones can monitor their children whenever they want wherever they are.”

Take note, the service does away with a bank-breaking outright payment, drills through walls and ceilings, and additional gadgets like security monitors. If you choose the P99 a month plan, you get straight up video monitoring; but if you go for the P499 a month, you get the video plus two-way communication!

As someone from the PLDT Home team explained other techie stuff about the set up, I couldn’t help but imagine the possibilities . . . “Yaya, paki kumutan naman yung paa ni Rai at mukhang nagiginaw,” right around nap time . . . Or, “Yaya, ketchup ang gusto ni Greggy sa chicken niya, hindi yung gravy,” if I need to work through dinner . . . Or (and this will really annoy my boys), “I love you, Greggy! I love you Rai!” every time I feel the compulsion to say so.

“I’m going for the P499!” I blurted out from my day dream.

Ever so politely, Ariel Fermin nodded and smiled at me.

“So it’s the Fam Cam for you ma’am,” he added graciously.

Now that’s my kind of ladies man. Mommy dilemma officially averted.

For more information, log on to pldt.com


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